God Bless Israel

As I have been spending all my waking hours preparing for my upcoming Market, I haven’t taken a lot of time to listen to the news.  I see a bit of it here and there on fb when I take time to look at fb on my phone.  I hear a bit from my husband when he comes home from work and shares what he has heard.

This weekend I slowed down my frantic pace a bit paid closer attention.

I watched this video shared by a friend.

And chills ran through my body.  Chills of excitement – events are ramping up in Israel!  No, I am not excited that the Muslim world is still fighting the Jewish Nation of Israel.  No, I am not excited that lives are being lost.  No, I am not excited that the people of Israel are living in fear, and sorrow, and are in bunkers as missiles stream towards them.
The excitement I feel is because God is in control.  And if Israel is on the move then God is working and just maybe He is soon going to bring this world as we know it to a close and usher in HIS kingdom that will stand forever and reign in peace!!!  That’s why I feel the excitement.
I also feel deeply for the people of Israel.  They need our prayers.  Not weekly, not daily, but hourly.  We need to be in constant prayer and intercession for the State of Israel, its people, its soldiers, its children.
And for the Muslim jihadists  –  let’s pray for them that their hearts would be softened, that they would turn to God – the one true God, not Allah – and accept that the Jewish people are God’s chosen.
It also brought this song to mind:
Casting Crowns – Spirit Wind

Let’s allow the breath of God to breathe new life into us and raise us up a mighty army!  An army ready to strap on their swords and march into battle for the Lord!  Tighten up that belt of truth, pick up that shield of faith, grab your sword of the Spirit.  Don the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness.  On your feet the wear shoes of the gospel.  (Eph. 6:10-18)

Be prayer warriors.  Support the troops financially.  Vote wisely and with much prayer.  Join the army.  Whatever position God calls you to, perform it as He would lead you.

I also watched this video:

This conflict is as old as time. The real conflict is between good and evil. Satan is working hard to destroy God’s people and corrupt the world. He is doing a fine job. But he will not win! God always wins. God is in control. God is the Creator, the Lord, the Ruler of all things. He will win, He has already won!
Praise God!
And God Bless Israel.

Have a Blessed Sunday.


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  1. Pam Ballard says

    Wow wonderful post. We have family living in Israel and have been in constant prayer for them. I have been blessed to vist there twice and hope to return again someday. Beautiful country! My sisters son is going to college there also. Our family is okay at the moment.

  2. Katherine Yarbrough says

    I am shocked by your post and deeply saddened by your blasphemous interpretation of Eph 6:10-18.
    God does not mean us to mistake a shield faith with the shield of armored vehicles and tanks, nor is a sword of the Spirit a machine gun or a bomb! You are mistaking a powerful metaphor for a call to arms and missing the entire point of the Scripture.
    Ask yourself carefully what lessons Jesus was here to teach us! He was the Prince of Peace.
    Your opinion is violent, war-mongering and hateful. Israel and Palestine have been at war long enough. More war will not solve their problems, peace must begin now… not after the slaughter of the Muslim world.

    • says

      And I am shocked and saddened that you totally twisted my words and misread them completely. I feel called to prayer but other Christians feel called to join in the fighting – God can use us all. There WILL be war and the end is going to get even worse. There is no way to stop that. The Bible clearly prophecies that there will be wars. It’s going to happen. Jesus will bring peace and the excitement I feel is not because there is fighting but because as these things start happening in our world it only means the end is nearer and Jesus will soon be returning. Next time please email me directly instead of posting on my site.

  3. says

    Katherine…I did not read “Let’s pick up and Uzi and head into battle and kill as many as we can from this post”. I read “Lets pick up the Amour of God as in “Let’s Pray” for the unrest of what is happening in Israel. Let’s stand in scripture and pray which is the Christian fight.

    The Bible is full of War. Many battles fought and won with lives lost. War never ends and won’t until the end of time. We pray for it, we hope for it and we wish for it. We pray for peace but the only peace we will find is in knowing that the Lord is going before us to fight our battles. And in the faith the He never fails and will win in the end. That is what I read from this post.

    I’m a big Jesus fan and I love saying, I’m Jewish on my Father’s side.

    I’ll Amen! the post and say too, God Bless Israel.

    • says

      Thank you! I so appreciate your support! I knew this post might get some negativity so the support is very much needed! I love to say I’m Jewish on my Father’s side too – how great is that!?!

  4. Jenny W says

    Thank you for an eye opening, thought provoking and a call to prayers post!! We are called to be His warriors – “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord,…Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness” (Eph 6:11,12) And I will second that Amen and God Bless Israel!

  5. JaneEllen says

    I am just so saddened that such horrific things keep going on in the world, killing just to show power and not caring who it affects. Time for this to stop. What does all this killing accomplish in the end.

    • says

      It is sad JaneEllen but it isn’t going to stop till God decides it is time and sends His Son Jesus back for the second time and redeems His people to Himself, sets up His kingdom and rids the world of all sin. I hate to see the killing too – don’t ever think I like seeing that. I just know that in this fallen, cursed world that won’t ever be eradicated by human hands. We just have to keep loving and making a difference in our little corner and doing what God leads us to do.

  6. Tricia says

    I totally agree with what you said, Jill. This is an exciting time in which to live as Christians. The Rapture is near! As Christians we are told to love the Jews. In Genesis 12:3 The Lord told Abram, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee…” All Christians need to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” & “pray without ceasing.” My husband & I pray daily for Israel & it’s people’s spiritual welfare. We also pray for our enemies as the Word teaches. You are so right. God IS in control. “…Look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

    • says

      Thanks Tricia – it helps put this busy life we live in perspective doesn’t it? Makes me stop and realize the little things I get worked up about aren’t even important at all! Oh how I long for the day our Savior comes back for His people!

  7. debbie says

    You’ve taken a stand. The correct stand, but none the less, not very popular with much of the “world”. We are to pray for the peace of Israel. As a christian, I’m not even really sure if I understand that, because like you, I believe these events are all part of the bigger picture,ushering in the return of Christ. I think we must be aware of this “time”. And to see so many other signs of the times happening… No need for me to point out what is seemingly becoming more obvious to those of us who are living in anticipation of our being “taken away” . That’s our excitement, our anticipation and our longing. Good for you to speak the truth of God unashamed. .

    • says

      It makes me a bit quake-y inside to take a stand but I know it’s the right one! To God be the Glory – HE is in control and HE will prevail! He has already won – we just get to see some of HIS story play out a bit! Praise His name!

  8. Debbie says

    Thanks Jill for your post. Truly the signs of the times are everywhere. So much happening so fast! Did anyone ever believe a plane could go missing with almost 300 people and no answers as to what happened?!! Now, again a plane shot down, this time we at least know what happened, and on the same day Israel invades the Gaza Strip! If God is not trying to get our attention, I don’t know what it will take. May God allow us to share his love and grace to a world in need before it’s everlasting too late! Thanks for being so open about your love of God and may we have many opportunities in the days ahead to share the Good News of the gospel!

    • says

      I know! Debbie it sure seems like we are seeing scripture fulfilled before our eyes doesn’t it? So amazing to see it all unfold and makes me wonder just exactly where we are on God’s timeline!

  9. says

    Thanks, friend, for your strong stand and bold post. It’s been quite the topic of conversation around our dinner table too. I have told Ash, since he was old enough to understand, God is calling an army from his generation. I do not understand exactly to what or any of the details but I’ve felt it strongly since he was a toddler. God is raising up a generation of warriors and we must all be ready to battle, with our prayers and our armor that He has so graciously spelled out for us.

    • says

      I’ve felt the same way too – and feel so very inadequate to be part of raising that generation! hopefully the girls the Lord has lent to us will be wondeful warriors for Christ – in spite of their mother’s shortcomings.

    • says

      Thanks Carla – I tend to forget so often that prayer is the most powerful thing we can do! Let’s continue to pray for Israel and God’s people everywhere.

  10. Tammie Greenwell says

    I thought your post did a good job of expressing the truth if people looked at the videos. I can see how someone who does not understand about the armor of God and end time events may be upset and misunderstand you. Yes it is exciting and faith building to see prophecy fulfilling and very heart wrenching and painful at the same time. So many people becoming martyrs in Pakistan and the middle east right now. The martyrs sites need our prayers and support. rescuechristians.org is one. But this moment is what Christians have been praying for thousands of years /Thy kingdom come they will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  11. Kim says

    If America will stand with Israel and bless them God will bless us in these trying time. Israel is His chosen kingdom!!!

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