Sandcastles and Wheat Harvest

Do you ever have a dream that seems too big to ever come true?  Something you would love to build or create but it seems impossible that it will ever be finished or ever become anything worthwhile?  Does it seem a bit like building sandcastles only to watch the incoming tide wash it away?  So because of the obstacles you don’t even start?

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And yet, it you didn’t build the sandcastle you wouldn’t gain skills in sand building.  You wouldn’t create the memories of laughter and sunshine and happiness.  The joy of the process and learning new things can be worth the failures and disappointments.  And sometimes the things that begin as a what seems like a failure end up being the biggest blessings and successes of life!

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Even if your sandcastle is right beside the road and you know that eventually a combine or a truck or the road grader is going to demolish it, sometimes the thrill and fun of creating and building, the fun times with friends, the laughter and enjoyment of the outdoors, makes it totally worth it.

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Creating new things, forging a new path, dreaming different ideas can be liberating, fulfilling and wonderful.  Never be afraid to try!  Never call a discarded idea a failure – they are only stepping stones to where you are going to finally ARRIVE!

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When the harvest isn’t yielding like it sometimes does, you still get out in the field and reap the grain.  When the early rains failed to come, and the later rains flooded out the harvesters, you still get back at it the first half dry day and keep bringing in the sheaves.

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 God always comes through.  Seedtime and harvest.  Summer and winter.  They never fail.  The harvest may be meager, and sometimes may even seem non-existent but if you look for it there is always something to be gleaned.  And every Springtime we plant again in hope.

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Everyday and everywhere we can plant seeds of love and friendship – and nurture it with the sunshine of smiles and the water of compassion.  Spread the love of God our Father to every corner of our universe.  Whether that universe be large or small we can make a difference – right where we are – right where we go – right where we live.

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I love harvest time.  We wouldn’t live long without a harvest.  The harvest these farmers bring in puts the bread on our tables at every meal.  Without our farmers we would soon have bare shelves in our Supermarkets and road side veggie stands.  We love our commercialization and our technology and our ever expanding industrial life but let’s not forget the farmer who feeds us all!  Praise God for their tireless work to bring in the harvest every year.  For the toil, and tears, and sweat they pour into their jobs, not only to make a living for themselves and their families but to feed the rest of us :)

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And to the future generation who is looking on and helping out and becoming the next group of farmers and tech guys and engineers and homemakers.  God bless America, her children, her farmers, and may we all live in peace and harmony with each other and God above!

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sand castles and wheat harvest (4 of 12)

The Kansas Heartland.

This post may be a bit abstract and seem like it jumped around a bit but it’s what was on my heart when I paged through my photos after downloading them from my sd card.  On the heels of Independence day and contemplating the sad state our nation is in these are the thoughts that poured forth.  Have a wonderful week and lets rally together to bring some real leadership to our nation.


Sew a Fine Seam

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  1. Nicolee says

    Beautiful pictures and blog Jill. I couldnt agree with you more. Especially the state of this country. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. says

    This was an amazingly beautiful post Jill – and something I needed to read at exactly this moment in time – because the house we just bought and are renovating seems like a sand castle at the moment………….
    Much love to you

    • says

      Thanks Suzan – I’m glad it helped you. Your house looks so lovely – what you have showed us! But I totally get what you are feeling too. We bought this house 17 years ago and it needed a LOT. The wiring was horrid, the furnace was dangerous, the carpet cheap, the walls pathetic. We’ve slowly been renovating and for the most part I love it now. The walls are all covered in drywall and beadboard now – except the 2 rooms that are not finished yet. Central heating and air, hardwood floors, and lots of living and TLC have made it our own.
      Keep your chin up, go hang out by your pool with a glass of wine, and remember all the great stuff you have already done to your house!

  3. says

    Absolutely perfect post today!! I agree with everything except you have the wrong brand of combines out there in that beautiful wheat field!!! (LOL my DH sells a different brand, that’s all!) Our nation certainly has derailed and appears to be headed in the wrong direction, but no matter what happens, we know what happens in the end and where we will end up!! That makes it so much easier for me – God in in control, no matter how insane it looks to me. Bless you for this beautiful post!

    • says

      😀 And my bro-in-law would say your hubby sells the wrong kind – LOL!
      I’m so thankful God is the ultimate authority and has control of all that is going on. This country has strayed far from what the founding fathers built it on but God has allowed it and will work all things according to HIS will :)

  4. JaneEllen says

    When you wrote this post did wonder what kind of reactions you’d get? Very well done Jill, very well said and felt. We all need some encouragement to keep on keeping on with how our country is going. I wonder what kind of world my grandkids will grow up in. Sometimes it seems the more advanced technologically we get the more behind in human caring we get, kinda downright scarey sometimes.
    So glad in so many ways to have found your blog when I did. Nobody can write that way unless they have deep caring for the world and others in it. Fantastic post.

    • says

      Yes, JaneEllen I did rather wonder what the reaction of readers would be to my declaration that our country is in a sad state. I have some pretty deep opinions about it – I just don’t share them a lot!

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