A Package Full of Bliss

bits of ephemera-10A couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail from a friend I’ve never met in person.  Someone I’ve come to know from her comments on my blog and more recently through Instagram.  When I pulled the package out of the mailbox I immediately recognized my friend’s name but I was puzzled.  I didn’t remember ordering anything or winning a giveaway or anything that she would be sending me.

bits of ephemera-11I quickly opened the package and I have to admit I gave a huge little shriek of delight!  I had in my hands a package full of bliss and I was thrilled :)

bits of ephemera-13

bits of ephemera-12I love this little card with all the strawberry definitions.  Pam knows me well from reading my blog cause everything in this package were things I really love.
bits of ephemera-14

You must go over and visit Pam – give her some comment love and tell her I sent you over!bits of ephemera-15Patchwork.  How perfect is that in my sewing/crafting room?  And the large card with the ‘f’.  Love.  The tiny chalk board tag has been put to use on my Ribbon Organizer.  And just looking at the pics of everything makes me want to get busy crafting something with the rest!

Pam sent me this package full of bliss simply because she wanted too.  And she was able to get her hands on my address 😀  I was thrilled.  Thanks again Pam – you are a wonderful friend.  ps – I kept the return address – heehee!


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      It was a great surprise – I should get all my bloggy friends to share their addresses with me so I can pop some fun surprises in the mail from time to time!

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      They are aren’t they Debbie! I love it when I make a connection and then form a friendship with another blogger! They just ‘get’ me instead of looking at me like I have 2 heads like some of my IRL friends who just don’t get the DIY and blogging world!

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    SO. MUCH. FUN!!!! It all fits you perfectly! And Pam has a lovely blog. I pop in to it on occasion. I often wish for time to keep up with all the blogs I’d like too, plus keeping up with my friends and family who live nearby! :) AND my far-away family……………too many miles.

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      I hear you – I don’t have time to visit every blog like I’d like to either and there are so many other great ones out there I haven’t even discovered yet!

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    Jill could you tell me how you wash vintage tablecloths with a few yellow stains, pillow cases, scarfs etc. I bought some this weekend at our flea mkt and I am planning to make pillows whatever I can dream up with them. Thank you for whatever information you can give me. Love your blog. Gloria

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      Hi Gloria – I wash my linens in my homemade laundry detergent (you can search for it on my blog if you wan the recipe or I can give you the link) and I use oxyclean. If there are stains I will soak the linens in HOT water and oxyclean and most stains come out that way. If it is an all white linen you can also use bleach if the stain is too stubborn for oxyclean.

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    Pam is one of the sweetest, most generous people I’ve ever (never) met! We’ve become friends through blogging too, and she has sent me some of the best little goodies, that are always perfectly my style! She is a true gem :)

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      I love my blog friends too Susan – and I’m convinced the connection I have with so many great bloggers is one of the reasons I made it through this long cold winter so well. I stayed home most of the time but I didn’t feel so disconnected from everything because of my bloggy friends!

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