Succulents On My Window Sill

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-13

Thank you so much for all your kind words of encouragement and for caring! I’m feeling better as the week goes on and I’m getting some projects done too. Today I want to share the succulents on my window sill.
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-1

I don’t think I ever shared my tiny ferns on my blog – I did on Instagram though. If you want to follow me on instagram you can click the instagram link in my header at the top right of this page. I’d link to it for you but my blog is all goofy and the only way I’m writing this post is by doing it all through the code screen instead of the visual. And all my easy buttons that I use for linking and everything else aren’t available in this view. I can’t even seee my pics – just the html code for them. It’s cramping my style I tell ya, but I don’t have time to call and figure it out right now.
But back to my tiny ferns. I bought them a couple months ago at a fun little shop in Troy, Ohio. I brought them home with me even though I knew I would never keep the things alive for long. They lasted longer than I thought they might and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The touch of green was just what I needed for those long months of winter that dragged on and on and on and on…

But they were looking sad – very sad. So I replaced them with some succulents I bought at Home Depot.
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-3

I bought 5 plants and they sat on my dining room table for a few days as my ferns dried up even more.
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-2
I pulled a few clay pots out of my stash – I can’t believe how many I still have! I found more while garage sale-ing last year than I remembered!
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-4
I planted them in the clay pots – one pot got 3 plants and the other 2 each got one.
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-11
And I tucked them in with the old funnels on my kitchen window sill. I love the new look. I’d stick with ferns if I could keep them alive but I just don’t remember to water them often enough. I’m hoping the succulents will work for me since they don’t take quite as much water. But knowing me I’ll be replacing these sooner than later!
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-10
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-15
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-12
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-9
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-14
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-6
I also still had this plant. This one is a fluke – I’ve had it since Christmastime – and it’s still alive! It had little white flowers on it when I got it and as those first ones started to dry up new ones came on. When I was replacing my ferns I went ahead and trimmed all the dried flowers off this and a few leaves that were looking sad.
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-7
I also gave the pot a bit of ‘window dressing’ to spiff it up a bit. A piece of upholstery webbing held in place with the cute little staples my stapler uses. (I’d link to where you could get your own stapler but like I said I’m posting with a bit of a handicap and can’t access all the tools I’m used too. I’ll call about it tomorrow and get it fixed hopefully.)
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-8
Hows that for a better looking pot? 😀
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-17
Much better than the drab, green plastic pot.
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-20
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-19
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-9
It rounded out the window sill decor quite nicely.
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-5
I made a huge mess at my kitchen sink planting these but it was worth it. And I always make big messes it seems – I learned a long time ago that the more I tried to NOT make a big mess the bigger mess I made. So now I just go with it and clean up when I’m done 😀
Succulents for the kitchen window sill-13
It was definitely worth it.


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  1. says

    Looks great! Also so glad to know that I’m not the only one who ‘plants’ in my kitchen sink….My mother-in-law would totally freak out and never eat at my home!

  2. Michelle says

    It was worth it. Your window sill looks great. I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses their kitchen sink for things other than food prep. It drives my husband nuts when the kitchen sink is over flowing with my just watered plants. Great idea using the webbing to dress up the pot. I’m going to have to give that a try. Glad to hear you are having a better week. Happy Easter.

    • says

      Thanks so much Michelle! My hubby doesn’t like it when ANYTHING is in the sink – including dishes! He wants it empty for whatever HE wants to use it for! LOL!

  3. says

    I love your plants. I just received an aloe plant as a gift from a dear friend. It is so true how that splash of green makes you smile.
    Great ideas, as always.
    Happy Easter

    • says

      Thanks Carla, I had an aloe plant years ago and have thought of getting another one now and then and never have. I like having the aloe to use on burns or cuts.

  4. JaneEllen says

    Doggone it, keep forgetting to look for some succulents I can put around here. They are so pretty, as pretty as flowers. Love ones you got. Where did you find webbing with blue stripe, not red which is all our Walmart has ever. The plants with the vintage funnels are great.
    So happy to hear you’re feeling better about life in general. Sometimes we need those up in air feelings to get to better ones. It really works that way.
    There for while I was so upset about our family thing I couldn’t think straight. If there’s something not right I want to do what I can to fix it but certain other people in our family don’t want it fixed. I seem to go thru phases, I do better when they’re not in our lives, sad to say. My son has had to give up many things thru the years because of his wife. I hope she even has a vague idea of what hurt and heart ache she’s caused. Problem is to her that’s proof of her power over her family.
    But I’m not going there, nothing I can do, all my attempts have been discarded and ignored, being truthful with her is not how she operates. Not how I want things but it is what it is. It breaks my heart not to see or hear from my son (he’s my youngest son from first marriage) or my grand kids. They don’t dare do anything for her to find out they communicate with us, son told his sister this when he found out about her cheating. I could say alot about her but better leave that also.
    I can only hope she’ll get her come-uppance some day. Not a forgiving nice thing to say but I hope God can forgive me. I have tried so many times over the years to feel differently about her but she seems to do things that reassure me of my feelings about her. In this case I sure hate being right.
    Have a wonderful and happy Easter with your family.

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