The Summer Market Vendors

I’m finally getting back to the blog to share the pics I took of some of the other vendors at The Summer Market. I’ve been being lazy – I just cannot get my energy back and my creativity flowing much. Hopefully soon.
I’ve been having requests for a slipcover tutorial. And I’m happy to tell you that it is in the works. Hopefully very soon. I happen to have aquired a couple really nice, vintage wingbacks for our home and they need to be slipcovered. My plan is to do the best I can getting photos of the whole process with the first one and do a video tutorial with the second. I’ve never worked with videos much so this will be a trial and error thing I’m sure! I’ll get going on those as soon as I decide what fabric I am using for the covers.

anne marcy and me at the summer market

I had to share this pic of me and my friends – I pulled it off the fb page of The Summer Market.  Anne and Marcy both helped me fill the booth – Anne drove her truck and trailer to haul stuff.  You can’t make it in this business without the help and support of friends who love to create too!

Sadly I don’t know the names of all the vendors.  My daughter and I took a quick walk around about an hour before the show was to start and I snapped a few pics on my phone.






The Market was held in the most beautiful park right on Lake Erie.  IMG_2500




My daughter loved the clothes in this booth and ended up buying a skirt.









I LOVED this sofa!  It was very reasonably priced too – If I’d had room to haul it home I probably would have!


This one is gorgeous too.  So very well done and fun!






It was a beautiful weekend, a successful sale and I’m looking forward to the possibility of next year!


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  1. Nic says

    Jill, so glad you had a great time! From the pictures it looked like alot of fun too. We have something like this happening in Highland, IL September 19, 20 and 21st. I can’t wait!!

  2. Tricia says

    Wished I could have been there. Looked like you had a lot of goodies and a beautiful day. And Lake Erie….I used to go swimming there almost everyday in the summer.

    • says

      I wish too you could have been there Tricia – it was a lovely weekend. I’d love to spend a weekend on the lake and go swimming. I can’t believe I’ve lived less than 4 hours from the lake all my life and never gone!

  3. says

    I’m so jealous that I didn’t get to go there! It looked amazing. It reminds me a lot of the Country Living Fair that I’ve been to. I loved that sofa that you shared too! I also liked the poufs that were in front of it. I guess I would need to bring my wallet and a U-Haul if I went there. LOL! Looking forward to your slipcover tutorial when it’s ready. Maybe it will be the motivation I need to learn how to sew on a machine!

    • says

      Thanks Kelly! I really want to get my slipcovers made – I must make a decision on what fabric I want to use – white of course but what type of fabric! I’d love linen but not sure i want to spend the money on really good stuff.

  4. says

    My heart literally skipped a beat while looking through your pictures. That sofa..swoon worthy. You were obviously in good company with your friends that helped you and the other venders selling along side you. What a beautiful market! And, you also peaked my curiosity about the distressing facts you learned about your previous paints. Anyways, I hope you made lots of sales.

  5. JaneEllen says

    Sure is good thing I wasn’t able to be there or I’d have been in big trouble, bye bye my share of mtg. pymt. Not that much but enuf to buy some of all those goodies I saw in your excellent photos. Such a lot of wonderful things for everybody, loved those 2 clocks, yellow and pink I think. Love look of old clocks. Hard to find here at all.
    Looking at Lake Erie is like looking at the ocean, so big, kinda scarey. Don’t think I’d like to be out on that baby when a wind comes up. Hubs got caught out on lake we lived off of in MT in 8-10 foot waves. The life jackets were up in bow of boat and he was alone. So scared, didn’t know if he was alright for hours. I went around the lake talking to sheriff’s and called also to let them know hubs was out on lake in our boat. Later in evening I got call from sheriff they’d found him on other side of lake with some people and they had given him a jacket to wear as temp dropped 30 degrees when the wind came up. He just had a tshirt on, his swimsuit and aqua socks. Was good to know our boat held up pretty well. There were lot of stranded boaters that day. It just came up like that quick, no warning. I was going around to a different marina with Bronco after we got boat in water at marina 2 1/2 miles from our house, so we could take out at marina other end of lake, had help there. The marina close to our place had a terrible launch ramp, practically straight up and down, very scarey pulling boat out of lake there.
    I had to learn to drive boat up onto boat trailer and hubs drove bronco to pull boat out. I had tried but not at closer boat ramp. Don’t know how i got onto that story, sorry about that. Have great weekend, give your self a break, you worked very hard and long to get ready for that market. Looking forward to seeing the tutorial for slipcover and about the paint, tease.

    • says

      JaneEllen, I’m trying to decide what fabric I want to use for my slipcovers. I know I want white I just can’t decide what kind of fabric to buy. I’d love linen but not sure I can really justify the cost.

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