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Apartment Therapy.  In the blog world it’s kind of a big deal to be featured there.  I’ve seen my friends post about being featured there and how exciting it was.  Cause Apartment Therapy is one of the big dogs in the blog world.

When I logged into my blog late last night to check things out and perhaps bring you a new post, I saw that my stats for Sunday and Monday were higher than normal considering I hadn’t posted a new post either day.  So I checked out where those views were coming from and there it was – Apartment Therapy.

So of course I rushed right over to see what got featured.  You can go over too and find out! You can see it here.

painted roman shade-47

Remember my girls bedroom with the stenciled wall and roman shade?  yep it got discovered by someone over at Apartment Therapy.painted roman shade-20So that was a bit of a thrill and I wanted to share it with you!

My sister is here this week so I’m spending time with her.

And I do have a new blog post for you about how I live with all white furniture.  The pics are edited and I just need to pull the post together 😀

Have a wonderful day!


Sew a Fine Seam

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  1. says

    Jill this is so exciting!!!! Huge congratulations! You can submit your projects to Apartment Therapy too. If they select it, it does garner tons of traffic!

  2. JaneEllen says

    I’m a bit behind reading my posts but boy was this wonderful news for you. So dadgummed happy for you Jill. This is awesome. Love that bedroom, might have missed that post but it’s fantastic. What stencil did you use? Love how it’s repeated on the shade, just so darned happy for you. Getting recognition so much deserved dear friend. Is your family doing something fun/special for the weekend? I hope so.
    Happy weekend

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