Happy Easter – yes I know it’s late

easter 2014

I hope you all had a very happy Easter – or as I like to call it – Resurrection Day!  We had a wonderful day – amazing worship at church, and a yummy lunch at my Mom’s.  Emma, our teenager, went with a friend for the day and the younger two were with us.  We hid a few eggs for them in the afternoon and just hung out.  Larke and Becca both stayed all night with Grandma and Grandpa Sunday night, Travis and I headed home to get Trav all packed up and ready to go out-of-town for work.  It’s been several years since he traveled for work – we miss him a lot!

easter 2014-10

Did Easter sort of sneak up on you like it did me?  I put a few decor things out – these ceramic eggs were a Goodwill find a few months ago.  A friend actually found them and told me they needed to be added to my decor stash.  And I always listen when friends are telling me I need decor 😀 Besides they were only $.29 each.

I didn’t do much else.  My girls colored eggs with a friend and brought a carton home.  We kept them in the fridge and took them to my Mom’s to hide for them.  I did make the 2 younger girls skirts and ruffled leggings that they were quite pleased with. I wanted to get pics on Sunday of them all dressed up but I didn’t get them before we went to church.  And somehow Becca stepped in some gum someone threw out and got it on her leggings and skirt too.  PARENTS – PLEASE TEACH YOUR KIDS THAT THROWING CHEWED GUM ON THE GROUND IS THE WRONG PLACE TO PUT IT!

I did get all the gum out – I used my lemon essential oil and it came off with no effort at all.  I’ll get some pics and share soon.

easter 2014-11

We don’t have a standing tradition for an Easter meal but we do usually have deviled eggs.  And when you have an egg plate as fitting for the season as this it’s a must.  My Mom makes yummy eggs.easter 2014-12I made the pies – Old Fashioned Cream.  Travis made the ice cream on Saturday and we took it along for Sunday dinner too.

easter 2014-14

easter 2014-13

Later in the afternoon Mom and I hid some eggs.
easter 2014-23

easter 2014-20

easter 2014-21

easter 2014-22

I tucked this egg in a little tree.  Becca and I were hiding them this time and then Mom and Larke hunted them.  When they were hunting under the tree they bumped it and this little guy fell out at their feet :)

easter 2014-15

Little Egg Hunterseaster 2014-16

‘I don’t stop, I don’t quit’  this t-shirt is perfect for this child.  She’s rather intense about whatever she does.  No idea where she gets it.

easter 2014-17

easter 2014-19

easter 2014-18They thought it was loads of fun.  I enjoyed photographing them and being outside in the perfect warm day.

I intended to write a post for Easter Sunday.  I intended to blog yesterday and the day before too.  But life got in the way.  I’ve been under the weather and didn’t even care if I blogged ever again.  But I’m feeling better now – praise God for great doctors and prayer warriors!


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    Happy belated Easter, Jill. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. How awful about the gum though-that is always so aggravating! Your eggs the girls dyed are really cute and it looks like they had fun. Sometimes those lower key holidays are the best of all! xo Diana

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