The Summer Market

We made it!  The Summer Market was great.  The weather was wonderful – only a bit of rain after closing Friday night.  And it started sprinkling just as we were done loading back up on Saturday night.  The crowd on Friday night was crazy!  Our booth was constantly packed full – and I sold out of my latitude/longitude pillows.

The vendors were great, as were our hosts.  The whole experience was really really awesome.  Praise God!  I feel so blessed to be able to contribute a bit to my family’s income this way – I love using the talents God gave me to create things that will make someone happy every time they see them in their home.

Events are very exhausting.  It feels so good to be home again and have a successful event behind me.  Of course I’m thinking just a bit towards what I’m doing next – I’ll keep you posted 😉

I remember years ago – before I even entertained the thought of having a business and doing events – I followed several bloggers who did have businesses and did events.  And I was always so anxious to see what their booth setup looked like and hear all about their events.  And I couldn’t figure out why it would sometimes take them so long to get some pics posted!  hahahahahhahaha!!  I totally get it now!

I didn’t take my big camera with me (yes, I used to wonder why people didn’t just take the big camera with them) (my iphone takes pretty good pics so why take the big one?) never mind the not-quite-as-good-pics-from-the-iphone  –  We didn’t have room for the camera anyway – look at this –


My friedn Anne hauled the bulk of our stuff in her trailer but I stuffed my car full too.IMG_2459

This is the space my daughter had to ride in the back seat.

Beginning set-up.  This ‘gather’ sign is still available if anyone is interested!  It’s metal and painted with chalk paint and waxed.  $75IMG_2563




We did a small set-up across from out tent for overflow.  We had two 10×10 tents set up making a 10ft wide by 20ft deep booth.  Our overflow ended up here.IMG_2465



IMG_2468See the lake behind us?  It was so beautiful.  I hope to go back for a long weekend of just hanging out on the lake sometime.
















IMG_2566On Saturday my teenager and Anne’s 10 year old styled this setup for us – they are learning and I think they did a great job!

I’ll show you some photos of the rest of the Market and some of the other vendors in a couple days.  Tomorrow I’m showing you my newly painted front door!  (that means I’ve got to go get it painted!  YIKES!)


Sew a Fine Seam

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  1. Mariann says

    I loved all the photos….and I think I loved everything for sale……just sad not able to be there….
    Maybe next year.


  2. says

    Hi Jill! I loved getting to finally meet you. I wish we would have had more time to talk but was so happy you were too busy!!! I agree that it was a beautiful day. Rest up!

    • says

      Oh Ann, I was so excited to meet you! And so honored that you came to The Summer Market. I would have loved to spend the whole day chatting with you! I still get all excited when I think that I actually got to meet you! We must get together sometime when we have time to just talk!

  3. JaneEllen says

    Jill I would have been broke, spent my share of mtg. payment if I’d been there. Saw so many things I loved in your booth. The girls did do a great job styling that display, good for them. It seems like the times we went to shows to sell I was constantly restyling every thing to keep it fresh, get items out more to show, hopefully sell. You did a wonderful job styling your booth. You must have worked yourself into nothing with all you had to sell. Bless your heart.
    I always felt same way, trying to add to family income. Glad it was such great weather days for you. Oh seeing lake in background sure made me lonesome for our lake in MT.
    I might have to borrow couple of your ideas for embroidery hoops and pillow covers. I too love the longitude pillows. They’re different from others I’ve seen. Glad you did well. I love that pink table and aqua desk and all of it, lol.
    Think I’m gonna get off here, get cleaned up quick, got hubs talked into going to Habitat and maybe we’ll tour couple other thrift stores in Junction, it’s already after 2 tho so better hustle my caboose. Happy days

  4. says

    SO so glad you took the time to Take us along….thanks..loved the pics….Hope you had a great time and only had to haul a very very small small portion back…..

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