The Vintage Marketplace – Recap

I haven’t disappeared completely I promise!  I’ve been sleeping, cleaning my house, sleeping, keeping appointments, and sleeping some more.  I’m starting to feel a bit caught up – and now I have to dive in and meet some deadlines.  But I wanted to update you and let you know I’m still alive!  If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m still here and you’ve seen some of what I brought home from the flea, what my workroom looks like, and a bit of my newly decorated ‘mantle’.

All the photos I’m sharing today are from my iPhone and are straight from it.  No editing – I just didn’t have time.  I am already falling behind on some deadlines so this had to be quick.

Here is our booth in The Vintage Marketplace at The Springfield Flea, Springfield, Ohio.

springfield flea - the vintage marketplace 1

I cannot begin to express how blessed and grateful I feel to have so many great friends who helped make this weekend happen for me.  From my bestie who drove her van loaded with my stuff to help me get things there, to Stacy Morgan who shared her space with me, to the great gals who came to help Stacy, to the wonderful Anne McKinney who offered to haul a couple large leftover items home for me so my hubby didn’t have to make a trip over to help.  And all the great shoppers who came to support us, and the blog and Instagram friends who supported me with sweet comments and encouragement.  I really wish there were words to express to you all exactly how I feel.  You mean the world to me!

springfield flea - the vintage marketplace - stacy morgan and friendsStacy is on the right and her Aunt Kim is on the left.  Stacy’s friend Jess is in the center.  Great gals all of them – I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with them and getting to know them.  I was very privileged to get to share a booth space with them!














springfield 2014



I packed my Saturn Vue as full as it’s ever been for the trip home!  I had 3 larger items that my friend hauled home for me.  One was the vintage laundry cart and it was full of my pillows and other handmade items that didn’t sell.


These three things are new finds that came home with me.  The vintage dress form – have you ever seen one so tiny!? – the birdcage holder, and the wicker bicycle basket.


A few of my leftovers.  I sorted through and took a load to Midwest Memories and the rest is stored till my next event – The Summer Market in Avon Lake Ohio, July 25 and 26.


Monday morning after the flea I peeled my eyes open at 9:45am.  (my girls sleep in so I can too)  I then proceeded to sit on my couch for awhile.  Then I took a nap till about noon.  Then I unloaded the car and did a few odds and ends around the house – laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, putting things away.  Then I took another nap.


Tuesday was a busy day full of dr. appointments and a dress fitting.  After all that was over I hit the couch at about 4:20 and slept till I had to feed my hubby some supper – which he pretty much took care of himself and I went back to the couch 😀

Wednesday I cleaned and fluffed – everywhere but here – my workspace.  In the days before an event my workspace turns into total chaos instead of just mild, creative chaos.  And after the event all manner of stuff lands here for me to go through and organize.  It’s really too messy to work in.  So today I have to make some sense of at least part of it along with getting some projects done – I have deadlines breathing down my neck!

A wedding dress alteration has to be done today.

Some burlap table runners have to be done today.

A large pillow order has to be started and a lot accomplished today.

Some orders for supplies must be made today.

And I took the time – today – to update you all!  Your welcome :)


Yesterday part of my cleaning and fluffing involved a new centerpiece on my ‘mantle’.  I’m loving it so much!  My $3.50 gate from a recent auction has found a home for now and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and that the weekend is beautiful and sublime!


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  1. says

    Wowser-You have been a very busy girl…but I am glad you got some sleep and some naps in the mix. What a fun show and what great finds…looks like you have your job cut out from you as you put things in place! xo Diana

    • says

      Thanks Diana – I did manage to catch up on my sleep! Just in time to fill an order for 15 pillows and several pennant banners to get in the mail by Saturday! Then I bought and planted flowers and spiffed up the outside of our home all day Saturday!

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