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Curb appeal.  We have been so busy over the years making our living space more comfortable and beautiful that we haven’t spent near the time I’d like to on curb appeal.  You know – the OUTSIDE cute factor of the house.  I do my best each spring to plant a few flowers and make things look pretty but what we really need is a new porch and new siding to give the curb appeal of this place a real punch.

A couple months ago I was asked if I’d like to try Front Door Paint.  I replied with a YES so fast I think the email was smoking when it arrived.  I had just decided that my doors needed painted a few days before I got the email.  Would I like some paint to get that project on the go – most definitely.  After perusing the color chart I chose Elegant.  Because what is more elegant and timeless than black?

front door paint - black

My husband did some major updating on the trim around the door and I ordered the mailbox I’ve had my eye on for a couple years.  I’ll share more about the trim process later – today I want to tell you all about the Front Door Paint and my experience using it.
front door paint - black (1 of 14)

Front Door Paint by Modern Masters  Fast drying.  Never fading.  Beautiful satin finish.front door paint - black (2 of 14)

front door paint - black (15 of 1)

This is the before.  Always good to see a before to see just how great the after really looks!  You can see a bit of the red coat peeking through on the trim around the window – the cats like to scratch there.  Also the wall around the door got a coat of white as it was in dire need of some new paint too.front door paint - black (3 of 14)

I taped of the edges of the window – honestly I think this took the longest of all the steps of this project!  The paint was so easy to use it went on extremely fast.front door paint - black (4 of 14)

Always take off the doorknob and the lock.  Much easier than trying to tape them off.  And I’m nowhere near careful enough to paint around them.front door paint - black (5 of 14)

I painted with the door open into the house and spread a drop cloth under my work space.front door paint - black (6 of 14)

After one coat.  I let it dry a bit – it dried WAY faster than any other exterior or wall paint I’ve ever used.front door paint - black (9 of 14)

Second coat and I was done.  I LOVED this paint.  Truly.  If you have followed me long you know that I love paint – chalk paint and milk paint being my favorite for furniture and projects.  I use latex paint for walls but that is it.  This paint was way better to use than any latex wall paint I’ve ever used.  I felt like I was using chalk paint – seriously.  front door paint - black (12 of 14)

The paint went on so smooth and easy and the coverage with 2 coats was amazing.  I know I used 3 coats on the previous color and for the red at least 3 and maybe 4 (it’s been years so I don’t remember for sure)  I am so happy with how fast it dried and the beautiful satin finish.  The paint was completely dry in just a couple hours or less.  I was able to re-install the doorknob and lock without messing up the paint at all.  No rubbery stuff that wanted to peel off or chip as I put it all back together.front door paint - black (8 of 14)

The trim my husband added really makes the Elegant paint color look classy.  I’m so glad I picked this color – classy and timeless and stately.  Now to spiff up the rest of the porch with a new floor and railing and new paint on the rest of the walls.front door paint - black (7 of 14)

I even like my brass doorknob better with the black!front door paint - black (10 of 14)

The postal box helps too – I’ve wanted this one for years and finally just ordered it – I found one on ebay that was cheaper because of a couple small defects that I couldn’t even find.

front door paint - black (13 of 14)2

Front Door Paint comes in 24 colors that are based on the emotional color wheel.  There is a color for everyone!  I know you would be able to find a color you would love.

Front Door Paint has a free App for both iPhone and Android – Instantly see how Front Door Paint can transform your door.

 Front Door Paint can be found in some Lowe’s – Wheelersburg, OH and Cincinnati OH –  and at selected Ace Hardwares. The Paint is also sold via and Modern Masters OnlinePinterest Map (locations expanding)

I can’t say enough about how much I love this paint and how happy I am that I was given the opportunity to try it.  I have 3 more doors I plan to use it on and hope to get them done soon – and you know I’ll share it all with you!

If you need paint for your front door – I highly recommend you give Front Door Paint by Modern Masters a try – I think you will be very pleased with it.


*this is a sponsored post.  I received the paint in exchange for sharing about it here.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. brenda says

    what a difference painting a door can make. I realize your hsb did some additional trim replacement but one just would not think they were going to see such a great improvement by painting a door. thanks for sharing the info about the new paint. I wonder how it would work on a door that has a grained look over a metal safety door. it looks like a nice wooden door with panels and all but is a safety door. It is a real challenge when washing it so I wonder about paint. Oh well not to distract from your great accomplishment

    • says

      Thanks Brenda! I’m very happy that the paint led to the new trim being added too! And I would think this paint would work just fine on your door. It goes on so nicely – much nicer than the exterior latex I have used in the past. 2 coats covered it amazingly and it just has the nicest sheen to it for a door.

  2. says

    Just lovely! I love a black painted front door :) I know, we have the same issue at our house. Working hard to make the inside nice, but haven’t hardly touched the outside yet. One day…one day! xoxo

  3. Kellie says

    Your door really stands out now…great update!

    Where did you find the mailbox? I have been hoping to get a red one for years. I have never seen a white one, but it is so understated and works perfect with the black.

  4. JaneEllen says

    WOW, WOW, WOW Jill you did that door a great service, what a wonderful job you did. It looks so fantastic, door hardware really shines now. Great choice. Glad for you to get paint for doing this post.
    I was wondering same thing as Brenda, first commentor, about using that paint on a textured steel safety door. We have that for our front door and it is demon to clean. We do have a storm/screen door in front of it with a grid to stop dog from ruining screen. I’d love to paint trim around door and door. It’s white, very boring, have white siding and dark green trim around windows. Tommy chewed up some of the trim around one window when we first got him. He chewed the porch railing, railing down steps also among other things. He even chewed on couple of my (what were) good wicker porch chairs.
    I was thinking forest dark green for door and trim. what do you think? Have a great day, how did it get to be Wednesday already?

    • says

      Thanks Laura! Hopefully in the next couple of years we will continue to improve the curb appeal by adding some new siding and new porch floor and railing!

  5. says

    That’s a clever invention. I’ve never heard of front door paint before. I like your newly painted door. Black is such a classic color. You can’t go wrong with that!

    • says

      It is a very clever invention isnt’ it Kelly! I’m loving it so very much! It’s so much better than the exterior latex I used before. I’m really so very very happy with it and can’t wait to find time to get the rest of my doors painted to match!

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