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Today I have a prayer request for you.  My sister has been having some nagging issues with her back for several months.  Nothing too serious most of the time, just annoying.  Last week things escalated to the point she could not walk very well.  The pain would shoot down her leg and she could not do much.  Laying down brought relief from the pain which we were thankful for the fact she could at least be pain free when laying down.

She had booked flights for her and her kids to fly in to Ohio this past Sunday.  She was coming to help celebrate my birthday this week.  When the pain didn’t diminish she had to cancel their flights and we were all just praying for her to get better and feel good again.  But it was not to be.   Sunday night was not a good night and by Monday night she and her husband decided she needed some help.  I got a text from my brother-in-law saying he took her to the ER, they gave her a shot in each hip, and she was getting some relief.  He also said he couldn’t st andcoming in the house to find her face down crying so it was time to take her in!

I know my sister and I know it was past enduring if she was crying.  No one likes pain and it just makes my heart ache to think of her going through this – and I’m 900 miles away and can’t help her.  Not that I could do much if I was there but she’s my sister and I just want to be there with her!  My parents are headed out next week I think and I’m very thankful they can go – I always need my Mama when I’m suffering, so I know my sister does too!

All I can do from here is pray for her – which I know is no small thing and is really the best thing I can do.  Would you join me?  Pray for healing, pray for continued relief from the pain so she can heal, and for her peace of mind that it’s ok to just rest and let others take care of her.  Pray for my brother-in-law.  It’s almost wheat harvest time, and things are going to get very busy.  My sister usually helps with that a lot – taking meals to the field, keeping iced tea made, keeping a lovely, inviting home for her man to come to at the end of a weary day.  Pray for my niece and nephew who are doing a wonderful job of caring for their Mother and filling in where she can’t be right now.  Pray for my parents as they travel those 900 miles west to help out.

Thank you so much my friends – for being there to support me and for giving me a wonderful group to reach out to in a time of need!  God bless you all.



  1. Autumn says

    so sorry, Jill…back issues are just really tough..especially for a Mama with children, husband and daily duties to fulfill. Will keep her in our prayers and hope they find a solution soon.

    • says

      Thanks Autumn. Her kids are doing an amazing job helping out but it’s not the same is it? Just not right for Mama to be in pain or having to just lay on the couch.

    • says

      Thanks Lisa, so much. It is so hard to have so many miles between isn’t it? We have a trip planned in early July so hopefully I can help her some then. Hopign she is better by then but she will most likely have to take it easy for awhile.

  2. says

    Oh my, praying for your sister. Yes, mothers are comforting at times like this. Hopefully the doctors will soon find the cause of your sister’s pain and get her well again. As someone who has/does suffer from back pain, it really is quite an ordeal to endure.

    • says

      Thank you so much Danice. My brother went through this a couple years ago. I’ve had some issues but nothing this bad or long lasting. It’s not fun and we hope it will soon be under control and getting better!

  3. says

    I will definitely say a prayer for her! I’m so sorry to hear that she’s in so much pain. Do they know what is causing it? Sounds like maybe she got some cortizoid (sp?) shots. Ouch! Hopefully those have helped her, but they need to get to the source or it will just come back.

    • says

      Think it may be the sciatic nerve. The shots were muscle relaxers and she’s on steroids and pain meds. The inflammation needs to heal and to do that she has to be pain free and rest. Hoping that will work.

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