Keeping it Real with the Christmas Decor Frenzy

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All over blogland the frenzy of Christmas projects and decor has been keeping us steeped in glitter and pinecones and ornaments and all things Holiday related. It’s fun to see everyone’s homes wearing their Christmas best. The trees have been amazing this year and the housewalks have been plentiful and decked to the hilt.

Today I’m going to share a few photos with you that are bit different. As I was shooting my ‘beauty shots’ of my living room on the only sunny day we’ve had in weeks, I stopped and looked around. And I just had to snap a few not-so-pretty shots to share.

Here’s to keeping it real with the Christmas Decor Frenzy!

Friday’s Unfolded

tshirt and jeans christmas decor

It’s time for Friday’s Unfolded!

What has unfolded for you this week?

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Here’s a few of my favorites from last week.

Styling a 12ft Mantel for Christmas

decorating a 12 ft shelf (10 of 11)

Styling a mantel sounds easy for someone who loves to decorate. And usually it is – it’s a fun place to have as a focal point. Especially at Christmas! But styling a 12ft mantel for Christmas can be a daunting task! It can look overwhelming – even for someone who loves to decorate and wanted the 12ft mantle in the first place so she’d have lots of space to display things.

Now technically this isn’t even a mantel, it’s a shelf. But since I don’t have a mantel, and in the blog world styling a mantel is a big deal, I sometimes call my shelf a mantel just cause it sounds better and everyone gets the idea of what I’m doing better. Mantel – shelf – whatever :D

Christmas Shopping

cafe cup

I love Christmas. I love the lights, the glitter, the trees, the ornaments. I love the gifts. I love gift giving. I love the baby in the manger. God’s gift to us.

Today I thought I’d share some amazing products that would make great gifts for those you buy for this year. I know it’s getting a bit late, but maybe you are like me and usually let the shopping go till last minute.

If you shop now, you should still get everything in time for Christmas!

My Favorite Christmas Trees


I love Christmas trees and love looking at them all lit up in the windows of homes we drive by. I love sitting beside mine in the twilight of evening and the dimness of morning, the soft, warm glow of the twinkle lights is so heart-warming and peaceful. I love the glitter and glam of fancy ornaments and the understated elegance of plain ornaments. My favorite are vintage ornaments, the time-worn patina just speaks to me somehow.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christmas trees I’ve seen around blogland this season. If you aren’t feeling the Holiday Spirit this will surely tweak that into life!

God’s Got This

God's Got This (3 of 6)

God’s Got This. He has SO got this! It doesn’t matter what it is – He’s got it. IF. IF I will let him!

Lately I’ve said this little phrase to a couple friends at a couple different times. ‘God’s Got This’. Meaning, don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t be discouraged, God’s Got This. It’s all under control, it will all work out.God’s Got This. He has SO got this! It doesn’t matter what it is – He’s got it. IF. IF I will let him!

Lately I’ve said this little phrase to a couple friends at a couple different times. ‘God’s Got This’. Meaning, don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t be discouraged, God’s Got This. It’s all under control, it will all work out.

Christmas Home Blog Tour

Christmas Home Tour Button-blog post1

I recently joined a fb group of bloggers and some of us are joining up and having a Christmas Home Blog Tour. I’m sharing some of my favorite photos of my Christmas decor here and linking you to all the other homes in the tour so you can enjoy them all!

Friday’s Unfolded


It’s time for Friday’s Unfolded! What has unfolded for you this week? Come link up at the end of the post! Here’s a few of my favorites from last week. The Charm of Home shared this cute dollar store snowflake door hanging. Woods of Bell Trees shows us how to make these fun coasters for […]

Christmas Details

christmas decor details (8 of 11)

Today lets look at a few details of my Christmas decor a bit closer. I love the whole picture of my decorated rooms but sometimes I like to take a closer look at some of the Christmas details. We will start in the living room at our Christmas tree. You can see details of the trees ornaments in my earlier post.

O Christmas Tree

o christmas tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Such pleasure do you bring me!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Such pleasure do you bring me!

Our Christmas tree is just an inexpensive 7ft tree from Wal-mart purchased a couple years ago. I’d love to have one from Balsam Hill some year. For now this works and I think it’s lovely. I love the lights and the warm cozy glow it gives my living room. I may just leave it up till the evenings start to lengthen again next spring :)

Easy Burlap Upcycle

easy burlap upcycle

I purchased a small live plant at Trader Joes to use on my dining room table for a centerpiece. Something small and easy to move when I need to use the table for projects, sewing, painting, or even DINING! :D I loved the plant but the container it was in wasn’t my favorite. So I did an easy burlap upcycle to make it more my style.

Circle of Life

christmas house tour 2014 (44 of 71)

My thoughts are trending a bit to the melancholy side today. And I’m contemplating the Circle of Life. And the brevity of life. Just a vapor and then it’s gone.

Christmas House Tour

christmas house tour 2014 (6 of 71)

I almost nixed my plans for a Christmas House Tour. There are so many house tours out there that are so much more beautiful than mine. It’s easy to fall into feeling like it’s not worth posting because mine will never measure up. And the weather was NOT cooperating this year. We’ve had almost no sunshine lately and not even cloudy days that were still bright enough to make indoor photography look good. And I’ve been so busy making pillows to get shipped out I really haven’t had time to do all the stuff I wanted to my house. Like paint the walls and the piano and the kitchen cupboards … and on and on. But then I decided that I was being silly and I needed to just share anyway. If nothing else I can share with you all that you can create a cozy space that you love to live in even if it doesn’t measure up to the bigger, better homes out there.

So. Welcome to our humble abode – all decked out for Christmas.

Friday’s Unfolded

cinnamon stick star ornament

It’s time for Friday’s Unfolded! We took a break last week for Thanksgiving so the features are from two weeks ago.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving – we fixed a turkey dinner here and my parents came over to enjoy it with us. We spent the afternoon watching football. Never knew I’d become such a fan. We are Colts fans here – thanks to my brother who became a football fan and claimed the Colts as his team years ago. We have some deviation from the Colts now that Peyton is a Bronco. And we like a few other teams too but the Colts is ‘our team’.

I’m still cranking out pillow orders, they are selling like hotcakes and it’s all I can do to keep up! Thanks to a couple friends who have come on-board and helped me sew we are making it happen. About ready to close up shop for Christmas though so if you have something you want for a gift you need to contact me now!

My house is decorated and I finally got a few photos during a rare appearance of the sun yesterday. I’ll be posting some Christmas posts very soon.

And now it is time for Friday’s Unfolded! What has unfolded for you this week? Come link up at the end of the post!

Tips on Wrapping Packages

tips on wrapping gifts

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String,

These are a few of my favorite things!

A few tips on how to package packages simply and festively for the holidays

Melting Crystallized Honey

melting crystillized honey graphic

Honey is so yummy. Sweet and golden it is a wonderful item to have in your home to use for medicinal purposes – providing it is raw local honey.
We like to keep some around for helping combat allergies, and it tastes really good on freshly baked biscuits! But what do you do when the smooth, golden deliciousness turns to crystallized sugar? It’s not very good on biscuits anymore and it gets harder the longer it sits on the shelf. What to do? I’m going to show you today how the process I use for Melting Crystallized Honey.

How to make a Pouffe

how to make a pouffe

Remember my pouffes? The ones I made last year? You can find pouffes I made that feature the Union Jack here and here.
The spelling of pouffe is pouffe not pouf – if you look up the definition of pouf you will find that it means the large pile of hair on top of a woman’s head. Remember the 80’s?? Yeah, a pouf is big hair. And pouffe is:


a cushioned footstool or low seat with no back.
And yes, I know that lots of places, including Target, sell items like this and spell it pouf. But I’m being stubborn and sticking to the proper spelling.

Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2014 (1 of 1)

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

I am thankful for so many things. My family, friends, my warm home, the wonderful meal we are having, so many more things.

I’ve been juggling my rapidly growing wholesale biz, decorating my home for Christmas, and keeping up with stuff at the store. I’ve been blessed this year and you, my friends, are a part of that blessing – thank you so much for coming by, for leaving me such sweet comments, and supporting me.

Friday’s Unfolded

pumpkin scones 4-

It’s time for another weekend! YAY! We’ve had snow and cold here this week and from the sounds of it a lot of you out there are enduring or enjoying the same – whichever way you deal with it :D I’ve been getting ready for our Christmas Open House at the shop and fluffing my own house for Christmas. And making stacks of pillows – again. I’m glad it’s weekend time again! I look forward to Sundays during these crazy busy weeks. I’m enjoying what I’m doing but I also enjoy just resting and do nothing too!

And now it is time for Friday’s Unfolded! What has unfolded for you this week? Come link up at the end of the post!

Cranberry Salad ~ my Grandma’s Recipe

cranberry salad (4 of 5) copy

A turkey dinner just isn’t complete without cranberry salad – and not just any cranberry salad – it has to be my Grandma’s cranberry salad recipe.

Open House at my Shop!

christmas at smiths 2014 (7 of 24)

I spent the day yesterday pricing merchandise and fluffing the shop, getting ready for our Open House. The front windows are all decked out for the holidays now and everything inside is looking pretty and fun. It was a big day, but lots of fun.

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Fusion™


A week ago I was in warm, sunny Baton Rouge, surrounded by a group of wonderful ladies, learning some wonderful tips and tricks about using Fusion™ paint and all the great products that are included in the Fusion™ line.

My friend, Denise from Feather Your Nest in Pickerington, oh, and I flew into New Orleans early Sunday morning. We spent a few hours seeing the sights and inhaling the rich culture of this beautiful, diverse city. New Orleans is on my list of places to revisit with my family and spend more time there.

Friday’s Unfolded

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Another week has flown by already! You know from my last post that I was in Louisiana for paint training Sunday thru Tuesday. We flew into New Orleans early Sunday morning, spent some time in the French Quarter, drove to Baton Rouge for the night, and attended paint training with Marti Carroll in her shop Bayou Bungalow. Amazing time with some amazing ladies! I’ll share some of my pics soon.

Now it is time for Friday’s Unfolded! What has unfolded for you this week? Come link up at the end of the post!

I’m sharing a few of my fav’s from last weeks party (this is the part I was most excited about! I love featuring great bloggers!)



November is flying by! I’ve started my Christmas decorating – way earlier than normal. Usually all the glitter and fun comes out on Black Friday. But this year I have a store to decorate and an open house to prepare for. If I want my house decorated too I have to start earlier. It feels a bit funny, cause I’m not quite in the Christmas mood yet, but it’s still lovely to have the white lights glowing softly in the living room. It’s not so lovely to have the tall stack of tubs that the Christmas decor is stored in sitting in the way. I’ll get it finished up later this week I hope, and send the empty boxes back to the basement.

minted. – the place to order Christmas cards


Christmas cards. Those cute little paper things you send out to friends and family every Christmas. You include a picture. Sometimes a amily picutre. Most time just the kids – cause it’s just easier than trying to get a whole family photo. I used to plan weeks in advance what I was going to do for my Christmas cards. Something fun and crafty and cute. And the pics of my kids were always well planned out in advance, coordinating outfits, cute props, photo shoot scheduled early, pics ordered and delivered in time to mail the cards the first of December.

Friday’s Unfolded – Come Link Up!


Hey Friends, guess what?! Sew a Fine Seam is now part of a weekly Link-up Party called ‘Friday’s Unfolded’! I’m so excited and I hope you’ll join the fun!

A Link Party is Happening Here!


Good morning friends! Just wanted to give you a heads up this morning that there is something new and exciting happening on the blog. Starting today I am going to be part of a weekly blog party called Friday’s Unfolded. Come back this afternoon at 4pm est to find out all the details and link up your blog posts!

Zucchini Pie

zucchini pie (5 of 5)

Tis the Season – for soups and hot drinks – and pies! Pie is such a comfort food in the winter isn’t it? I love pies and really I kinda love making them.

Jewelry in Candles – GIVEAWAY

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How about a giveaway?! If you like candles (and it IS the season for burning candles!) and if you like jewelry, and surprises then you will be delighted with what I’m giving away today! Rafflecoptor is at the bottom of this post.

Metal Cabinet as a Side Table

metal cabinet side table (1 of 8)

This past summer I decided I needed another side table in my living room. I had rearranged and moved the side table to the other side of the room. So I needed something to take its place and to put my lamp on. It didn’t work to move my lamp along with the side table because I needed the lamp beside my favorite chair.

Homemade Soap Review

homemade soap review (4 of 6)

Recently a friend asked me if I would like some homemade soap to try out. Of course! I love a good bar of soap, and homemade is great. Especially if it’s homemade that I didn’t have to make :D I’ve used up one bar of soap and am on my second and now I want to share with you what it is, where you can get some, and why you should!

Trim Healthy Mama with a Side of Vitamin D


Trim Healthy Mama. Vitamin D. Thyroid issues. Essential oils. My journey to being healthy and feeling good.

Before and After with Fusion™

fusion paint (2 of 13)

I love the new Fusion™ Paint and I can’t wait to have time to paint some more stuff. The round table I a painted white and yellow is in the shop. An antique bed is painted and stenciled and waiting to be hauled to the store. I was going to have it already there but my hubby keeps thinking he has to make some slats for it. I’m ready to have it out of my house and set it up to photograph it so I can share it with you.

A Book Giveaway


Do you like to read? Need some new books to fill your nightstand? How about entering a book giveaway? My sister has a good one up on her blog – head on over to enter!

New Look!


Woo-Hoo! Sew a Fine Seam has a new look!

A logo, new background for the blog, new biz cards – it’s so exciting! I am in love with my logo!

Quick and Easy Fall Decor

fall decor14 (7 of 16)

Autumn is so beautiful, with its brilliantly colored leaves, the bright blue of the sky (when it isn’t raining), the crispness of the air, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. Bringing a bit of the outdoors in is a great way to to add quick easy fall decor to your home. It doesn’t need to be a lot and it doesn’t need to take long, but it can freshen your space and bring smiles to the faces of your family and all who enter your home.

Introducing – Fusion™ Paint!

fusion paint (10 of 13)

I’ve mentioned it on Instagram and Facebook and now I’m sharing it here. Since I now have a storefront to sell things in I took the plunge and applied to be a paint retailer! I was accepted and Fusion™ paint is now available at Smiths Merchants in Arcanum, Ohio! I’m so excited. The paint is amazing and is going to change the world of painting furniture. Fusion™ is a 100% acrylic paint that requires very minimal prep and NO topcoat! This is huge peeps! NO TOPCOAT!! Much as I love the look of a wax finish buffing that wax is not my favorite part of the furniture redo.

Best Pie Crust Ever

best pie crust ever

Autumn is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And will be followed shortly by Christmas! Time to be planning some yummy treats for the holidays! Pies are always a favorite so today I want to share the best pie crust ever with you. This recipe was my Grandma’s and I’ve never tasted a better crust. I also find it easy to work with, especially when using pastry flour.

House Tour

front door paint - black (9 of 14)

Today I want to share a bit of an updated house tour with you. It is also available as a button in my sidebar now too. I need to update some of the rooms again but here it is for now. It’s rather fun for me to pull all this together and see where we are now, what we’ve updated, and what we still need to finish.

True Woman 2014

true woman 14 (2 of 3)

True Woman 2014 – recap and a few thoughts about attending or not attending. I attended True Woman 2012 – the first time I’d ever gone to a conference for women.  I had mixed emotions about going to a spiritual conference to hear about how to be a better wife and mother while leaving my […]

Wedding Photography

Wedding Bob and Lori (32 of 35)

I was privileged to be the photographer at a friends wedding this summer! And I’m finally sharing some pics. Wedding photography is fun, creative, fast-paced, amazing and stimulating. It can also be stressful, sweaty, and hard work. But the first list of adjectives trumps the second in my book. (that might change if I totally messed up though :D) When shooting a wedding you have to think fast, move fast, and a lot of it is a one time chance. If you miss the shot during the processional or ceremony you can’t back up and redo the shot. But to me, that’s part of the fun. I’m not sure I really want to get into being the main, or only, photographer for a lot of weddings but I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the wedding photography I have done.

Fall Flea at Springfield Ohio

springfield flea fall 14 (1 of 11)

I wasn’t going to do the fall flea this year in Springfield. But just a couple of weeks before a friend asked me if I would share her space there in The Vintage Marketplace. At first I said probably not. My husband was going to be out-of-town and I had our annual fall kids clothing sale the week following the flea.

2015 Day Planner

2015 calendar (15 of 9)

This post IS about my 2015 Day Planner. I have a bit of a hang up about finding the perfect thing to use for a calendar. But before I get into the crazy details of my hang-ups I have a fun little tidbit to share!

Imagine my surprise to look at my blog stats today and see a spike of hits on Saturday. I didn’t have a new post up for Saturday. I’ve been very lazy in the blog world lately.

But somewhere, one of my blog posts must have been shared because I had way more traffic than I should have had for being so lazy about getting new content out there. So I did a bit of sleuthing. And discovered ‘Good Housekeeping’ in my list of hits. Whaaaa?

White Ruffled Curtains

white ruffled curtains (1 of 2)

A few weeks ago I made a pair of white ruffled curtains for a client. I bought the fabric at IKEA – have you seen the new fabrics they are carrying? I can hardly hold myself back from rushing straight to the textile section every time I go to IKEA.

Milk Paint, Tomatoes and Tea Parties

milk paint and what I've been up to (15 of 1)

Milk Paint, Tomatoes, and Tea Parties. It’s just a few of the things we’ve had going on around here in the past few days (the days I’ve been pretending I don’t have a blog to update). Along with the milk paint, tomatoes (which we’ve just been eating a lot of, not canning or anything so ambitious) and tea parties (which was attended by several dollys, a teddy bear, and my two daughters) we have had a flea market, a garage sale, pillows, school work, laundry, voice lessons, a ‘field trip’, and a myriad of life in general – all with Dad gone for 3 weeks.

How to Make a Shower Curtain

ruffls and lace shower curtain (14 of 24)

Yesterday I showed you the gorgeous shower curtains I made for a client. Shower curtains made with ruffles and lace. Today I’m going to show you how to make a shower curtain for yourself. The fact that this project uses bed sheets makes it so easy and quick you won’t believe how fast it is!

Ruffles and Lace and a Shower Curtain

ruffls and lace shower curtain (23 of 24)

A few months ago a client contacted me about making her a shower curtain. She had seen the ruffled shower curtain I made for another client and wondered if I was interested in making another. And she wondered if we could use a fabric a bit finer than the humble drop cloth and if we could incorporate a bit of lace.

Exterior Trim Adds Amazing Curb Appeal

beforeandafter front door

Curb Appeal. It’s the appeal your home has from the curb. You know, how nice the place looks to those driving or walking by. While our home is in dire need of some new siding to really up the curb appeal, we did do something really great to our front door this summer. I was given some paint in exchange for trying it and sharing my experience with you. And since I was going to paint the front door I decided I’d paint the trim around the door too so the pics would look nicer. Then my hubby decided to replace the trim with something really cool.

Happy Anniversary

garden flowers 2014 (15 of 24)

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband! 17 years today. It seems like yesterday and yet is seems like we’ve been together forever. I can’t imagine my life without him and I love him so very much! I praise God for bringing us together and keeping us together.

Good-bye Summer

bike and banner (1 of 3)

Summer is ending and it’s time to say Good-bye.

This week I felt fall in the air and saw it in the sky. Yes the weather is still hot and muggy but there is a slight change in the air that says Autumn has arrived. it’s subtle this change – a shift in air movement, the tinge of harvest smell, the color of leaves just beginning to pale and change if you look very closely. The sky’s color and mood change ever so slightly. School is in session. Summer has come to a close.

Birthday Party Sleepover

larke 11 bday

Birthday Party Sleepover. Yes, you could say I’ve lost my mind. My tween began planning her birthday party sleepover weeks before the big day. While I was deeply immersed in the last two weeks of prep for the Summer Market at Avon Lake. While I was so distracted I didn’t have too many objections to what she was planning. And she proceeded to tell her friends what she was planning and that they were invited. How can a Mom ever say ‘no’ now??

Stained Glass Masquerade

peonies (1 of 5)

Stained Glass Masquerade. We dress up. We smile. We say we are ‘fine’. We make small talk. We make no mention of the pain inside. No hint of the feelings for failure. We have the perfect life after all. We live in America. We have all the food and clothes we want at our fingertips. We live in nice homes that are heated and cooled to our liking. Why should we ever have a bad day or anything going wrong?

Living with White

living with white (15 of 7)

Living with white. White walls, white furniture, white pillows, white ottoman. Yes, I like white and I am so very happy I switched things up to all white. I’m still in the process on making my home even more white too.

I didn’t always have all white. My furniture was upholstered in a green and dark red floral. Which was a marvelous choice of upholstery with kids. Nothing showed on that stuff. No spots and stains like you get with a solid color upholstery.

So how did I arrive at my all white home? When I would look at magazines and at home decor on blogs I noticed that the ones that really stood out to me were the rooms that were all white. The color some homes feature is amazing and lovely and I really liked a lot of it. But then I would turn the page and there would be an all white room and I would sigh a long ‘aaaahhhhhh’. That was what really resonated with me and what I wanted to see when I relaxed in my own home. And so the journey began to all white.

Featured on Apartment Therapy

painted roman shade-20

Apartment Therapy. In the blog world it’s kind of a big deal to be featured there. I’ve seen my friends post about being featured there and how exciting it was. Cause Apartment Therapy is one of the big dogs in the blog world.

When I logged into my blog late last night to check things out and perhaps bring you a new post, I saw that my stats for Sunday and Monday were higher than normal considering I hadn’t posted a new post either day. So I checked out where those views were coming from and there it was – Apartment Therapy.

Piano Bench Makeover

piano bench makeover (6 of 7)

I want to share with you my piano bench makeover. We’ve had the piano for a couple years now but it didn’t come with a bench and we hadn’t found one. A few months ago my hubby and I found one at a thrift shop. We paid $25 for it – which might be a bit much from a thrift shop but since we really wanted one and hadn’t ever run across one we paid the money for it.

The Old Arcana

the old arcana (4 of 6)

The Old Arcana. It’s a restaurant in Arcanum, Ohio, and it adjoins the storefront I am now putting my vintage and handmade items in. I posted yesterday about my storefront – and totally forgot to add the location to that post! It’s Arcanum, Ohio peeps! Google will lead you right to it. Siri will not recognize the word Arcanum but your map on your phone will find it just fine if you type it in. Guess when Siri was recording they forgot to include some of the off-the-beaten-path towns :D


smiths merchants and old arcana (18 of 41)

“I need a storefront.”

“I really need a storefront.”

“Oh, how I wish I had a storefront.”

I informed. I declared. I sighed. I dreamed. I prayed.

And one day I received a text from a friend. Would I be at all interested in putting things in her storefront? Well hmmmmm, let’s see, how fast can I type ‘YES’??? And the best part? She didn’t even know I was pining away for a storefront :D A God-thing?!! We are going to give it a try and see where this journey takes us!

The Summer Market Vendors

anne marcy and me at the summer market

I’m finally getting back to the blog to share the pics I took of some of the other vendors at The Summer Market. I’ve been being lazy – I just cannot get my energy back and my creativity flowing much. Hopefully soon.
I’ve been having requests for a slipcover tutorial. And I’m happy to tell you that it is in the works. Hopefully very soon. I happen to have aquired a couple really nice, vintage wingbacks for our home and they need to be slipcovered. My plan is to do the best I can getting photos of the whole process with the first one and do a video tutorial with the second. I’ve never worked with videos much so this will be a trial and error thing I’m sure! I’ll get going on those as soon as I decide what fabric I am using for the covers.

Front Door Paint

front door paint - black (13 of 14)2

Curb appeal. We have been so busy over the years making our living space more comfortable and beautiful that we haven’t spent near the time I’d like to on curb appeal. You know – the OUTSIDE cute factor of the house. I do my best each spring to plant a few flowers and make things look pretty but what we really need is a new porch and new siding to give the curb appeal of this place a real punch.

The Summer Market


We made it! The Summer Market was great. The weather was wonderful – only a bit of rain after closing Friday night. And it started sprinkling just as we were done loading back up on Saturday night. The crowd on Friday night was crazy! Our booth was constantly packed full – and I sold out of my latitude/longitude pillows.
The vendors were great, as were our hosts. The whole experience was really really awesome. Praise God! I feel so blessed to be able to contribute a bit to my family’s income this way – I love using the talents God gave me to create things that will make someone happy every time they see them in their home.

The Summer Market is almost here!


The Summer Market is almost here! This coming Friday evening and Saturday. Avon Lake, Ohio – 4-9 on Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. This is their 9th year hosting this event. This is my first year going. And I’m going as a vendor. I am so excited. If you browse their facebook page you will see all the great vendors they are featuring who will be there. If you are within driving distance I really think this one would be worth your time :D If nothing else just come to say hi to me! Admission is FREE! Woo-Hoo!

God Bless Israel

As I have been spending all my waking hours preparing for my upcoming Market, I haven’t taken a lot of time to listen to the news. I see a bit of it here and there on fb when I take time to look at fb on my phone. I hear a bit from my husband when he comes home from work and shares what he has heard.

This weekend I slowed down my frantic pace a bit paid closer attention.

I watched this video shared by a friend.

Ironstone Milk Paint

ironstone milk paint table (8 of 13)

I love milk paint. I’ve loved the idea of milk paint for years. I mentioned that in this post when I was just starting to use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I also love white. And I love the look of the old Ironstone china. So naturally a white milk paint called ‘Ironstone’ should be my favorite, right? And it is becoming a favorite but I have to admit I have struggled with this color. Something about the pigments in this one have given me fits when mixing it up. It’s too thin, then it’s too thick. I can’t get it stirred up right. I tried warmer water cause that has helped me with other colors. I tried the blender instead of mixing by hand.

While I still think other colors mix up better for me and go on the furniture better, I just can’t give up on ‘Ironstone’. Having a bit more patience (not one of my strong points) and letting it sit longer after stirring for several minutes helps a lot. And the color is gorgeous on this table I used it on.

Kansas on My Mind

fun in kansas (18 of 15)

We arrived home from Kansas Friday evening – and I spent a couple of hours cleaning my kitchen cupboards and my kitchen. Cause that is exactly what everyone feels like doing after riding in a car for over 15 hours. No I’m not crazy – we had ants like crazy. I was not impressed. They were in my powdered sugar. And in my sugar shaker I use for my coffee. And just running all over the place like they owned it. Which they do not. We only went on vacation, we did not move out. The place was not up for grabs or open to squatters. So I evicted those ants pronto. And even though cleaning my kitchen and cupboards wasn’t really what I had in mind to do when I arrived home I am enjoying the clean and organized cupboard. This was one of the very few times I’ve ever been thankful for a small kitchen with very few cupboards. (I didn’t have to clean them all just a couple.) (I did have to clean ALL the countertops – which are even fewer than the cupboards.)

Sunday Blessings


Just some pretty pics and a quick note to bless you all this Sunday.

I’m headed out to photograph a wedding – if you want to say a prayer for me I’d appreciate it! I’m the only photographer and I’m a bit nervous about it. I think it will be fun, but the weight of positioning people and coming up with everything on my own is a bit daunting! I’ll share as soon as I can.

May you all have a blessed day, relaxing in the peace and rest of our Savior Jesus Christ. May God go with you in the coming week, carry you through the trials, rejoice with you in the triumphs and just shower you with His wonderful love!

Praise Him for His grace, mercy, and truth!

Burlap Roman Shade

burlap roman shade

I recently had the privilege of making some burlap curtains for a friend. Allisa from Thobe Rentals asked me to make her some window treatments – 2 of the places a couple simple, hemmed panels would suffice. But for the door we decided something a bit more sophisticated was called for. I suggested a Burlap Roman Shade. After discussing it and checking with her husband about his opinion of making a Roman shade work there we decided to go for it.

Slipcovered Wingbacks

white and grey dot slipcovered chairs (4 of 5)

Before we headed out on vacation I had a few projects to get finished. One of them was these slipcoverd wingbacks for a friend.

The chairs were still in great shape, had a cute shape, and were still comfy. They had been slipcovered but the covers were wearing through in a few places and they just looked tired. Time for an update!

Sandcastles and Wheat Harvest

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Do you ever have a dream that seems too big to ever come true? Something you would love to build or create but it seems impossible that it will ever be finished or ever become anything worthwhile? Does it seem a bit like building a sandcastle only to watch the incoming tide wash it away? So because of the obstacles you don’t even start?

Let Freedom Ring! Happy 4th of July!

4th of July picnic (4 of 5)

Let Freedom Ring! Enjoy your 4th of July weekend. Eat some grilled food, break out the fun drinks and yummy, pretty deserts. Lounge in the backyard with family and friends. Light some sparklers for the kids. Watch a display of fireworks.

Grey Dresser – Back in it’s Proper Place

grey buffet dresser (3 of 5)

I have this darling grey dresser. It used to be white and my Mom used it for a changing table for me when I was a baby. I used it for my first daughter’s changing table. When she was a couple years old the trend of painted furniture began and I fell in love. I decided this dresser was the perfect piece to try my hand at painting furniture. I didn’t know much of anything about painting furniture but I’d seen some stuff a friend had done and figured ‘how hard can it be?’ My friend offered to help me with distressing it and long story short she ended up doing the distressing and staining for me. I loved the result and I still love it. It’s moved around the past few years but it is one piece I’ve never considered selling.

Independence Day Dip-Dyed Banner

dip dyed pennant banner (10 of 7) copy

Today I’m sharing another version of the dip-dyed pennant banners. You can see the tutorial for making pinwheel banners in yesterdays post and also the tutorial for dye-dyeing your banners.

It doesn’t take long, it’s a fun project, and the banners fold up neat and small and can easily be stored for next year!

My banners feature Independence Day colors – thus the name Independence Day Dip-Dyed Banner :D

You can dye your banners any color you want for any season or holiday or birthday or party. Or you can create these banners without going through the dyeing process if you prefer.

Dip Dyed Pinwheel Banners – a Tutorial

dip dyed pinwheel banner (13 of 18) copy

Last year I made some dip-dyed pennant banners for the magazine Celebrating Everyday Life. This year I meant to share them with you – early enough you had plenty of time to make some for your Independence Day celebrations. But I didn’t get to it till now and perhaps there are some other procrastinators out there who might still want a project this week :D

These are really so simple. And yet they will look rather detailed and a bit complicated. So wow your party goers next weekend with some of these strung about the yard!

We Paid Cash! Our a/c unit

money for a-c (2 of 4)

We paid CASH. Cold hard cash. Well, actually it wasn’t cold or hard, it was rather papery and room temperature. But it was CASH. No credit, no loan from the bank, but CASH. Cash we had saved and counted, and saved and counted, and saved and counted some more. Like a kid with their piggy bank, I’d count through that slowly growing pile of cash, just to make sure I’d counted right. And finally the day came that there was enough. Enough to pay for our central a/c unit.

How to Slipcover a Small Ottoman

ottoman fitted slipcover (15 of 16) copy

I want to share a little tutorial I did awhile back. How to slipcover a small ottoman. Ottomans are the perfect thing to use for your first slipcover project. They are small and have straight lines, now fancy curves or geometry to figure out.

Our Summertime Yard

garden flowers 2014 (11 of 24)

Wow has this week flown by! How does that happen? And how is it that I just can’t seem to get back into my blogging rhythm? Ah well, I’ll blog when I can. It’s been busy here – Emma, my teenager, spent 2 weeks in Kansas, home for 2 days and then off to the Alive concert. All three of my girls are planning to go on a vacation to Holmes County with their Grandparents. I’ve been working on some custom projects along with trying to get some things ready for The Summer Market event I’m setting up at the end of July. I’ve hauled home some more fun finds, I’ve sewn some burlap and lace runners and burlap curtains. I’m working on some pennant banner orders and some gorgeous ruffled and lace shower curtains. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Today I’m sharing our summertime yard. It’s not something you would see in a magazine but I’ve enjoyed the process (most of it) and slowly it is becoming a place that makes me smile. Now if I could just come up with somewhere to store my furniture projects besides the front porch…

Giveway! Measuring Cups, Trophy Cup and More

trophy and measuring cup giveaway (2 of 8)

How about a giveaway?! It’s bee awhile so I think it’s high time to host another giveaway. I have some fun things pulled together for you this time. From around my house, from my stash of handmade items, and a super cute set of measuring cups from a shop where I sell things.

And while we are at it I’d love it if you would leave me a comment about what you might like to see in a giveaway sometime :D

How to Give a Vintage Teddy New Life

how to clean and restuff a vintage stuffed toy (25 of 28)

This is Ted. He is a vintage Teddy Bear that was living a rather sad life in the dark, tucked into an old toybox with a bunch of other vintage toys. Being a cute little vintage teddy, he was rescued by my 8 year old daughter after I bought the toy box at an auction. I bought the box and everything in it for $5. Becca wanted the bear and I finally caved and let her have it.

Milk Painted Toy Box – Artissimo

toy box in artissimo (3 of 6)

Today I’m sharing one of my auction finds that I gave a fun makeover – a Milk Painted Toy Box. I used Artissimo for the first time and I am in love with it. It mixes up beautifully, it goes on and covers gloriously, and the color is so deep and rich and just lovely. I added the white cross to it with white craft paint.

Milk Painted Table – Shutter Grey

kitchen table coco and shutter grey (6 of 8)

I bought a cute little table from a friend a few months ago and the week before the Springfield flea I painted it. I used chalk paint (coco) for the first coat and then topped that with Milk Paint in shutter grey. I used some hemp oil in a few places to help it chip a bit because milk paint doesn’t chip when used on chalk paint. The hemp oil keeps the milk paint from adhering and creates the delightful chippy look I love.

A Closet Makeover

closet makeover (11 of 12)

My girls have long been in need of a major closet makeover. Whenever they ‘cleaned’ their room most of their stuff could be found by opening the closet doors. Everything that wasn’t stuffed under the bed that is.

I had an idea what I wanted. Shelves of some sort along the back wall and a closet rod running along the short end instead of along the front like a normal closet.

My Garage Sale Finds

vintage finds from garage sales in my hometown

Ready to see my treasures I accumulated last week at my town’s community garage sales? I found some really fun stuff. Most of it is pictured here but there are a few bigger pieces that I didn’t get pics of before they were stashed away. A couple chairs, a desk, 2 end tables, a writing desk, and the couch we got for my daughters room. I shared a pic of that on Instagram. I’ll shoot some pics of it in its new home soon too.

40th Birthday Recap

40th birthday (8 of 12)

My 40th birthday was Thursday and I thoroughly embraced the day! My sister didn’t get to come after all but she is improving and we are hoping and praying that continues.

Embracing 40

embracing 40

First of all I want to thank all of you who came by yesterday and prayed for my sister and our family. To those who left comments, thanks so much for the verbal support. My sister said to tell you all thank you too! It is so wonderful to have such a wonderful network of friends who care and who band together to lift us up, encourage and support in times of need.

Now on to today.

Today is my birthday. Today I turn 40. Today I am embracing 40!

Prayer Request

globe and flowers 9

Today I have a prayer request for you. My sister has been having some nagging issues with her back for several months. Nothing too serious most of the time, just annoying. Last week things escalated to the point she could not walk very well. The pain would shoot down her leg and she could not do much. Laying down brought relief from the pain which we were thankful for the fact she could at least be pain free when laying down

Memorial Day

memorial day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The holiday, which is celebrated every year on the final Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union andConfederate soldiers who died in the war. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries. -Wikipedia

The Vintage Marketplace – Recap

Springfield flea - the vintage marketplace ohio

I haven’t disappeared completely I promise! I’ve been sleeping, cleaning my house, sleeping, keeping appointments, and sleeping some more. I’m starting to feel a bit caught up – and now I have to dive in and meet some deadlines. But I wanted to update you and let you know I’m still alive! If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m still here and you’ve seen some of what I brought home from the flea, what my workroom looks like, and a bit of my newly decorated ‘mantle’.

All the photos I’m sharing today are from my iPhone and are straight from it. No editing – I just didn’t have time. I am already falling behind on some deadlines so this had to be quick.

Here is our booth in The Vintage Marketplace at The Springfield Flea, Springfield, Ohio.

The Vintage Marketplace – Springfield Ohio

springfield 2014 1

This weekend it’s all about the flea. The Vintage Marketplace sets up big tents at the Springfield flea in Springfield Ohio and rents out booth spaces inside them. It’s a huge undertaking to set up and run a show at a 3 day flea. I am set up with Stacy from Stacy Morgan Designs. She has all the great pieces that really make the booth a showplace and I added a few of my creations and vintage finds.

How to Make Piping for Your Sewing Projects

making piping-14 copy

I think piping can be a fun detail and add a sophisticated touch to a sewing project. Piping can match the fabric used for the project or it can be a contrasting fabric for a pop of color or a bit of fun. And you are not limited to the piping sold in stores.


You can make your own! I’ll show you how to make piping – it’s really quite easy.

Slipcovered Chair in Sunbrella Fabric

slipcoverd chair in sunbrella fabric-6

Yesterday I finished this project – a new slipcover for a friend. The fabric is Sunbrella fabric and fits to the chair like a glove.
Here is the original fabric of the chair. It also had a slipcover on it but I forgot to take pics before I started the project. The slipcover had been used so long the seat was worn completely to shreds – literally. This chair has been used a lot but it is still so comfortable. I can see why my friend wanted a new slipcover for it!

Pillow Covers, Banners, and a Few Words on Submission

pillow covers-10

I’m tired. And I doubt I’ll be slowing down or catching my breath anytime soon. I just spent the weekend at my sewing machine making 12 pillows and 30 pennant banners that shipped out early yesterday morning to Rockford Illinois. Urban Farmgirl is having an event next Saturday and all this stuff is headed there. I can’t wait to see the banners adorning the barn there.

Featured at Savvy Southern Style

My favorite room-1

Hi friends!  I’ve had an extremely busy week and it’s going to be busy through the weekend.  Pushing a deadline as close to the wire and a bit over the wire this time I’m afraid!  Yes, sometimes I try to do it all I wanted to pop in and tell you that today (friday) I’m […]

Memorial Day

memorial day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. The holiday, which is celebrated every year on the final Monday of May, was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the war. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service. It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries. -Wikipedia

Adding a No-Sew Ruffle to a Curtain…

adding a ruffle to curtains-7 copy

…without taking the curtain down.

School Sale Finds

school sale loot-1

A few weeks ago I went to a school sale. The school I went to. It was a small church school, at it has made some changes over the years and they decided it was time to get rid of all the extra stuff they had around that wasn’t being used anymore. I didn’t make it till the last day of the sale but I still managed to find quite a pile of fun stuff. I try not to think about what I missed by not being there the first day!

Easter in Retrospect

resurrection day

Easter sort of crept up on me this year – even though it was the middle of April. You would think I should have been well prepared and ready. But I wasn’t. I won’t go into all the details of why I wasn’t – I just wasn’t. Since Sunday I’ve been contemplating Easter – in retrospect. I’m sharing some of my thoughts here – it may seem a bit rambly and random in places but hopefully something will bless you.

Planting Wheat Grass for Decor

wheat grass - how to grow it

Planting wheat grass for decor in the early springtime, before the grass outside is green yet (or sometimes even visible due to piles of snow) is a wonderful way to brighten things up and get yourself through those last few days and weeks of winter.

And KANSAS wheat is the best grass you can get for this (this is my opinion of course) you can see last years here

Lest you think I plan to use all that wheat in the 5 gallon bucket for decor let me put your mind at rest. I really intended to get the stuff ground into flour and make it into bread. Keeping a quart jar of it for future decor needs of course. But I’ve been lazy about getting it ground. And it keeps so well in the bucket. Yadayadayadayada – I can come up with an excuse for anything!

Happy Easter – yes I know it’s late

easter 2014-22

I hope you all had a very happy Easter – or as I like to call it – Resurrection Day! We had a wonderful day – amazing worship at church, and a yummy lunch at my Mom’s. Emma, our teenager, went with a friend for the day and the younger two were with us. We hid a few eggs for them in the afternoon and just hung out.

Giveaway Time Again!

ruffled scarf and lilla rose flexi giveaway

Giveaway time again!

My sister and I are teaming up to bring you another fun giveaway. I love giveaways – I’ve won some really great ones over the years and entered many more. Hosting giveaways is a lot of fun too – I really should do them more often.

Let’s give away a creamy white ruffled scarf along with a hummingbird flexi! The hummingbird was the March flexi-of-the-month from Lilla Rose. It’s not available in their regular line of hair accessories. It has such a unique, fun flair and makes me think springtime.

Succulents On My Window Sill

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-13

Thank you so much for all your kind words of encouragement and for caring! I’m feeling better as the week goes on and I’m getting some projects done too. Today I want to share the succulents on my window sill.

(and since I couldn’t get the ‘add link’ to work for this post just click the title to view the whole post)

Bad Days and Regrouping

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-18

I had a post all planned for you today – complete with lots of pretty photos.  I had them all edited and everything.  But as they were uploading to the blog last night,  I looked at the clock and realized it was almost midnight and I just didn’t have it in me to finish that post.

Read on…

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