Adding a No-Sew Ruffle to a Curtain…

…without taking the curtain down.

adding a ruffle to curtains-7 copy

Last week one of the projects on my list was photographing my dining room for a blog post.  And as I was cleaning and fluffing the decor, so I could get at the shoot, I kept looking at my curtains.

Home Tour 2013 Dining Room

This is what my dining room curtains have looked like for years now.  When I made them I intended for them to just brush the floor or hang just slightly above.  As in, 1/8th of an inch slightly, not 3 to 4 inches slightly!  But this was how they ended up and I just lived with it.

adding a ruffle to curtains-6

Till now.  I decided it wouldn’t take much time and effort to just add a ruffle to the bottom to get the length I wanted.  Out came the hot glue gun – I didn’t even want to take the time to take them down to sew the ruffle on.  Taking them down would have led to having to wash them and that was just taking too much time.  I was behind schedule anyway. ( I really didn’t have time to be adding the ruffle but when I decide I want something done I usually figure out a way to accomplish it)

So I scooted my dining room table over to the curtains, plopped the end of the curtain on the table and waited for the glue to get hot.

adding a ruffle to curtains-1

I tore a piece of drop cloth a few inches wider than I needed and figured how much overlap I had and started glueing.

adding a ruffle to curtains-4

I ran a section of hot glue along the line I wanted the ruffle attached to, and then scrunched the fabric up as I went.  If you work quickly you can scrunch a bit after the fabric hits the glue.

adding a ruffle to curtains-3

Work one section and then add more glue and work another section.

adding a ruffle to curtains-5

I went back and glued some of the ruffled parts down more as I went too.

adding a ruffle to curtains-2I glued till I got to the other side of the curtain panel and just cut off the extra.  I embrace the raw edge look 😀  I started out with the first panel using the hemmed edge of my drop cloth for the bottom.  Since I ended up not having enough to do both panels with an edge that was already hemmed, I tore the hem off the first ruffle and embraced the raw edges even more 😀

adding a ruffle to curtains-7There.  Just barely brushing the floor.  And it adds a bit of texture and interest since the drop cloth fabric is heavier, nubbier, and darker than the lightweight linen of the panels.

adding a ruffle to curtains-9I think it really added a cottage-y feel to the room.  Changed the look and feel more than I thought it would.  I love the look but honestly I’m not convinced it is really ‘me’.  This room needs a new paint job along with the living room.  When that happens, no doubt I will make new curtain panels too.  Repainting is such a huge job – I keep putting it off.  For now I love that my curtains touch the floor and I think the ruffle is a fun bit of fluff.


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  1. JaneEllen says

    Now that’s how I tackle an impromptu project, just go for it in easiest quickest way I can to get it done. For some reason those kinds of projects seem to turn out better than agonized over ones. I’m just a spontaneous crafter/sewer, whatever-er. Your curtain ruffles look fantastic and they do add great texture to your dining room. Be glad you have a dining room.
    As for the painting, we are embarking on first – painting our living room. I bought some light gray back ground curtains with white designs all over from T.J.Maxx and what a difference they have made in our l/r, brightened it up so much. I practically tore down the winter curtains (dark brown with stripes of other colors and a weather backing). How dreary could they be but do help in winter. Now we’re going to paint our living room a light gray with just tinge of blue in it (matches well with gray in curtains). I bought some duck cloth to make pillow covers 40%off coupon. I can hardly wait to get that paint on walls. Even hubs is enthusiastic about painting which I’ve waited to have done for almost 8 yrs. since we moved in here end of July/2006. I’ve changed my mind few times about what color I wanted it. One long wall goes thru our living room, kitchen and mud room so it had to be something that would look good in all 3 rooms. We’ll have lots more to paint but getting it started is what makes me happy. Can’t afford to buy paint for other rooms yet anyway but it’ll be a big improvement. I’ll be working on bedroom curtains now also, bought lining for curtains today. I bought tablecloths at Target on clearance after holidays to make curtains with. The lining was on sale today 30% off so it works out great.
    Sometimes maybe we just need a nudge to get us going. If we can’t sell this place so we can move back to Tucson we might as well fix it up to live happily. Happy days, thanks for putting up with my long “comments”.

    • says

      Oh JaneEllen I’m so glad you get to start painting! New paint always freshens things and makes it so cheery! You know you really should start a blog and share with all of us as you do things! I’d love to see what you create too :)

    • says

      Thank you! hey! I bet you could hem your hubby’s pants with hot glue! and even patch them with it too! Then you wouldn’t have to sew those patches on!

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