Bad Days and Regrouping

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-18I had a post all planned for you today – complete with lots of pretty photos.  I had them all edited and everything.  But as they were uploading to the blog last night,  I looked at the clock and realized it was almost midnight and I just didn’t have it in me to finish that post.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day.  In fact I’d pretty much have to label it a bad day.  I just felt off.  Lots of things swirling through my mind and I can’t even get it all down in coherent reason.  I’m tired.  I need to regroup.  So I’m leaving the blog post about the succulents I just planted for my kitchen for another day.  And hoping today is a better day.  Maybe it’s the cold weather coming in tonight that has me messed up.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m thoroughly fed up with American religion.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not handling some personal issues very well, and I don’t know how to fix it.  And just maybe it’s all of the above.

So I’m taking a break to regroup.  I’m going to create some pillows and pennant banners and pouffes that I have orders for.  I’m going to pray.  If you have room on your prayer list I could use some uplifting.



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  1. says

    We all have days like this. I went out this week and raked my back yard leaves and my blood pressure went way up – just from the extra physical work. It was scarey. I felt so weird. It wasn’t what I had “planned” for the day. I just had too much going on. I am sewing today too. We have lots of snow and I didn’t plan that either. It is a picture of life. Time to slow down and realize I have to much going on and just need to relax and rest in my trust in the Lord.

  2. says

    I am praying for you my sweet friend. We are all in a battle of some form or another and some days we feel it more intensely than others. I hope you take a break. The blog will always be here when you’re ready to return. Take time to read the Word and remember while “organized religion” will always fail you, God never will. You are a treasure!! ~Hugs, Jennifer
    p.s.: if you haven’t seen it yet there is a devotional titled “Jesus Calling” that I’ve found to be very encouraging :-)

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      Thank you Margaret – my week has been going better. Thanks in part to all of you great people who took the time to come by and leave me such sweet comments! I praise God for each one of you :)

  3. says

    You are ok and not alone! Last Friday was my 16th wedding anniversary. I spent most of the morning in tears. For the second year in a row hubby was away working hard for our family. The dog decided to get into the trash and oh what a mess! I somehow accidentally created large bleach spots when laundering daughters new grey sheets. Earlier in the week I had made plans with friends for the day so I would remain positive. At the last minute one needed to reschedule. The second friend didn’t even bother to contact me and didn’t pick up her phone. I saw on her instant messaging FB page she went to a fabulous estate sale.

    Tears I tell you!

    So I prayed and then took myself out to lunch, bought myself a bouquet of flowers and a chocolate cupcake. (Yes, I ate my feelings.) Then somehow the cloud lifted and I felt better.

    So, go treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be big.

    • says

      Thank you so much Laura, it really does help to know other people understand and have struggles too. Not that I want anyone else to have struggles but it’s so nice to realize that other people know what we are feeling! I’m so sorry your hubby was gone again this year over your anniversary. I know that has to be hard. I remember the year I was pregnant with my youngest – my hubby was traveling a LOT. He would be gone all week, home on the weekend and gone again all week. For 2 and three weeks at a time. I was sick and had 2 other girls to take care of. All I wanted to do was sleep but somehow my girls didn’t get that memo and they didn’t sleep all the time! I made it through but at the time I wasn’t sure I would.
      I’m glad you took yourself out for a treat – and I’m sorry your friends weren’t there for you. Move to Ohio – I love to go out with friends!

  4. Pam Ballard says

    Prayers for you too Jill. I have been going through a little trial myself. I am so thankful God is faithful. I continue to lift it up and ask for instant healing. Sometimes we need to take time to regroup. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for inspiring me each day, being real and true to who you are. Hugs.

    • says

      Hey Pam, thanks so much! Prayers for you too – God is faithful – and one way He shows that is by giving us friends to hold us up and support us! Hugs back!

  5. says

    Jill…I’m so sorry you are going through a bad time right now. When many things hit at once, it’s soul crushing. We are all thinking of you and I am sending many prayers your way.


  6. Becky says

    Jill you are in prayers. I deal with sad and depression and when these times come I just try to slow down and pick a sweet project I wouldnt normally do or go to Applebee’s and read Pinterest for 3 hours and drink too many diet coke with grenadines. Hugs your way from small town country living boons Indiana ways… Becky

  7. says

    I am sorry, Jill. Life’s path has some days that are NOT so easy, doesn’t it? I hope things smooth out and that it will all be smooth sailing in a few days. Blessings and prayers- x Diana

    • says

      Thanks Diana, life is full of ups and downs. When the downs get too low I can always count on all of you wonderful friends to lift me up and bless me!

  8. Regena Fickes says

    Dear Lord,
    Thank you for putting Jill into our lives. We love and appreciate her.
    You are the All Powerful, All Loving God. You are also our Daddy. Your daughter is hurting and carrying a load much too large for her. I ask, Father that You send Your grace to envelope her, hold her and comfort her. We know You dance over us, sing to use and love us without end. We need to know this when we are hurting.
    I thank you now for all the blessings You have sent Jill and all of those You are sending.
    Blessed be the name of the Lord.
    In the name of our precious Jesus,

  9. says

    I know pretty much how you feel. Been having those kind of days lately too. Overwhelmed, anxious and just plain tired. Hang in there!!

  10. JaneEllen says

    God Bless you Jill. I’m so sorry you’re hurting. Sounds like maybe after a rough long dreary winter many of us are feeling out of sorts, it’s temporary but how to get thru it while it’s with us? You are a dear young woman, always remember that and are loved by many people besides your family.
    When I get to feeling that way sometimes I get on here, read the wonderful positive blog posts so before long I’m feeling much better. Sometimes I feel resentful about some bloggers that “seem” to have things easier money wise but then I remind myself they might have heart aches also, just not telling anybody about it.
    I think doing something you know in your heart you’re good at and enjoy is a wonderful way to help yourself, (besides praying). When I’m having a bad time trying to do something I’ve learned in my old age to walk away from it for while until I have a better way of thinking and feeling about it.
    Today I was trying to line around edges of a bunny with markers and I kept messing up, cause I knew I needed to go get our blasted bathroom cleaned or I can’t do anything right. Son of a gun, it’s clean now and I feel so much freer. Now I can tackle those paper bunnies, of which I’ll have to cut out 2 new ones. I’ve decided if I can’t sell what I’ve made I’ll give them away to people I care about. What more could I do to feel better?
    I have an old friend that is too often quite hypocritical about religion, I get aggravated with her until I tell myself she can’t bother me unless I let her. Letting her has been my history with her.
    We’ll all be waiting for you to come back when you’re ready. Have a good peaceful week dear girl.

    • says

      Thanks so much JaneEllen! I always hesitate to post when I feel bad but I get so much encouragement from all of my great friends here that it’s always a blessing to go ahead and be real about it!

  11. says

    I think it is the moon! I have been scattered and just annoyed so I feel ya. I love the Lord..My master and saviour…I love the word…but church…nope…I have had my fair share of that racket…so I get that too. Hope you are feeling better and you craft your way to happiness! Praying for ya…Hang in there we are pulling for ya…oh.I sound like Red Green now….Sheryl

  12. Anita Ward says

    My little family is going through “stuff” too, so let’s all just pray for each other…….prayers are definitely answered!!!

  13. Michelle says

    Something must be in the air. Yesterday I was off as my husband put it Way Off!. I have no idea what was the matter or why I was feeling the way I was. I dread those days. So sorry you are having a hard time. Praying this time passes quickly, you are back to yourself and things get resolved. Hugs.

  14. Pam says

    Putting you on my prayer list. We all have those days, and why does it always seem like the waves just keep crashing into us one after the other?

    Sounds like it’s time for a little self-care and some good chocolate!

    Tomrrow is a new day…

  15. Laura Sink says

    I understand your pain….I really do. I’ve been struggling with some issues as well, mostly having to do with American religion! I am praying for you.

  16. Kay Ann says

    It’s been a few days since you posted this but I hope your week has gotten better and that you’re enjoying the sunshine finally! I totally get feeling ‘off’ – i get that every month and it can be unpleasant for everyone around me.

  17. says

    I totally missed this post…so I sure hope you are doing better. I’m struggling a bit myself. Not sure why and it’s nothing I can put my finger on. I am so not inspired and when that happens the self-doubt creeps in. I start to question everything which is just crazy. lol. It was a very long winter and I think it took it’s toll on us more than we realized. Spring is here…and soon to follow will be summer. Wishing you happy days my friend…Ann

    • says

      Thanks so much Ann! I think this winter was really hard on everyone. Now some of my friends finally understand how I feel every winter! Now I’m swamped with stuff to get done and wishing I’d been more motivated all winter!

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