Stenciling Words on a Wall

Last weekend I went to my Mom’s to finally get a project done for her that she’d been wanting done for awhile.  I’m a terrible procrastinator I’m afraid, and my Mom has to wait on me to get around to her projects.

stenciling words on a wall-1In the entryway of my parents home there is a long wall right beside the front door.  Mom wanted a verse or saying stenciled on the wall.  She decided on the last line of a song ‘Our Prayer will always be may you go with God’  I cut the words out using my silhouette machine.

stenciling words on a wall-2Instead of using expensive stencil material I just used regular 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock that I had on hand and then taped the pieces together to form an evenly spaced, straight sentence.  I have found that cardstock works great to create stencils with my silhouette if I’m not going to be using the stencil more than a few times.  This one was only getting used once so card stock was a perfect option.  My Dad helped me get it straight and even across the top so I could just tape it to the wall with the straight edge of the paper against the ceiling.  I greatly appreciated his Engineer’s mind 😀

stenciling words on a wall-3Dad then suggested that I cut ‘v’ shapes into the top edge so I could tape it to the wall.  Their ceiling is textured so the tape wouldn’t have stuck to it as well as the wall.  Great idea Dad!

stenciling words on a wall-4Dad found and marked the center of the wall and the center of the stencil for me – made for very easy placement.

stenciling words on a wall-5Stencil taped to the wall.  I used Frog Tape to hold the stencil in place.  I don’t use any other painter’s tape since I discovered this stuff.

stenciling words on a wall-6I used a small, foam, stencil brush and used the ‘pouncing’ method to paint the stencil.  The paint is Basics value acrylic paint by Liquitex in a dark grey.  I love these paints so much!

stenciling words on a wall-7All done.  You can see here that some of the pieces of the stencil are coming away from the wall.  I taped most of the pieces down but some I just held in place with one hand while I painted with the other.  I took my time and it was worth it!

stenciling words on a wall-8

stenciling words on a wall-10

stenciling words on a wall-9

stenciling words on a wall-12After the painting was done we decided the top of the cupboard needed some Spring-y decor so we added Mom’s collection of glass juicers and a few faux flowers.  I love the colors of the juicers – they look like the colors of Easter eggs.

stenciling words on a wall-11

stenciling words on a wall-14Since I had more faux Ranunculus I added a few to the ‘welcome’ sign.

Mom has a couple other spots in her house she wants some stenciled word art.  I need to get the stencils made for those so we can get them done too.  I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out.

We did consider adding music notes to either end of the words since this is a song.  I told Mom to live with it a few days and see if she wanted the notes added or not.  What do you think?  Would you add the music notes or leave it as it is?


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  1. says

    It looks awesome! And I was thinking how much I loved the juicers and how springy and Easter-y they looked, before I even read your comments about them. :) I *think* I like it without the music notes. So fun to get a peek!

  2. Becky King says

    I really like the lettering. After living with it a few days I have decided what I want to do with it. I want to take down the picture and move the hall tree. Then I want to center the cupboard under the lettering. There would probably be room for the hall tree on the other side. I haven’t had the nerve to mention this yet to the hubs. What do you think?

    • says

      I like that idea very much! When I was editing the pics I thought it might be nice to center that under the words! Maybe we can do it when Dad isn’t there?!

  3. JaneEllen says

    Yeah, gorgeous. Good idea to center cupboard under quote. The cupboard is gorgeous, is it a hoosier or a step back? Great job Jill. Look forward to seeing the other words you put on walls.
    Love the juicers, I have one in the green, a small one. Love depression glass. It’s very hard to find pieces here that aren’t thru the roof. Don’t know why but when we lived in MT I found lots of great pieces at antique stores and shows for affordable prices. They seem to be quite greedy here, not just for depression glass pieces but furniture, whatever I’m looking for.
    Happy Spring days

  4. brenda says

    I like it the way it is and the furniture re arranging sounds like a winner also.
    Very well done. Hope to see the others soon.

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