Milk Painted Toy Box – Artissimo

Today I’m sharing one of my auction finds that I gave a fun makeover – a Milk Painted Toy Box. I used Artissimo for the first time and I am in love with it. It mixes up beautifully, it goes on and covers gloriously, and the color is so deep and rich and just lovely. I added the white cross to it with white craft paint.

I love milk paint so very much!  I have a chair in the works and I have been taking pics as I go so I hope to show you how I used hemp oil to cause some chipping.  There is a bit of a trick to it so stay tuned!
toy box in artissimo (3 of 6)

What do you think?  Do you love Artissimo too?  It’s so rich and has such depth of color.
toy box in artissimo (1 of 6)

Here is a look at what the wood looked like before I painted it.  This toy box came filled with vintage toys – I’ll be sharing the tale of one of the teddy bears and how he gained a new life soon :)toy box in artissimo (2 of 6)

This tag was on the inside of the lid.toy box in artissimo (4 of 6)

I’m quite happy with the way it turned out.  I painted this right before The Springfield Flea but it never made it to the flea!  A friend saw the pic I posted on Instagram and snapped it up! toy box in artissimo (5 of 6)

I finished this piece of with a layer of hemp oil.  The hemp oil brings out the depth and richness of this color.toy box in artissimo (6 of 6)For a fun surprise I added a coat of chalk paint (duck egg) to the inside.

I love milk paint.  If you haven’t tried it yet you should!


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  1. JaneEllen says

    So right the color is so rich and soft looking. Love that toy box, no wonder your friend snapped it up. How lucky to find box full of vintage toys. Two bargains for one price, great deal. Great box for storing other things, come what may. Happy for deal you got. You did great job on toy box.
    I’ve been finally cleaning up all stuff in hallway I shoved there when we painted. Had stuff all over, sewing room also so been going thru, organizing in boxes same types of things together. I want to get out in Suburban to take all stuff out of there, organize, have room for things I’m working on in house. I had two of smaller plastic storage boxes I’m filling too quickly with some of my collected things not using right now. But at least finally getting it going.
    Been raining here about time I was going to go out to pull “stuff” out of Suburban, (store seasonal clothes and whatever else in Suburban since it doesn’t run). Having afternoon wind/rain storms. Too early for monsoon but Mother Nature has other ideas.
    Better get back to it. Happy days, can’t believe it’s already.

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