Independence Day Dip-Dyed Banner

Today I’m sharing another version of the dip-dyed pennant banners. You can see the tutorial for making pinwheel banners in yesterdays post and also the tutorial for dip-dyeing your banners.

It doesn’t take long, it’s a fun project, and the banners fold up neat and small and can easily be stored for next year!

My banners feature Independence Day colors – thus the name ¬†Independence Day Dip-Dyed Banner ūüėÄ

You can dye your banners any color you want for any season or holiday or birthday or party.  Or you can create these banners without going through the dyeing process if you prefer.
dip dyed pennant banner (10 of 7) copy

dip dyed pennant banner (1 of 3)

Us the same water and dye amounts in the tutorial post or tweak the amounts to suit yourself. ¬†Cut rectangle strips of fabric the size you want for each pennant and fray edges. ¬†I cut an upside down ‘V’ in the bottom end of each of my pennants.

To create each pennant with red, white and blue stripes I started by dipping the top third of each pennant in the red dye. ¬†I let that dry a bit – just so it wasn’t dripping anymore – and then dipped the bottom third of the pennants in the blue dye.

dip dyed pennant banner (2 of 3)

As you can see I wasn’t extremely accurate on my thirds – I just eyballed it and called it good. ¬†That’s part of the beauty of creating your own decor and projects – anything goes. ¬†I also didn’t mind if there were a few splashes of dye on the white part in the middle. ¬†Signs of a true DIY.dip dyed pennant banner (3 of 3)

Let them dry.  Notice this is inside my house.  In the tutorial post I added a tip about NOT doing these in the house.  Just trust me Рyou will be very glad if you do this OUTSIDE.dip dyed pennant banner (5 of 7)

You can also cut triangles for your pennants. ¬†You can dye the whole piece of fabric instead of just part of it. ¬†You can can create your banner any way your little heart pleases! ¬†It’s your banner so let your spirit run free and create something you love.dip dyed pennant banner (4 of 7)

A picnic lunch for your kids is a fun way to use the banners – they will love it!dip dyed pennant banner (6 of 7)

dip dyed pennant banner (7 of 7)

dip dyed pennant banner (9 of 7)

dip dyed pennant banner (10 of 7)

Have a very happy and safe 4th of July!


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  1. says

    I am really loving all this dipping of yours!
    Wishing your beautiful family and your talented self a “BLESSED” Fourth of July!

    • says

      Debbie these would be so fun for fall in fun fall-ish colors! I thought of you when I was posting the tutorial for the pinwheel medallions – cause you can totally do them with all hot glue and no sewing ūüėČ

  2. Felicia says

    I SO wish you had posted these last week! I could have made this easily over the weekend. We’re not all stay at home moms. :(

    • says

      Felicia, you can easily make these in the evening too! Lots of light these long days! We stay-at-home Mom’s don’t have all the time in the world to get our blog posts up when everyone wants them either – especially when we also run small businesses! Have a happy 4th.

  3. Cecelia Brandt says

    What a fun project! Thanks for the great ideas and have a wonderful fun filled and safe holiday with your family!

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