Happy Easter – yes I know it’s late

easter 2014-22

I hope you all had a very happy Easter – or as I like to call it – Resurrection Day! We had a wonderful day – amazing worship at church, and a yummy lunch at my Mom’s. Emma, our teenager, went with a friend for the day and the younger two were with us. We hid a few eggs for them in the afternoon and just hung out.

Giveaway Time Again!

ruffled scarf and lilla rose flexi giveaway

Giveaway time again!

My sister and I are teaming up to bring you another fun giveaway. I love giveaways – I’ve won some really great ones over the years and entered many more. Hosting giveaways is a lot of fun too – I really should do them more often.

Let’s give away a creamy white ruffled scarf along with a hummingbird flexi! The hummingbird was the March flexi-of-the-month from Lilla Rose. It’s not available in their regular line of hair accessories. It has such a unique, fun flair and makes me think springtime.

Succulents On My Window Sill

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-13

Thank you so much for all your kind words of encouragement and for caring! I’m feeling better as the week goes on and I’m getting some projects done too. Today I want to share the succulents on my window sill.

(and since I couldn’t get the ‘add link’ to work for this post just click the title to view the whole post)

Bad Days and Regrouping

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-18

I had a post all planned for you today – complete with lots of pretty photos.  I had them all edited and everything.  But as they were uploading to the blog last night,  I looked at the clock and realized it was almost midnight and I just didn’t have it in me to finish that post.

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A Bit of Gold Paint

vintage makeovers-6

Do you like the gold trend that is rapidly taking over the decor world?  I have to confess I kind of like it.  Kind of as in a LOT!  It is a trend – it will come and go – so I’m embracing it now while it’s in :D

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Decor steals Hack

decor steals hack-7

You’ve probably heard the term ‘IKEA Hack’ – when someone takes a product from IKEA and gives it a fun makeover.  I just did a bit of a ‘hack’ but it was with a purchase from Decor Steals instead of IKEA.

Would you like to see my Decor Steals Hack?

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Side Table Makeover Complete with a Union Jack

vintage makeover - side table with union jack

Last week was the week a friend and I hosted our yearly Spring Garage sale.  We have around 60 people each year who bring their kids clothes, baby items, and toys to one place and we have a huge sale.  A couple years ago we started putting household stuff in too.  This year a friend brought a bunch of her cool vintage stuff.  I nabbed some great stuff from her stash.  This side table was one of the things I brought home.

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Housewife to Entrepreneur

housewife to entrepreneur-1

What to blog about?  That’s what I sat thinking last night as I stared at my computer.  I have projects on the go but no pics to share.  I have so many things I have done recently but no pics of them.  I’d say I’m being a very bad blogger right now.  Hard to wear all the hats all the time and make them all look good :D

So I clicked over to my list of ‘drafts’ to see what might be lurking in the wings of this blog.  And I found this post.  I had started writing it a few weeks ago, then got sidetracked and never finished it.  So I dusted it off, added a few more paragraphs, tossed in some pretty photos for fun and called it good.

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Stenciling Words on a Wall

stenciling words on a wall-10

Last weekend I went to my Mom’s to finally get a project done for her that she’d been wanting done for awhile.  I’m a terrible procrastinator I’m afraid, and my Mom has to wait on me to get around to her projects.

In the entryway of my parents home there is a long wall right beside the front door.  Mom wanted a verse or saying stenciled on the wall.  She decided on the last line of a song ‘Our Prayer will always be may you go with God’  I cut the words out using my silhouette machine.

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Brownie – in – a – Mug

brownies in a mug4

Originally posted in September of 2012

Last night my hubby and teenager each made a brownie-in-a-mug.  I found this recipe over a year ago from my friend Jen, at The Cottage Nest

We’ve made these occasionally over the past year and half but it had been awhile since I’d made one, so when Travis asked how many TBS of flour and sugar I had to pull look it up.  And I decided to repost and share it with all of you again.  If you love brownies you will love this recipe!

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Easter Pennant Banner – tutorial included

abc-9 copy

Last week I made some Easter Pennant Banners to send to Feather Your Nest in Pickerington.  And as I was creating them I snapped a few pics of the process so I could share how to make these.  I find pennant banners one of the easiest sewing projects and making them for Easter was a fun project.

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Products I Love

must love junk

Today I want to share some products I love with you. Some things I use in my business, some things I’d like to have. Some are from friends I’ve made through blogging or Instagram. I’ve not been compensated in any way to feature these products or to promote these businesses. I simply love their products and want to share them with you!

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New Fabric and Milk Paint for My Stash

fabric finds-4

A couple weeks ago I made a trip to IKEA and then headed to Columbus to drop off stuff at Feather Your Nest in Pickerington. I picked up some fun things both places. Fabric and Milk Paint to add to my stash :D

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Another Union Jack Pouffe

union jack burlap pouffe-3

First of all I have to say ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart’ to all of you who commented on my blog post from yesterday.  Comments here on the blog, facebook and Instagram.  If you only knew how many times over the past few months I’ve been ready to throw in the towel on so many things.  Some days my little corner of the blogosphere seems so pointless and ‘why try’.  It’s YOU my friends who keep me going when things get rough.  Thank you so much for the support and love you show me – through anything!

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Dealing with SAD – a follow up

dealing with SAD

Yesterday I did something I hadn’t done yet this year.  I went to church.

Yes, you read that right – I went to church for the first time this year.  Are you shocked?  Are your eyebrows on the ceiling and your jaw on the floor?

That’s the look I get from the people I’ve mentioned it to recently that I hadn’t been going to church.

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Best Guacamole Ever

best guacamole ever - includes reciep!

A few years ago I decided I wanted to make guacamole. I looked online for recipes but couldn’t settle on one recipe.

So I decided to pick and choose the ingredients from a few different recipes and come up with the perfect blend of fresh ingredients to make the best guacamole ever.  I think I managed to do just that.  My family does too

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Wedding Peek and What I’ve Been Up To

gift -2

I’ve been a bit MIA around this blog lately.  I hadn’t even opened my laptop since sometime last Friday!  But now I’m back and I have a wedding peek for you – a very quick peek – and an update on what I’m up to.

My girls and I took a trip to Indiana over the weekend.  My hubby has cousins who live there and we love to spend time with them.  This trip was a working trip for me

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A Package Full of Bliss

bits of ephemera-15

A couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail from a friend I’ve never met in person.  Someone I’ve come to know from her comments on my blog and more recently through Instagram.  When I pulled the package out of the mailbox I immediately recognized my friend’s name but I was puzzled.  I didn’t remember ordering anything or winning a giveaway or anything that she would be sending me.

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Milk Painted Desk Chair

milk painted desk chair-9

This desk chair is one of the first things I took to Midwest Memories several months ago when I first started putting things in the shop there.  I was never completely happy with the way this piece turned out and when it hadn’t sold after several months I brought it back home.

A new makeover was needed.  A makeover that included Milk Paint.

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DIY Ribbon Organizer

ribbon organizer-13 copy

I love ribbon.  I’ve collected lovely ribbons for years now.  And I have quite the stash.  I use it in lots of sewing projects, to tie around gifts, to dress up a centerpiece on a table, as part of a vignette, the possibilities for ribbon are endless.  As a friend once told me – you can never go wrong with ribbon.

And when you have a lot of ribbon, and an insatiable love for beautiful ribbon, you need a Ribbon Organizer.  A DIY Ribbon Organizer that is cute and fun and cheap and functional and makes you feel so good about yourself when you create it all on your own!

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Celebrating Everyday Life

easter purse-2

The new issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll is here!  It’s actually been out for over a week but I’m just now getting around to informing you.  Last week I was finishing up some last minute things for an event deadline and in the midst of that I got sick and it really threw me off my stride.  I managed to get done what had to be and that’s about it.

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The Rose

white roses-2

This is one of my favorite songs from years ago.  I thought of it today as I edited these pics to put on my blog to accompany my Sunday post that I was determined I would write.  But somehow all my thoughts that I had about what I wanted to write have fled far away.  So I’m sharing this song with you and praying it blesses you in some way.

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Boneless Wings

spicy boneless wings

Boneless Wings.  You know there really is no such thing as a boneless chicken wing right?  It’s just a made up name for chicken breasts cut into pieces, seasoned, and fried or baked to mimic real chicken wings – but without the bones.  Thus the name Boneless Wings.

Whatever.  No matter the name they are called by, they are tender nuggets of total deliciousness.  And you can make them yourself in your very own kitchen.

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Giveaway reminder and a winner

suave lotion-7740

Just wanted to remind you today that the Sweepstakes giveaway attached to my review of these products – Suave® called Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Body Care – is ending tomorrow!  You can go enter here.

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Laminated Fabric and Handmade Items


Today I want to share just a couple of my handmade items with you.  The first one is one of my most favorite pillows I’ve ever made, created using laminated fabric.  The other 2 items are the most recent camera straps I’ve created.

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Homemade Laundry Soap

homemade laundry soap-4 copy

Homemade Laundry Soap – How I make it, the ‘secret ingredient’ I add, and how much I love it.  If you read to the end you will even find out how great it is at taking out stains.  Think hair dye and a white linen slip cover.


My Girl’s Room – Keeping It Real

painted roman shade-19

I showed you my girl’s room last week, today it’s about keeping it real and some close up details about that stenciled Roman shade.  Here is the shade hanging at the window.  Now let’s look at some close-up shots of how it went together, how I painted it and some of the less-than-perfect areas.

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We Believe

valentines decor-7603


I heard this song on the radio on Friday this week while I was out running errands. I had my 2 youngest girls with me and when this song started they wanted it turned up. I’d never heard it before but it is now one of my very favorites.  The lyrics sucked me in and have the power to send tears down my cheeks.

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Union Jack Pouffe

union jack pouffe-6

Remember the Pouffes from last year? I just made another one and this time I added a Union Jack detail to the top. This Union Jack pouffe was created for Tricia from Little Cottage on the Pond to put in her son’s room.

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Girl’s Room Reveal

painted roman shade-30

Girl’s Room Reveal – finally!  Can you believe I’m finally calling it finished and sharing it with you?!   Remember the Roman Shade I made for my girls room?  And then I painted their wall using a stencil from Royal Design Studio.

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Red Wool Coat and Muff

red coat in the snow-12

Once there was a little girl who had a red wool coat and muff.  She wore it till she outgrew it, and then it was handed down to some of her cousins.

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Ruffled Ottoman

ruffled square ottoman-3

In my post about my slip covered furniture you saw a glimpse of a ruffled ottoman I’ve had around for a while.  A friend asked if I could share more of that ottoman, so today I’m doing just that.

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Is There a God?

valentines decor-7628

Is There a God?  A Higher Power?  A Supreme Being?  A Creator?

Or did we just ‘happen’ to evolve after a ‘Big Bang’ that threw the cosmos into existence?

I think this old hymn answers quite nicely.

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Once Upon a Time…

happy valentines day-5

Once upon a time (1974 to be exact) a Little Girl was born.  She had a thatch of black hair, intense blue eyes, a zest for life, and a heart full of dreams and romance.

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Valentine’s Vignette

valentines vignette-4

Yesterday I finished up a pouffe for a client – if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen a peek at the pouffe!  After I finished the pouffe I wanted to take some fun pics of it so I could share it here on the blog.  And one thing always leads to another – I decided to change up the vignette in my dining room nook.  So today I’m sharing the pics of my valentine’s vignette with you.

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Giveaway Reminder!


I thought I would give you a ‘Giveaway Reminder’ today! A couple still going on here :)
Today is the last day to enter this giveaway! Only about 10 hours left so go enter now!

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Creation Debate


Did you watch the debate last week between Ken Hamm, Creationist and Bill Nye the Science Guy?

It was amazing.  So awesome to see the Gospel proclaimed.  So inspiring to see a Creationist take on an evolutionist with such calm assurance and Spirit-filled authority.

If you missed it you can still view the debate for free by

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Vanilla Infused Sugar

vanilla infused sugar-8

You know for this post that I love my coffee - but I don’t love it black.  I use yummy treats to make the coffee even better.  My favorite lately has been Vanilla Infused Sugar.  And just in case you’ve never infused sugar with Vanilla I’m going to share with you just how easy it is to do.  And it’s so yummy in coffee!  You really must try it :D

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My Savior Loves, My Savior Lives

my savior lives-1

My Savior Loves, My Savior Lives

by Aaron Shust

I am not skilled to understand
What God has willed, what God has planned
I only know at His right hand
Stands One who is my Savior

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Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Body Care

suave lotion-7740

It’s wintertime.  Here in the midwest we are in the middle of the coldest winter I can remember for a long time.  Temps well below 0° and lots of snow to go with it.  Along with the winter weather, the air inside turns dry.  Very dry.  And along with it our skin turns dry.  And creates a dire need for some moisturizing properties!

As a part of the BlogHer Network I recently received some Suave® Body Care products to review.  These products are part of a new line from Suave® called Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Body Care.  These are premium products infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, and have been clinically proven to moisturize as well as Moroccanoil®1. 

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Valentine’s Decor – and a Giveaway!

valentines decor-7571

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  I don’t usually do a lot but I have a few things that are a bit romantic and just seem like Valentine’s Decor that I get out.  You really don’t need a bunch of hearts to make it feel like the Valentine’s Holiday.  Here are some ways you can use things you have, craft if you want, or just add some flowers to make your home seem festive.

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SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder


First of all – I am not a Dr. I do not have a degree in psychology and I am in no way a professional in the area of depression or SAD or anything related to it.  But I do deal with depression and SAD.  I’ve experienced both myself and I’m sharing here.  My hope is that by sharing I might help those who deal with the same things to know they are not alone, perhaps help them find ways to deal with the affliction by sharing what works for me, and to maybe educate someone who has no idea what I’m talking about.

SAD is real.  It hurts.  And words and actions from people who don’t believe it’s real or don’t know anything about it can be debilitating to those of us who suffer from the affects of SAD or other depression issues.

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Beauty all Around

Beauty all Around

There is beauty all around us every single day.  Sometimes we have to look harder for it.  Some days the beauty is so shrouded in clouds and darkness we can hardly find it.  But it is there.  Just waiting for us to notice.

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Disappointed, Worn Out, and Etsy Items

more etsy-7

I’ll tell ya, I’m so disappointed at the game the Broncos played last night that I’m totally worn out.

I just couldn’t bring myself to finish writing the post I was planning for today.  

I’m working on a post about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so make sure you come back later this week to read it when I do find the energy to finish it.

I’ve got to hand it to the SeaHawks – they played a good game.  And I love that Wilson thanks God for getting him where he is.  But I really wanted to see our beloved Peyton Manning get that trophy.  Maybe next year.  Tears my heart out…

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Casting Crowns – The Alter and the Door


The Alter and The Door by Casting Crowns

Careless, I am reckless

I’m a wrong way traveling, slowly unraveling shell of a man

Burnt out, I’m so numb now

That the fire’s just an ember way down in the corner of my cold, cold heart

Lord, this time I’ll make it right

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Cherry Blueberry Pie

cherry-blueberry pie-16 copy

Cherry Blueberry Pie

I love Cherry Pie.  Made with real sour cherries picked from a tree, not the can of pie filling from the grocery.  I also love Blueberry Pie.  Same scenario – no can of pie filling from the store, but real blueberries in a filling made from scratch.  I recently cleaned out the freezer side of my refrigerator and I found a freezer container of frozen sour cherries that we had picked from my parents cherry tree a few years ago.  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough cherries for a pie.

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Homemade Latte


Are you a coffee lover?  Do you drink it every day?  I never dreamed the day would come when I would find myself among those who call themselves coffee drinkers.  A couple of years ago I discovered that I did enjoy an occasional latte – especially if it was from Starbucks.  A caramel latte – especially if it wasn’t too strong on the coffee taste but leaned more to the caramel and cream side.  Gradually I came to drink the stuff more often, even tasting my husbands coffee occasionally when he made it from really yummy smelling beans.  And then I discovered that I could blend my own delicious brew with the right ingredients.  And just a few months ago I took it to the next level and began making my own lattes at home.

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French Linen, Soap, and Baskets

french linen baskets and milk pitcher-3

I recently splurged and bought a French Linen table runner for myself.  Just for me – not to repurpose into something I can sell, not to use for the blog, just something I fell in love with and bought for myself.

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Make Your Own Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

heart shaped tea bag-1

Yesterday I posted about some things I just listed in my etsy shop.  Including some toy tea bags in a fun heart shape.  Today I’m going to share a few more photos and show you just how cute they can be – and then I’m going to tell you how you can find out how to make your own heart-shaped tea bags!

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Heart Tea Bags and More in the Etsy Shop

heart shaped toy tea bags

Last night I added some things to my etsy shop.

Some handmade fabric ‘tea bags‘ for little people to play tea party with.  Vintage grain sacks with red stripes.  Perfect for a Valentine’s Day tea party for the little girl in your life…

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sewafineseam DIY home decor sewing painting

Do you use Google+ ?  I’ll admit I’ve used it for quite some time but it’s only just recently that I’ve started understanding it a bit and enjoying it.  It all started with this post from Ann of On Sutton Place.

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Antique Shopping with Kids

antique shopping in wisconsin-3

In October we took a trip to Wisconsin – a part work/part fun trip.  We got home the first or second of November and from then till New Year’s it was a blur of projects, business, family, and life-in-general.  I never managed to blog about all the things from our trip I had planned.  So now that the bustle of the holidays is past and January is swiftly winding down, I’m dusting off those pics, editing them a bit, and finally sharing with you!

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Mushroom Tart

mushroom dish 4

Last summer I made this yummy Mushroom Tart for me and my hubby.  It was so yummy!  I meant to share it with you then but then I couldn’t find the recipe.  And I didn’t want to share the pics and not have the recipe to include.  Yesterday I made some boneless wings at my husbands request, and while digging through my binder of recipes I found the recipe for this tart.  So today I get to share it with you!

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Slip Covers and Feather Pillows

living room winter 2014-10

Before Christmas I slipcoverd a couch and chair in our living room and made some feather pillows for the couch.  The furniture had belonged to my Grandmas and  they were a gold/green that several of my friends thought was an awesome color. It wasn’t terrible and I lived with it for over half a year.  But I really wanted my furniture white, and when I got invited to be part of a Holiday House Walk I knew I had to get my living room looking like I really wanted it to look.

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Brownies, Hearts, and Valentines

valentine brownies 2

Do you make crafts and decorate for Valentine’s?  I have in the past but I don’t always.  This year I have some plans to do a couple things for Valentine’s – just to share them with you here on the blog!  I just finished up a dress a friend needed made for a wedding this Saturday and now I’m ready to start creating some new things.  Some pouffes are in the works – I washed some European grain sacks up today.  I also have some events coming up this year that I need to get going on.

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Ohio Weather

ohio weather

Ohio weather = bipolar.  I’ve heard this said on facebook a few times in the past several days!  Ohio weather is a fickle, ever-changing thing.  One minute the breezes are soft and gentle and the air warm and lovely, and the next it’s hurricane force winds and temperatures straight from the North Pole.

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Winter Living Room

winter living room decor

It felt good to get the Christmas decor packed away (mostly) and start with a clean slate.  Transform our living room to our Winter Living Room.  All through the year I refluff here and there for a season or just to mix things up and redo.  By Christmas I have the place decked out from floor to ceiling.  Come January I pack it all away and start out about as minimalistic as I ever get.  As the year goes on I’ll add more back into my decor because I’m really not cut out to be a complete minimalist.  I’ve tried.  Really I have.  It just isn’t me!

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Shutters as Window Treatments

shutters as window treatments

Six years ago we completely gutted out our living room and the bedroom and bathroom above the living room.  Insulation was added, drywall hung and finished, completely new bathroom installed in the upstairs and hardwood floors laid in the living room and the dining room.  The woodwork in the living room was all removed to be stripped, painted and put back in.   A year ago, 5 years after the project was started, I finally convinced my hubby to just go buy new wood and at least get the woodwork up around the two windows in the living room.

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Celebrating Everyday Life


Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll, the magazine, Jan/Feb issue is now available!  Every time a new issue comes out I browse through it and when I’m finished I think ‘no way can this get any better’.  And ever issue does – the creativity, photography, projects, and recipes are always amazing and wonderful.  You really must get your digital copy now.  And you can subscribe and get each issue as soon as they ‘hit the stands’ and at a cheaper price per issue too!

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How to Add an Elastic Gusset to Tall Boots

boots-10 copy

I love boots and wear them most of the winter.  I basically go from flip-flops all Summer to boots in the Fall/Winter and back to flip-flops in the Spring.  There are a couple of weeks in Spring and Fall that I wear shoes with toes and heels but most of the year I’m in boots or flip-flops :D  When I’m not in my house that is – in my house I go from barefoot to fuzzy socks.

I’ve worn the same pair of black boots for years now.  I also have a pair of full grain leather UGGs that I wear when it is really really cold.  I’ve worn them more this Winter already than ever.

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Word of the Year

word of the year and following through

You know how a lot of people pick a word of the year?  A word that is ‘their word’ for the whole year.  I’ve sort of had an aversion to following along and doing what ‘everyone’ else is doing.  Cause, of course, if I picked a word that was ‘MY word’ it would have to be something really impressive and would make people think I was really ‘cool’ and ‘with it’ and amazing and they would all want to be my friend and everyone would flock to follow me.  And then I’d have to live up to that amazing word all year long and actually be amazing and inspiring and make people just shake their heads in awe.

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Happy New Year!

house tour christmas 2013-32

Happy New Year!

Well hello there 2014, how nice to see you!  Amazing how fast that number went from 1999 to 2014.

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Happy New Year’s Eve

milk painted piano-9

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Have fun and be safe!

Will you stay up to ring in the New Year?  Will you host a party

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The Year in Review – 2013

the year in review 2013

We are about to close the history book on another year. I like the way we mark time by days and months and years. It gives us a way to neatly chronicle the happenings of everyday life into chapters and columns. Today I’m looking back over the past 12 months on my little blog and […]

House Tour – my friend’s home

Jessica's house Christmas 2013-19

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are anticipating a very Happy New Year!  I will admit I’m looking forward to a fresh New Year – what will the Lord bring to pass in 2014?!! :)

Today I’m going to share some absolutely delightful photos with you, of a house tour.  This home belongs to one of my very best friends – she’s the closest thing I have to a sister besides the baby sister I grew up with who moved 900 miles away.  I’m so blessed to have her in my life!

Before we view the pics I have to share with you that this is the friend who asked me to decorate her house for Christmas a few years ago because ‘she just wasn’t very good at it and it just wasn’t her thing’.  I think you will chuckle with me when you see these photos – she did ALL the decorating you will see.  ‘Not her thing’ - right.  Mmmm-hmmmmm.  Yeah.  If it was ‘her thing’ it would be so amazing none of us would be able to stand it!

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

house tour christmas 2013-29

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the inn

There lay silently slumbering, the souls of men.

With not so much as a thought, that this was the year,

Their Messiah, long promised, was about to appear.

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Tips on Christmas Decorating

house tour christmas 2013-64

It may be a bit late in the season for tips on Christmas decorating but I wanted to share a few quick tips with you and I am just now getting around to doing it.

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Ready for Christmas?

house tour christmas 2013-46

Ready For Christmas?

“Ready for Christmas,” she said with a sigh,
As she gave a last touch to the gifts piled high,
Then wearily sat for a moment and read,
Till soon, very soon, she was nodding her head.

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Christmas Decor and Furniture – 3 years ago

The past couple of years I’ve been playing musical furniture.  I gave away my matching set (couch and love seat) when the piano entered the scene.  Since then I’ve been on a quest to recreate a look I love.  I slip covered a Craigslist-find couch with drop cloth fabric.  I bought another couch and matching chair at my Grandma’s auction.  Both were a vintage gold/green color.  Nothing matched but I didn’t have time to work on it.  And I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted.
And then I remembered this Christmas 3 years ago.  I was happy with my house and my decor that year.

German Glass Glitter and a Nutcracker

german glass glittered nutcracker-4

Last year my family went West for Christmas and spent a week and a half at my Sister’s house.  We did some after-Christmas shopping and I found some large Nutcrackers 75% off.  I bought four of them and paid less than one of them cost regular price.  They made the trek back home to Ohio and spent the Spring, Summer, and Autumn tucked under a table in my bedroom.  I dug them out as I was feverishly getting Christmas stuff ready to be delivered to the shops I was putting my handmade items.  I had grand plans for them.  I really did.  But as happens so often I tried to do more than was humanly possible for me to do.  I did detail one and took it to one of the shops, another is displayed in my home, yet another is painted white but still needs one more coat of paint, and the 4th is still languishing in his box.  Maybe next year…

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Holiday Home Tour

house tour christmas 2013-17

It’s Holiday Home Tour Time!

Do you love touring beautiful homes during the holidays?  If so you stopped by my blog on just the right day!  Beth from Unskinny Boppy is hosting her Holiday Home Tour this week and today she’s featuring mine :)  You can see my photos here but make sure to go over to Beth’s and see the home she featured yesterday.  And go back tomorrow and Thursday and Friday to see the rest of the great homes she is featuring!

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Christmas Decor for a Friend

Natalies house christmas 2013-2

Last week I showed you my friend Angie’s house and the Christmas decor I did for her. This week I’m sharing my friend Natalie’s home and the Christmas decor I did for her.  I love Natalie’s style and I have wanted to photograph her house ever since the first time I saw it.  She has such great items to use for decor and a cute cozy house too.  I love the way she has lamps everywhere – the warmth of the lighting just makes you want to sit and enjoy it.

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Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and a Piano

milk painted piano-13

A friend of mine recently acquired this piano.  When she mentioned that it just needed a paint bath I clapped my hands in delight.  And promptly offered to be the painter.First coat of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – color – Ironstone.  2 coats of Milk Paint plus an extra coat on a few areas to get the look we wanted.  Bench was painted with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – color – Eulalie’s Sky.  We even got a bit of chipping on the bench :)

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How to Stuff a Turkey

stuffing for a turkey-11

Have you ever stuffed a turkey?  My Mom always puts stuffing inside the turkey when she bakes it.  So of course I think that’s the only way possible to bake a turkey :D

I know some people don’t want to stuff it and others don’t know how.  If you are part of the group that doesn’t want to you really shoul find out what you have been missing!  And if you are among the group that doesn’t know how, you can now leave that group and join me in stuffing your turkey the next time you fix a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  And don’t forget the Cranberry Salad that is a must for every turkey dinner too!

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Decorating a Home Besides My Own

Angies Christmas Decor-34

The week of Thanksgiving I not only began decorating my home, I decorated a friend’s home too.  It’s so fun to stretch myself and decorate in a space that is not all white, use stuff that belongs to someone else, and create a look they will want to look at for a few weeks during the Christmas season!  I did do some shopping with my friend in mind and I took along some things I wasn’t using in my house.  There IS a good reason to hoard stuff I guess ;)

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Cloche Filled with Ornaments – a Tutorial

ornament filled cloche tutorial-12

Last week I showed you some of my Christmas decor which included this cloche full of ornaments.  I’ve had couple questions about how I got the ornaments in the cloche.  So when I helped my Mom decorate over the weekend I snapped some pics of how we filled her cloche so I could show you!

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Ruffled Scarf Tutorial

scarf tutorial-13

A few weeks ago I made a bunch of these ruffled scarves.  As I was cutting them out I thought it might be nice to do a quick tutorial for those of you who would like to make your own.  If you don’t want to bother ordering the fabric and sewing one yourself you can find them for sale in my etsy shop - and for a couple more days you can still get 25% off orders of $30 or more when you use the coupon code SHOPSMALL!

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And without further advertising my shop I bring you a Ruffled Scarf Tutorial

Bottle Brush Trees and More – Christmas Decor

christmas decor 2013-14

I started my decorating early this year – I usually wait till Friday after Thanksgiving but this year I started earlier in the week this year.  I had a couple other houses to decorate and wanted to get a head start on mine so I could decide what I was using in my own home and what I could take to use elsewhere.  I never seem to start my decorating the same place – this year I started with my china cupboard and I love how it turned out.

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Shadow Dancing

christmas play 2013-25

Sunday evening my girls were part of a Christmas play at church.  A shadow dancing play. Well, 2 of them were part of the play and one of them was part of the audience watching the play.  For some reason my middle girl decided she didn’t want to participate this time.  The play was amazing and so totally awesome.  I did the best I could at photographing it!

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Shop Small – and a Coupon Code!

etsy items (2 of 13)

Do you shop the weekend after Thanksgiving?  Do you get out there early with all the crowds on Friday or Saturday morning?  Do you shop online?  Hit up all the Cyber Monday sales instead of Black Friday?

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Thankful, O Lord, to Thee

fall decor-14

Thankful to Thee, our voices raise

In grateful sacrifice of praise,

Myriads of blessings to thank Thee for,

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Musings about the Season

christmas photo shoot-9

I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I am thankful for a lot of things. And I can celebrate Thanksgiving with tinsel and boxwood and glitter and twinkle lights and nativities.  Just because I am setting my sights on all manner of holiday decor doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten Thanksgiving!  Today I have some Musings to share with you about the Season.

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Cranberry Salad ~ my Grandma’s Recipe


We have this cranberry salad every year at Thanksgiving, but it’s not just for Thanksgiving – it’s for any time of year you decide to have a Turkey dine it.ner.  We have a Turkey dinner for Christmas with my husbands family and I always take cranberry salad.  And it is always a hit!  I’ve shared it before but reposting it now seemed like a good idea since this is the Grandma that just went home to heaven.  I will think of her every time I make this – and remember the time I called her to ask exactly how she made it.

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Vintage Finds


On our vacation I managed to get a bit of shopping in.  There was a goodwill close to our hotel, a Greatland Taget, and antique mall we wandered through while waiting on time for me to go to my paint class, and near the end or out trip we went to Milwaukee to the Harley Davidson Museum and I also managed a quick trip to an amazing antiques shop that Laura had recommended I go to.  Today I’ll share the things I bought.  I have pics of the shop and of the Harley museum but they aren’t edited and I’m being lazy.  Since these were already edited this is what you get :D

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Painting an Upholstered Chair and other Painted Pieces

paint makeovers-4

I’ve been avoiding my computer all weekend.  Like the plague.  I know when I sit down with my laptop I’ll be busy for at least a couple hours.  And the longer I avoid opening my laptop the longer I know it will take me when I do open it and the longer I know it will take the more I avoid it.  Vicious circle to be sure.  I even avoided it Sunday evening and I almost never miss writing a blog post on Sunday to be published on Monday morning.  And those Sunday posts I’d been writing?  Yeah, I have been avoiding them too.  It’s not that I don’t have thoughts to write about – I do!  I have so many thoughts swirling through my brain that when they finally make their way out onto a page of print it will be such an explosion you won’t want to be anywhere near!  I’ve been avoiding it for various reasons  - but hopefully soon I will pull myself out of my writing slump and make my voice heard again :D

For now how about a little furniture makeover?  Painting an upholstered chair!  And a few other projects thrown in just for fun.

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Slip Covered Bench

ironstone nest slipcover-20

Yesterday I showed your Laura’s delightful shop and talked about the paint class I took with her.  Today lets talk about the slip covered bench I made for her!  Well, I made the slip covers, the bench was already made.

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The Ironstone Nest

the ironstone nest (8 of 23)

I can’t believe it’s been over a week already since we got home from our vacation!  And I’ve hardly shared any of it with you!  Can’t say that life is boring by any means!  I hit the ground running when we got home and I’ve not stopped.  I’m going to need another vacation soon at this pace!

So many things I want to share with you I don’t know where to start.  So I guess I’ll just edit photos and share as I get to it.  Today I’m sharing about the shop that instigated our trip.  I met Laura from The Ironstone Nest over a year ago through her blog and I’ve followed her ever since.

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Shop For Christmas

etsy items (1 of 13)

Do you have the days counted till Christmas?  Have you started decorating?  Shopping?  I haven’t but I’m so ready to pull out all the decor and get some shopping crossed off my list.  As for the shopping – I added some things to my Etsy shop this weekend and I’d love it if you would stop by and take a look!

Shop Goods and News


If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been cranking out some new stuff this week – all with a decidedly Christmas theme!  I LOVE Christmas – all the glitter, twinkly lights, decor, hot drinks, yummy food, gifts, all with the theme of the Christ Child threaded through.

Most of the handmade goods I made this week are now showcased at a store right here in my hometown.  A flurry of sewing and painting will ensue over the weekend and next week as I create more for 2 shops in other towns and I’m still hoping to get some things in my etsy shop too.  For now I want to share the photos I took today of the shop here in town - Simply Signs and Such.

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A few ago we went to a wedding.  The groom is my nephew (on my husband’s side of the family).  He was in MY wedding over 16 years ago – the cute little guy who walked up the aisle with the flower girl!  Since we didn’t have rings at our wedding he wasn’t technically a ring bearer so I’m not sure what title to give him!

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Autumn Tablescape – 2014

fall tablescape-20

Before we left on vacation I managed to squeeze in a quick Autumn Tablescape photo shoot.  I loaded up all my tableware and props and hauled them to a friend’s house to use her front porch and awesome outdoor table her hubby made for her this summer.

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Sneak Peek


Today I’m giving you a brief sneak peek at the outdoor tablescape I styled and photographed recently. I used a friends outdoor table and I have lots more great shots to share with you soon! I also want to give you a peek into the newest issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll.

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Feather Your Nest


How is it that I went from wondering what I had to blog about to having so much to blog about I feel I’ll never get caught up?!  Not complaining – a blogger needs stuff to blog about!  We arrived home from our 8 day vacation late Saturday night – like after midnight late.  We all were happy to see home – Emma and Larke were both homesick and we were all ready to see our own beds and relax in familiar surroundings.  I have oodles of fun stuff to show you from our vacation but the pics I edited last night are the ones from the shop in Pickerington, Ohio where I took my wares a couple weeks ago.  Feather Your Nest shop is so cool and amazing I have to share it with you.  If you like to support small shops instead of just the big chain stores this one needs to be at the top of your list!

Wedding Reception

t and j-76

Today I’m going to share some of the wedding reception photos with you that I promised you last week. I have a post started about our ‘Vacation on a Budget’ but it’s not finished yet and the photos are not edited.  I downloaded over 600 pics last night – and I haven’t even got through looking at all of them yet.  I’ll be back soon with that and I still have photos of the shop in Pickerington to show you!  The fun just never ends :D

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While Wearing Heels

tutorial for pennant flags

Ta-Da!  Today I have a wonderful post for you – and it comes from my wonderful friend Amy, who can wear heels while doing most anything if anyone can!  She’s not only a great friend, she has a delightful blog, creates the best parties you have EVER seen, is a wonderful Wife and Mom, and she even shares her creations with us with tutorials included!  I’m so honored to have her here sharing one on my blog today.  If you have time head over to Amy’s blog after you read this post – you will want to dig through her blog awhile, browse her projects and take a virtual stroll through her lovely house too!


Hello lovely followers of Sew A Fine Seam.  I’m Amy the DIY Craft Blogger “wearing the heels” at While Wearing Heels.

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Find Me At ‘The Modest Mom’ Today!

fall decor-18

You can find me over on the blog The Modest Mom with a post about Autumn Decor.  I was thrilled when Caroline asked me to do a post for her – especially a post about one of my favorite things – decor.  And it gave me the perfect excuse to spend some time cleaning and fluffing my house.  It makes me feel so good to have freshly fluffed house.

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Crock Pot Soup – from Simple Details

Hello, friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Today my family and I are out-of-town – I’m doing a bit of work for a client and the rest of the week we are taking our kiddos on a much needed vacation!  To help me out while I’m gone I asked a couple of my blog besties to guest post.  Today meet Pam from Simple Details!  She’s sharing and amazing recipe – perfect for the chilliness of Fall – and even better it goes in the crock pot!  I love crock pot meals.  If you have time today head on over to Pam’s blog and dig around a bit – she has some amazing projects she’s shared over the past 2 years :)
Hi friends of Jill, I’m Pam from Simple Details, and thrilled to be filling in for my sweet
 friend! Jill has been a blogging friend since I first started two years ago,
 she is such an inspiration and couldn’t be more humble! I’m always asking her how she
 does it all, home schooling, a blog, diy projects, a sewing business, an etsy shop, her faith,
 furniture makeovers, photography and you all know the list goes on, and on. Pretty amazing!
 I’m sharing a favorite fall recipe that my family loves!

Cornstarch and Water


I’m pulling out an old post again and reposting it.  My almost-8-year-old has been asking me to make this again.  I need to put cornstarch on the grocery list so when ‘Indian Summer’ hits I can mix some up and send her outside to play :D

Originally posted in May of 2012


Have you ever mixed cornstarch and water for your kids to play with?  I posted about this quite some time ago – you can see the old post here if you want.  One weekend recently The Teenager went home with a friend.  Her friend’s sisters came home with Middle Sister and Little Sister.  And they wanted to play with cornstarch and water.  So I mixed some up for them.  They had a lovely time with it!

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Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and an Armoire


Milk paint is fast becoming my favorite.  Especially since I broke down and used a Tupperware bowl and my kitchen whisk to stir the stuff up this time.  If you haven’t ever used Milk Paint – go to Miss Mustard Seed’s blog to read all about it – how it works, what it is, and how to use it.

I showed you the armoire I recently purchased here.  It was a tv armoire, very solid and heavy, and HUGE.  Just what I needed to hold all the fabric I have around all the time.  Can’t run a business that involves a lot of sewing and creativity without having fabric on hand :D  I knew I wanted to use the armoire immediately but I also knew I couldn’t fill it up with it looking all orange oak like it was.  So I painted it the minute my husband was done reworking the inside and adding shelves.  We picked it up on a Thursday night and by the end of the weekend it was painted and filled.

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Handmade Goods

handmade goodies-3

Along with making new handmade goods, I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep from the Vintage Marketplace.  It seems I’m dragging in no time these days and need a nap – or an early bedtime.  Have you noticed I just can’t get back to my daily blogging schedule?  I’m really trying this week but no promises!

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