School Sale Finds

A few weeks ago I went to a school sale.  The school I went to for all my school days.  It was a small church school, at it has made some changes over the years and they decided it was time to get rid of all the extra stuff they had around that wasn’t being used anymore.  I didn’t make it till the last day of the sale but I still managed to find quite a pile of fun stuff.  I try not to think about what I missed by not being there the first day!

school sale loot-1

Isn’t this vintage blue typewriter great?!  It’s electric and it still works!school sale loot-2

Dictionary’s.  I used both of these when I was in school I’m pretty sure.  Fun to have them.  I seem to have a growing collection of dictionarys now though.  What to do with them if I don’t want to cut them up for paper projects???  Suggestions anyone?school sale loot-3

A stack of old maps.  I can’t ever  pass those up either.  Someday I’ll be able to wallpaper a whole house with vintage sale loot-4

Practice telling time anyone?  Now what would you use these for?  Besides teaching kids to tell time of course.
school sale loot-5

Book of poetry.  Just because I couldn’t bear to see it thrown out if no one bought sale loot-6Stack of old paper.  Remember this stuff from grade school?  I have a couple ideas for this – if you have one I’d love to hear it though!

school sale loot-7

There has to be something I can do with this – right?school sale loot-9

Oh the things you can create with filters.  These round ones are going to be fun!school sale loot-10

An old piece of copper, spinners, and bottle brushes.  I had a really fun time in the lab.  Really wishing I had been there early enough to buy ‘Bones’ – the sale loot-8

Best thing last – several boxes of different sizes of test tubes.  Have I ever got plans for these!  If you see me pinning ideas for how to use vintage lab glassware it’s because I have so many of these 😀

If you have ideas for me on how to use any of this let me know, I’d love to hear.


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  1. Margaret says

    Some great finds for sure.. I’ve seen purses made from old books by removing the pages and using the covers as the outside, then fabric attached to the inside and handles added. They were really cool. I’ve also seen old covers reused with blank paper inside to create “new” journals. Not sure about the other stuff, but the book illustrated by Joan Walsh Anglund is a keeper for sure!

  2. Carol DiNuzzo says

    I have that poetry book. Got it as a child. The illustrations by Joan Walsh Anglund are wonderful. It is a beautiful book.

  3. says

    Fun finds. I use old maps all the time for wrapping paper. I get so many fun comments on using them for it. I like how many of the people try to figure out what State I gave them. :-)

  4. says

    What a great haul….Display the dictionaries….books are just not made that beautiful any more. The rest wow modge podge is a thought and I see vases or fine brush storage ..mounted on a wreath with a fresh flower oh yea sewing pin storage. Wow what great finds!

  5. says

    Gosh, I’m feeling old now! The “vintage” electric typewriter doesn’t seem so vintage to me. I used to type on those when I worked in an office. I also learned how to type on one in highschool! Guess that was pre-computers era. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with all that stuff.

  6. Ann C says

    I can see those round filters made into flowers for a wreath. The film says self adhesive so I wonder if you could use it for labeling things. Print your categories directly on it, cut, and adhere. So mNy great finds. Will be. Anxious to see what you do with it all.

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