Milk Painted Table – Shutter Grey

I bought a cute little table from a friend a few months ago and the week before the Springfield flea I painted it. I used chalk paint (coco) for the first coat and then topped that with Milk Paint in shutter grey. I used some hemp oil in a few places to help it chip a bit because milk paint doesn’t chip when used on chalk paint.  The hemp oil keeps the milk paint from adhering and creates the delightful chippy look I love.

UPDATE:  using hemp oil to create chipping is a bit of a process.  The hemp oil has to be wet – you put it on right as you are ready to paint the area – the heavier you apply the hemp oil the more chipping you will get.  And when you paint you paint IN ONE DIRECTION across the area – THIS IS IMPORTANT!  If you go back and forth and overpaint you will not get the chipping!


 Here is a before pic.  In its ‘before’ condition the table sat on my porch and I used it in my photo shoot of my Easter pennant Banners.

kitchen table coco and shutter grey (4 of 8)

And here is the after.  I fall more in love with Shutter Grey every time I use table coco and shutter grey (5 of 8)

The chipping was all caused by using hemp oil on the chalk paint layer.  I helped it along by sanding table coco and shutter grey (7 of 8)

I love how the milk paint creates an authentic old table coco and shutter grey (3 of 8)

kitchen table coco and shutter grey (1 of 8)

Travis mentioned as recently that my ‘gather’ sign is certainly working – I am ‘gathering’ all manner of vintage finds :)kitchen table coco and shutter grey (2 of 8)

I took the table to The Springfield Flea and it found a new home with my friend Stacy, who I shared a booth with. kitchen table coco and shutter grey (6 of 8)

It did look quite cute here didn’t it?  It’s been replaced now with another table that I’ll take to my next event.  I really need a storage shed so my front porch doesn’t always look like I’m about to have a porch sale.


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  1. says

    What a beautiful color Jill – and love the Coco peaking through here and there
    ( thanks for the tip with the hemp oil – I would never have known that )

  2. says

    I love that table in it’s new color! Your friend is a lucky gal to now own it. It must be hard to part with things you makeover sometimes.

  3. Diana says

    Love, love, love it! Quick question. I thought milk paint is used on bare wood? How did you manage this?

    • says

      Hi Diana, yes, Milk paint was formulated for bare wood – it’s a centuries old paint. But it can also be used on any surface you want to put it on. you never know for sure what it’s going to do when applied over a surface that already has a finish. It may chip a little, it may chip a lot. There is a bonding agent you can put in it to make it stick to most surfaces if you don’t want chipping or if you want to control how and where it chips. I love the stuff and use it most of the time now.

    • says

      Thanks so much Loi – honestly sometimes I wonder too how I do it all. Then I look at all the things that need done to my house and I realize I’m NOT doing it ALL!

    • says

      Thanks Daniela – there is a bit of a trick to how you use the hemp oil to make it chip. I’m working on a chair and I’ve been taking pics of the process and will be sharing sometime soon!

  4. says

    Jill, everything about your photo is delightful! The table looks lovely, and the “Gather” sign above it is just icing on the cake! I do hope you’ll drop in and share it at Knick of Time Tuesday!

    • says

      No I did not use bonding agent. Chalk Paint is a wonderful base for milk paint if you don’t want chipping. Milk paint sticks to it like glue! I used hemp oil to get the chipping on this piece.

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