Another Union Jack Pouffe

First of all I have to say ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart’ to all of you who commented on my blog post from yesterday.  Comments here on the blog, facebook and Instagram.  If you only knew how many times over the past few months I’ve been ready to throw in the towel on so many things.  Some days my little corner of the blogosphere seems so pointless and ‘why try’.  It’s YOU my friends who keep me going when things get rough.  Thank you so much for the support and love you show me – through anything!

union jack burlap pouffe-2

Ok let’s move on 😀

Over the weekend I worked on some projects that I need to be shipping out this week.  But my eyes and mind kept straying to some fabric I had found on Friday night.  I really didn’t need to get it made right away but I really wanted to.

union jack burlap pouffe-3

So late Saturday afternoon I decided to quit thinking about it and just do it!

union jack burlap pouffe-1

So I did.

I created this pouffe out of this great fabric.  Burlap.  Printed with a Union Jack.  Burlap and Union Jacks are both so popular right now and putting the 2 together is just so great.

union jack burlap pouffe-5

While I don’t use a lot of burlap in my home I know a lot of people out there who do.  And the Union Jack is one of my favs.  This is the second Union Jack pouffe I’ve made and while the first is still my favorite I am pretty taken by this one too.

union jack burlap pouffe-4This pouffe is for sale – you can find it in my etsy shop if you are interested.  If you are local and can pick it up contact me – shipping would not apply!

I lined each section of the body of the pouffe because burlap is not as tightly woven as some fabrics.   This is the second pouffe I’ve made using burlap and I do think they turn out quite cute in burlap.  You could also use tan or black or blue serger thread to give this a different look.  I chose red because I like red a lot.  Using a natural color would make the serging not show up and the print would take more center stage.

The pattern for my pouffe is for sale here.

Instructions for making your own pouffe can be found here.

Have a wonderful day – I hope you have sunny skies and warm breezes :)


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  1. says

    Isn’t it so much more fun to tackle a project that you’re wanting to do and feel inspired to do?!! Sometimes, it’s not that I don’t want to do something, it’s just that there’s something else I want to do more. And I think it must just be my human nature to drag my feet at things that “have” to be done. Love the pouffe! It’s adorable~as always!

  2. Pam Ballard says

    I really like this. Great job Jill! Today it is raining here and suppose to for days. Sure enjoyed the sun while we had it.. Have a wonderful day!

  3. JaneEllen says

    Wow I love the sasiness of your pouffe, awesome Jill. Did you get that burlap at Jo-Ann’s by any chance? I was in ours in mall month ago and did they have some incredible burlap prints. The prices were higher but oh me the variety was wonderful. With a coupon not too bad to pay for. They have one with chickens I’ve been drooling over, thought about either stenciling on middle of cupboard doors or putting some of that burlap over it, would have to seal it real well or would be dirty in no time. We have so much dust and dirt that comes in our house.
    We’ve been thinking of selling our place again to move back to Tucson but found out our place is still upside down, bummer. If we could sell it we’d be lot closer to our oldest son in San Diego. It’s about 9 hours drive to San Diego from Tucson. I know cause when I my Mother was in hospital after her heart surgery years ago I made the trip several times on Friday nights then drive back on Sunday afternoon. I did that for weeks til she was put in rehabilitation facility.
    Your pouffe looks so great, smart idea lining it. When I make pillow covers with burlap I make a little muslin cover for pillow first, sometimes I line table runners.
    I’ve been cleaning off top of kitchen cupboards, gross, gag, yuk. Had slabs of styrofoam to build up on top so I could have my chickens show up. Getting tired of that tho so going to leave them empty for while til I decide what I’ll do. While I have the stuff down should start painting walls. Want to paint cupboards also as I do not like one little bit the “stuff” whomever had our place before us ordered for walls or cupboards, not even kitcheny. The cupboards are typical cheapy apartment type cupboards which I hate, look crummy, only good thing about our kitchen is we have several cupboards which always helps. Our house is certainly not our dream house but it’s all we could afford here. The prices for dumps are ridiculous like so much else here as they are in San Diego.
    I loved your post yesterday, not because you have a problem with SAD but because of your honesty, it was felt by all I think who read your post. Honesty with too many people has gotten to be a forgotten trait. I certainly appreciate it.
    Well I better get back to finishing cleaning master bathroom. Have to get shower cleaned good, mop floor and I’m done. Need to vacuum up more dirt on top of cupboards after I washed them just in case. It gives me the willies thinking how dirty it was up there. Not a job I’m real quick to do too often. Last week I did good cleaning in mud room and got fridge cleaned out, hubs even helped me. He’s been pretty good lately about helping me with things, I get tired more quickly than I used to. Hate getting old. Happy Spring days

    • says

      Thank You JaneEllen! And I am going to reply to your email – I just want to put a lot of thought and time into my reply and I haven’t had that time yet! Soon I promise!

  4. Michelle says

    Love your pouffs. So happy you didn’t throw in the towel. I love your blog and enjoy reading your post. No sunny skies and warm breezes here. Instead it is snowing and freezing. Spring is coming I just know it is but I wish it would hurry up already.

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