Decor steals Hack

You’ve probably heard the term ‘IKEA Hack’ – when someone takes a product from IKEA and gives it a fun makeover.  I just did a bit of a ‘hack’ but it was with a purchase from Decor Steals instead of IKEA.

Would you like to see my Decor Steals Hack?

(if you don’t know what decor steals is – it’s a one-deal-a-day site that offers great stuff for sale.)

decor steals hack-3

This reproduction trophy cup from Decor Steals arrived on my doorstep last week sometime.  It didn’t look just like this then though.

decor steals hack-1It looked like this.  Not a lot different but enough.  I was a bit disappointed in it actually, it was more brown than I thought it was going to be.  Trophy cups are silver or grey or black – at least that’s what I think of when I think of a trophy cup. Not brown.

decor steals hack-2I was in the middle of garage sale stuff at the time so the trophy cup just sat on the table.  After the garage sale was over I pulled a few things into my dining room to paint.  I had my Graphite chalk paint out for my Side Table Makeover and somehow the trophy cup decided Graphite would be a great addition to its patina.

decor steals hack-8I think it looks much better now.  I used my artist brush and randomly applied the paint wherever I wanted it.

decor steals hack-6

The coverage of the paint is not complete, it just knocks the brown color down a bit.  Gives it a bit more of an authentic look.decor steals hack-5I’m also considering adding some Milk Paint to the mix – I have some in the color ‘Trophy’ that I am itching to try on something.  When I mix some up for a project I’ll add some to this and see what happens.

decor steals hack-4And I’m still enjoying the flowers that were sent to me on April 1st!  Still don’t know who sent them.

And can I just say I can’t believe it’s Thursday already?!  Where did this week go??


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  1. says

    I like the new look you gave it! It kind of looks like iron now. That cup has such a pretty shape to it. That is so strange that you don’t know where the flowers came from! I’m sure you’ve called the florist to try to find out more. You must have a secret admirer.

    • says

      Thanks Kelly – and the flowers are from a friend I’m sure – the card said ‘it’s finally April’. Someone decided to brighten my day! Not sure who though!

  2. brenda says

    looks like you did a major transformation with imagination and a dibble dabble of your artists brush.
    the brown look you referenced does appear on a silver serving set that I thought was properly stored because we were tired of polishing. It is not a solid brown but has a goldish-brown glow along with the usual need for polishing look. Do you know what this is all about ? I am sort of reluctant to begin applying cleaners to it for fear of using the wrong products. Have you encountered this ? Maybe I should just wrap it back up and let someone else worry about it ??ha

    • says

      If you like the patina it has just leave it – i rather like the look of tarnished silver. If you don’t care for the look then I would recommend finding a silver polish to use – My husband has a silver polish that he bought years ago – before we were married. I’m not even sure what the brand is. It is a cream substance in a tube. You could search online for a silver polish :)

  3. JaneEllen says

    Great transformation Jill. The graphite makes it look much more authentically vintage. Brown? What were they thinking? Love how it looks. I have never had a trophy, earned or purchased. They do come in handy tho don’t they? Good piece to use for a display. Happy Days

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