The Vintage Marketplace – Springfield Ohio

This weekend it’s all about the flea.  The Vintage Marketplace sets up big tents at the Springfield flea in Springfield Ohio and rents out booth spaces inside them.  It’s a huge undertaking to set up and run a show at a 3 day flea.  I am set up with Stacy from Stacy Morgan Designs.  She has all the great pieces that really make the booth a showplace and I added a few of my creations and vintage finds.  Last fall I rented a 17 foot truck and filled it full along with my car and filled a 15×25 foot space along with some help from my friend Marcy.  This time I borrowed my Mom’s mini van, packed it full and begged a wonderful friend to drive her minivan over too and haul what I couldn’t.  Way less stuff, way less stress, and I’m hoping to clear out some inventory.
springfield 2014 1

These photos are from my Instagram feed so aren’t the quality I get with me big camera but I just didn’t have the energy to carry that thing along.springfield 2014 3

Stacy’s designs are fabulous.  She also has a great eye for display and it has been a privilege to watch her do her thing.  I’m learning and enjoying all the eye candy at the same time.springfield 2014 2

Amazing wine table designed and created by Stacy.  I actually hauled this home with me tonight – but not for me!  I friend who had been at the flea decided she wanted it so I brought it home for her 😀springfield 2014 5

Not completely arranged yet but isn’t all that stuff so fun!springfield 2014

springfield 2014 7This was not in our booth but down the row from us.  I had to snap a pic because it’s just so great!  The price tag said $425.  Sound crazy maybe, but just imagine cutting all those yardsticks, laying them all out just so, glueing them all in and then trimming out the edges and having it turn out perfect in the end!  I think I’d want every penny of $425 by the time I was finished!  I did notice this afternoon that this piece was gone – I’d love to know if they came down on their price to sell it.

springfield 2014 8This darling old toy was down the way from us too and I had to share it.  If I still had toddlers I would so want this old merry-go-round!  I can just see my husbands face if I had hauled something like this home a few years ago for the kids 😀 😀 😀

If you have nothing to do this weekend come on over to the flea – Springfield Ohio, Clark County Fairgrounds.  9:30-6 Sat. and Sun.  The weather might be a bit chilly, the rain may fall a bit, but there are plenty of tents, plenty of inside vendors, and you can always wear your galoshes and carry an umbrella!

See you there!  Look us up in the big white tents that house The Vintage Marketplace!


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  1. says

    I live in NE Ohio. I’ve only made it to the sale once. I’m determined to get there again this year. Your things look fantastic!!! I wish you much success.

  2. says

    If I was anywhere near you, I would be there in a second! Best of luck for a wonderful few days at your booth. It is so beautiful! Love the extras you shared also…

  3. JaneEllen says

    Groan, I want that long (maybe 8 panes) window on far left of your first photo I think. Oh the fun I could have with that window. Hope you make lots of money for all your hard work. I love that beach banner made out of the jute, hard to find it here now. I’ve been wanting to make couple things with it. Think I’ll have to look online, want something besides red stripes. I sure wish I could be there, I’d be buying some of your things. Great photos. Happy weekend

    • says

      I have several windows like that JaneEllen. Too bad shipping is so crazy on stuff like that or I could send you one. And I still know I said I’d send you some wheat seed! I hope to remember to do that this week!

  4. brenda says

    well all this work explains why we haven’t heard from you in awhile. I was beginning to think this was another challenge like I have been experiencing lately. For some reason a number of blogs just stop getting through to me. when I ck with them they are there and posting. So, I try to sign up again thinking something has happened but my name and email are still active. I would think this could be a real challenge having readers disappear.

    • says

      That has been happening with a lot of bloggers lately – it’s a glitch in the feedburner site. So frustrating. The only way I know of to fix it is to have the blog owner delete your email from their blog and then you can resign up. You can’t sign up again while your email is still in there but somehow it drops you from the notifications :(

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