Slipcovered Wingbacks

Before we headed out on vacation I had a few projects to get finished.  One of them was these slipcoverd wingbacks for a friend.

The chairs were still in great shape, had a cute shape, and were still comfy.  They had been slipcovered but the covers were wearing through in a few places and they just looked tired.  Time for an update!

white and grey dot slipcovered chairs (6 of 1)Here is the before.  I only worked with one chair but made two covers.  For this one, I took apart the existing slipcover and labeled each piece as my pattern pieces.  I did snap some photos along the way and I’m hoping I have enough that I can do a tutorial and at least give you some good tips on how to make a slipcover when using an existing slipcover as a pattern.  For today though, let’s just enjoy the ‘after’ pics of the slipcovered chairs in their home.

white and grey dot slipcovered chairs (1 of 5)

Want to know something funny?  I’m just now realizing that I did the pleated skirt way different than the original!  I took that off and it had a bunch of pleat marks in it and when I went to put it on I just assumed it was made this way!  Seriously I’m not sure how I managed that except that I only had one chair so I didn’t have another one to look at and I obviously didn’t do a very good job of looking at my ‘before’ pic while I was working!  white and grey dot slipcovered chairs (2 of 5)

I think the grey dots are super cute and fun.  white and grey dot slipcovered chairs (4 of 5)

Want to know what my hubby thought of the dots??!!  He said it reminded him of the book ‘Put Me in the Zoo‘.  Remember that book?  The one by Robert Lopshire about the tiger who could change the color of his spots?  Fun children’s book.  I find it rather humorous sometimes what decor choices look like to the men in our lives!! :Dwhite and grey dot slipcovered chairs (5 of 5)

I love the height of these wing backs.  I’d love to have some like this but my hubby doesn’t really care for the taller ones.  Not sure why and I really think he would get used to it and like them if I found some and hauled them home.  Men are funny people ;)

white and grey dot slipcovered chairs (3 of 5)

Have a wonderful week and take time to enjoy a tall iced drink if you live in the hot, summer climates!

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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Those chairs are so much fun Jill! I love the modern dots on a traditional chair style!

  2. They look fresh and lovely!

  3. I love those slipcovered chairs! You did a super job. Wish you lived closer to me so you could work your magic in my home too. Love the pattern of those. I would like them in my house!

  4. I LOVE these! So super cute!!! Great job. :)

  5. I really like them. excellent job. also like the new skirt application. a very happy accident, wouldn’t you say ?

  6. Still in love<3. So thankful to have such a talented friend!

  7. Cecelia Brandtg says:

    Love, Love Love them!!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t love them more – those dots are awesome, as are your pleats!!
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..summer spiff up…My Profile

  9. Ren Jetton says:

    Two of my favorite things – polka dots and pleats! Such a fun combination on the very traditional chairs. I notice you turned the dots on the front band and pleats at a 90 degree angle from the rest of the slip covers. Such an interesting dot pattern. Nice work!

  10. I love how you did the bottom differently. Nice work! …as usual :)
    Daniela @frugal ain’t cheap recently posted..Drum ShadesMy Profile

  11. I sold my wingbacks on CL…now I want them back!

    Great work!! I love the dots and high backs.

    I do have a little padded bench that would look adorable with a slipcvoer. ;)

  12. They look amazing! Love the fabric…
    Cindy recently posted..Cuties and the TrespasserMy Profile

  13. The chairs are so cute! I love the dots. The room they’re in, looks very welcoming. I’ve always liked wingback chairs, but never owned one. {so far!]
    deborah recently posted..The Wheat Harvest ContinuesMy Profile

  14. These are sooooo pretty!!! Well done! They are so eye catching and fresh, I love your fabric choice!

  15. Love your chairs! I like the height and the fabric and I agree men are funny creatures!
    Darrielle Tennenbaum recently posted..Vintage Farm Green DresserMy Profile

  16. Hi, these look so good I thought they were re-upholstered and not slipcovered! I had a big ol’ comfy chair and ottoman given to me and I need to slipcover it. I have done slip seats but pfft! No experience in slipcovering or anything like this huge chair. Could you give us a tutorial of some kind? I can’t $ to have it done. It has a big loose pillow back and a separate seat, big arms, skirt, and a huge ottoman, it will take tons of material, i’m thinking drop cloths! But I want something navy. How many yards do you think of 54″? 10? Can you see my desperation?? Suggestions?? I’d be SO grateful!!!

    • Tutorial hopefully coming very soon. You could try to dye drop cloths navy. use Rit dye and try a small piece first. There are some tutorials out there for dyeing with RIT and I am sure I’ve seen some that are for dyeing a lot of fabric.
      These chairs took 7.5 yards each. My friend used something online to figure how much fabric – I don’t know for sure where but maybe you could google it and come up with a place that will tell you how much fabric if you put in some measurements from the chair?
      Jill Flory recently posted..The Summer Market is almost here!My Profile

      • I have had success with help like this from employees at Hancock Fabrics and if you have a local type of fabric store (do any of those still exist ?). At one time, the local store had business card size handouts for this and other challenges.

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