New Fabric and Milk Paint for My Stash

A couple weeks ago I made a trip to IKEA and then headed to Columbus to drop off stuff at Feather Your Nest in Pickerington. I picked up some fun things both places. Fabric and Milk Paint to add to my stash :D
fabric finds-1

I seem to have developed a love for cute measuring cups.  I have a growing collection of them and this adorable set just had to join the fun.fabric finds-2

I love how the one is different in color.fabric finds-3

fabric finds-4

This great stack of fabric – I plan to make some little girl skirts out of these and sell them at shows and in my etsy shop.fabric finds-5

A few delightful laminates.fabric finds-6

A couple more pieces of fabric that missed getting in my photo of the whole stack.fabric finds-7

And IKEA always manages to suck me in.  Their fabric wall is like a magnet to me.  Isn’t this fabric great?!  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but I’ll think of something.  fabric finds-8

And this one!  I’m thinking this ‘wood’ be so fun as wallpaper.  (sorry – bad pun but I couldn’t resist)

I think this fabric would be fun to use as wrapping paper for a gift too.

fabric finds-9

And this one.  I looked at it and thought how fun it was but I moved on.  And then anther IKEA shopper got it out and started cutting it and I saw this…fabric finds-10

A knot!  How fun is that?!  I can’t wait to figure out a really cool idea for this one.fabric finds-11

This one will probably be added to some of the skirts for little girls.  Won’t it make a fun twirly skirt?  And it was only .99 cents per yard.fabric finds-12

A few rugs.  I’ve made handbags out of rugs from IKEA so I might do that with these.fabric finds-13

A whole stack of pillow forms.  And I need more already.fabric finds-14And some more Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint for my stash.  I’m ready for warm weather so I can haul a bunch of projects outside to paint instead of turning my dining room into a paint shop.

Yesterday was really cold with quite a breeze blowing.  And it snowed.  And of course it was a day I had to be out.

Know how you know it’s the end of March/beginning of April?

The sun is shining today!  Oh wait… it’s getting cloudy.  What’s that? It’s snowing!  Now it looks like a white-out!  But wait another minute!  Now the sun is coming out again.  No – it’s snowing – er, no just cloudy.  No it’s sunny again.  Wind, snow, sun, rain, wind snow, wind, sun, wind, rain, wind, sun…  Yep.  It’s end of march/beginning of April.

And spring will come and summer will follow.  It always does and always will as long as time continues.  I know.  God tells us so.  Genesis 8:22


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      Thanks Kelly! Just looking at my own photos makes me ready to get busy working with them! I’m finishing up some things to ship out tomorrow and then I hope to get to creating with this stuff!

    • says

      :) No you weren’t screaming you were just excited! I got them in Pickerington at Feather Your Nest. They are only 10 per set plus tax! I thought that was pretty good. I can pick up a set for you next time I’m over there if you want.

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