My Garage Sale Finds

Garage Sale Finds

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Ready to see my treasures I accumulated last week at my town’s community garage sales?  I found some really fun stuff.  Most of it is pictured here but there are a few bigger pieces that I didn’t get pics of before they were stashed away.  A couple chairs, a desk, 2 end tables, a writing desk, and the couch we got for my daughters room.  I shared a pic of that on Instagram.  I’ll shoot some pics of it in its new home soon too.
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My teenager insisted I had to buy this cute bike.  How could I resist those white wall tires and that banana seat?!  And the price tag was pretty compelling too – $5.  The bike came home with us.  My 8 year old is thrilled with it.  It’s larger than her current bike and the wheels are bigger so it goes faster and easier.  She begged me not to re-sell it – I told her it is hers as long as she fits it :)vintage finds (9 of 20)

The pink chair shown behind the bike in the pic above this one and this little green chair I picked up for a buck each.  I intended to give them each another coat of paint and take them along to my next even.  My 8 year old claimed them too though, and hauled them up to here little ‘playhouse’ in the top of our playset.  She set them beside each other and declared it a ‘bench’.  She has quite the conglomeration of stuff up there – I told her I need to do a photo shoot of it all and blog about it.  Love that she is playing outside and using her imagination in her play.vintage finds (5 of 20)

Stack of suitcases.  It was a great day for buying vintage luggage 😀vintage finds (3 of 20)

Love this one.  Not sure I can part with it.  My hubby thinks my brother needs this one because of the cool stickers on it.  My brother has loved airplanes and flying since he was just a little tot.vintage finds (4 of 20)

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Old fire hose.  I have some plans for this.  Is it terrible to cut it up?  It’s really cool as a fire hose but I would love to use it as a ‘ribbon’ for some projects.vintage finds (7 of 20)

Vintage phone – remember these?  Remember the way it sounded when you dialed these?  My teenager thinks these are cool and we really liked the color of this one.
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I seem to have a fetish for old baseball bats.  I have quite the collection now and need to make something with them or display them somehow.  Or resell them if I”m not going to do anything fun with them.vintage finds (11 of 20)

Thinking this would make a really cute flower planter.vintage finds (12 of 20)

Metal file box.  I have a thing for the industrial metal boxes too.vintage finds (10 of 20)

Vintage ornaments.  I kept all the gold and silver and took the rest to Goodwill.vintage finds (14 of 20)

Cute frames and a laundry basket.  I can’t get enough of these baskets it seems 😀vintage finds (16 of 20)

Rock-n-Serve Tupperware in like-new condition.  50 cents a piece.  We use these all the time and ours are not in the best shape anymore.  Thrilled to get all these!vintage finds (17 of 20)

Fabric that was cheap and looked fun.  Always adding more to my stash.vintage finds (19 of 20)

Couldn’t pass up this vintage baby cradle.vintage finds (20 of 20)

Metal seat.  I plan to paint this a fun color.
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Box of vintage, plastic numbers.  I love typography so I couldn’t leave these behind.
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Old toolboxes.  My husband sometimes claims them but these two he let me have!vintage finds (1 of 20)This was all the stuff I hauled home in my car.  The big stuff I had to have Travis use the truck to pick up.  I will get pics of it as I pull it out to give it makeovers or to pack to haul to an event.

Do you love vintage finds and have you found any lately?


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  1. JaneEllen says

    I know I live in wrong part of country for sure. My heavens girl, what a haul. I’m quite envious. So much goodness. All the suitcases and picnic baskets, especially the metal one. I have a similar one in kind of a yellow/brown, love it. How many yard sales did you go to and such great prices.
    In KY I found an old bread box, one with slide up lid, so I put it in front flower bed to plant in. Really added something cute and different. We lived on a highway so people would sometimes stop to see what I had out in yard. We had old laundry tub stand with tubs on it we planted in also. Just lots of cute stuff we left there or sold. Could somebody kick us please.
    Last Wed. I bought a “New to me” couch at Habitat. Had to do some money rearranging but was not going to pass that couch up. I had a 25% off coupon, couch was $125 so with tax it was $100.92. I love the couch, really did not like (at all) one we had, which was given to us after hubs/daughter got rid of my Broyhill, that just needed some upholstery work done. The dry weather in MT then damp in KY then dry here did some damage but it was still a good couch. New one is very clean, no smell, nice looking in my style. I’m so tickled as it looks so much nicer in living room now. Since we painted, I made new art for room. repainted my shutter shelf. Looks so much nicer.
    Youngest daughter/family came over Saturday, her and her girls (2) couldn’t believe difference in room. Also started working on kitchen, took out bottom cupboard, put in a buffet/island under top cupboard which I’m painting same color as walls, took doors off to show my bowl collection.
    Going to see if I can get hubs to build a cubby around frig, put shelves above frig. Think it would look lots nicer. Seen it done in many kitchens.
    Your kids are so cute, they’re enjoying your awesome garage finds as much as you do, great bike. You have such a nice big yard, great for kids.The slide/etc. is great for kids to have their own little club house.
    When I was divorced I made sure to rent house with fenced yard big enuf for my 3 older kids to play in. Better let you go dear friend. Have more to tell you about next time. Keeping myself very busy doing little more in l/r and kitchen. Happy days

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