DIY Easter Egg Pennant Banner

  Pennant banners are one of the easiest things to sew and making them for Easter is a fun craft project.

I’ve got a DIY Easter Egg Pennant Banner tutorial to share with you today!

DIY easter egg banner tutorial

This linen fabric was one of my favorite fabrics.  I used it to slipcover my chair for my living room.

Using scraps of it for my Easter Egg Pennant banner seemed like the perfect thing!


To create your egg shaped pattern just google egg images and print out whatever size or sizes you want.  I have three different sizes and made banners all different

Cut out 2 egg shapes for each pennant in your banner.


Topstitch, wrong sides together (so the right sides are out), two egg-shaped pieces.


Trim around the edges of the eggs with pinking shears.  This makes them look cute and also helps keep the edges from fraying over time.  I used scalloped pinking shears that I bought on etsy.

abc-4  I bought the scalloped scissors from this etsy shop.  They carry 3 different sizes and I bought all three sizes.  I am so happy with all of them.  The medium and small are my favorite.


For the smallest sized Easter eggs I added a bit of lace as a connector between the egg and the binding.


Then I connected the lace pieces to the top binding.  The spacing between the eggs is personal preference – there is no right or wrong here!


Here’s a look at the back side of the Egg Banner.


Wasn’t that simple?!  I know you could make your own 😀  I used fabric, bits of lace, and ribbon I had on hand.  Just dig through your stash and use whatever makes you happy!


The larger sized egg shapes I connected directly to the binding by tucking the top of the egg into the binding.  You can create any size eggs and connect them to the binding either way.



diy easter pennant banner collage

So what do you think?  Will you make some Easter Pennant Banners?


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  1. JaneEllen says

    Oh heavens, they’re all perfect, each and every one, love them all. Love the variety of ways you made them using different fabrics. I will absolutely make at least a couple if not more. Will give one to daughter and family.
    The oldest girl is still having problems with pain and withdrawal from the Percocet, awful stuff. She gained weight and her senior prom is coming up so she’s depressed about being heavier, she’s a tiny thing. Poor kid, not fair to have such problems in last year of high school. She’s yet to pick a college, with her being sick her Mom is afraid for her to be across country somewhere if she gets sick when she’s in college.
    Hubs had his bottom teeth pulled today, had infection dug out, dentist sutured his gums where teeth came out, didn’t take an hour. He’s feeling better now, has ice on his face to help with swelling. He didn’t feel good at all on way home.
    We’re naughty oldies, went to Burger King for hubs to have big choc. shake for his supper, he’s feeling much better. We like to go to visit the nice kids that work at BK, they all spoil us, really nice bunch of young people working hard.
    Better shut up, hope you have wonderful weekend Jill. Hope your family are all well. Love your garlands. I’d love to have some of those scalloped scissors. Will look into getting some.

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