Wedding Peek and What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been a bit MIA around this blog lately.  I hadn’t even opened my laptop since sometime last Friday!  But now I’m back and I have a wedding peek for you – a very quick peek – and a bit about what I’m up to.

My girls and I took a trip to Indiana over the weekend.  My hubby has cousins who live there and we love to spend time with them.  This trip was a working trip for me – I got to help my friend Belle shoot a wedding :)  My girls got to spend time with their friends.  My husband stayed home to pour some concrete since the weather actually warmed enough to get the job done.  Belle rode along with us and we left around noon on Saturday.  The wedding was Sunday and we were there to shoot from 9:30 till the bride and groom left around 8:00 that evening.  I left the wedding right after and picked up my girls and headed for home.  We arrived after midnight to a husband/daddy very glad to have his girls back.

Those big weekends about do me in – thus I let this blog slide for a few days.

gift -2Here’s a shot of the flowers on the cake.  The whole wedding was beautiful.  In a neat old barn, burlap and chandeliers, vintage goodness and beautiful flowers.  I can’t wait to show you more but I think it’s only polite to let the bride and groom see the pics first, don’t you?

gift -1The gifts for the bridal help were wrapped so cute – I shot a close-up of this one at the rehearsal because I thought it was so pretty.  And I’m sharing it now because it just happened to be the gift the Bride handed me on Sunday evening!  I was so shocked and thrilled to get a gift!  I was just a back-up photographer and I was getting paid to be there and do my job!  But this bride thought of including a gift just like everyone else in the wedding got.  Talk about covering all the little details 😉

gift -3And detailed she is.  I knew the bride but not overly well.  But she paid enough attention to know just what I would like.  Notecards with crowns on them – anyone who knows me well at all knows I have a thing for crowns.

gift -4And a vintage wallet.  How fun is that?  She gave Belle one too – she knows we love our vintage finds!

gift -5Isn’t this just so adorable?  I’ve got to find a way to use this in a photo shoot somehow.  And to take the great idea even farther guess what else the bride thought to do …

gift -7She tucked our checks inside the wallets.  Such a fun little detail!  I loved it.

This week has pretty much consisted of sleeping, laundry, piano lessons, voice lessons, packing and shipping an order, answering a few emails (with my phone cause I didn’t open my computer), a bit of school work, hosting Bible study (which meant I had to do a bit of cleaning and bake some cookies) some more sleeping and a bit of book reading.  Yes, I’ve been taking it easy.  Now it’s time to craft some new things, make some pillows, make some pouffes, get ready for the big kid’s clothing sale I help host every Spring(which means I have to wade through the pile of my kids outgrown clothes and get them priced) and focus on my upcoming events in May.  Life never gets boring and if it does there are always more books to be read 😀

I hope you all have been having a great week!  I will share more wedding photos as soon as I can!(which means I have to get busy editing)


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  1. Pam Ballard says

    You are just so so busy.. I bet the wedding was so pretty. The few pics I have seen on instagram makes me want to see more. What a wonderful gift she gave you. Hope you have a wonderful day. Seems like I have become a once a week blogger. Life is busy here too!

  2. says

    The flowers that were on top of the cake were beautiful! Love the idea of tucking the check inside the wallet too. Can’t wait to see the pics! My niece is getting married on a farm later this year too.

  3. says

    What a creative and thoughtful thing for the bride to do! It’s always fun to see kind and thoughtful people in action and it makes complete sense to me that you’d be involved in her special day because you’re sweet…. and kind…. and super talented! Can’t wait to see the photos! (I’ve been busy here too…posting once or twice a week is about all I can manage right now) Happy first day of spring!

    • says

      Happy First day of Spring to you too Kimberly! It wasn’t sunny and overly warm here today but the kids played outside and I ran a couple errands without my coat so we are getting there!

  4. JaneEllen says

    What absolutely gorgeous flowers, the colors are so pretty. Can hardly wait to see the wedding photos. Lucky you and deservedly, being gifted for your contributions to her wedding. Great wallet also, wonder where she found those. Always nice to made some extra money and visit with family & friends.
    Afraid I’ve been MIA for almost 2 full months with a very sick pc. Finally called gal that used to do our computers and she came out. Took her a week to get it fixed. Had to do a factory recovery. What I did or whatever happened don’t know but it’s fixed, yeahoooo0!, now just have to get it paid for, she lets us make payments. Also got a new keyboard and hubs bought a digital camera. I got alot done around house also, not all that needed doing but alot. Have to go eat my lunch since hubs was so nice to make it for me. So good to read your blog again, sure have missed you. Happy days

    • says

      Hey JaneEllen! I’ve missed you! I thought about you different times and was hoping it wasn’t YOU that was sick :) Glad you got your computer fixed. It will be fun to have you stopping by again!

  5. brenda says

    there seems to be so much lingering illnesses going about, when there is a pause in posting my thoughts immediately go to wondering about that being the cause. Glad yours was a catch up on some much needed rest cycle. The vintage wallet reminded me of the searches for a new one for my mother periodically. she insisted that was how she organized her system and they still had to be creating them. She was correct and we always managed to find one and with some color options. Glad you had such a nice week end even though it was exhausting.

  6. says

    How sweet, thoughtful, and insightful was that bride! You give your heart and soul to your craft, and I am so happy to read and view that your labor was appreciated so!
    Happy weekend, dear!

    • says

      Thanks so much Lynne! And thanks for coming by now and then – I haven’t forgotten you I’ve just been really bad about visiting all my blog friends lately!

  7. Maria says

    Awww how sweet of you to post this, Jill!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it, I had so much fun putting it all together! :):) can’t wait to see more pics!! Thank you for all you did!!

  8. says

    That gift is so neat! Love the wallet…and the detail of tucking your check in it!! I love all the ideas people come up with. Just so fun.

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