Boneless Wings

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Boneless Wings.  You know there really is no such thing as a boneless chicken wing right?  It’s just a made up name for chicken breasts cut into pieces, seasoned, and fried or baked to mimic real chicken wings – but without the bones.  Thus the name Boneless Wings.

Whatever.  No matter the name they are called by, they are tender nuggets of total deliciousness.  And you can make them yourself in your very own kitchen.
boneless wings-10I’ve made several different recipes of wings or fried chicken of some type over the years and I was always disappointed with some part of the process.  Either the batter didn’t stay on, or the flavor wasn’t quite right, or the recipe wasn’t proportioned right.

The recipe proportions is my biggest complaint!  Have you ever noticed that?  You mix up the egg and milk and you mix up the dry mixture and you start breading your chicken and about halfway through the amount of chicken the recipe calls for you run out of the dry mixture you are dipping it in.

Happens. Every. Time.  :(

boneless wings-17So I tweaked this recipe till I had a dry mixture that lasted for the whole batch instead of running out in the middle of dipping my Boneless Wings.  And I switched up some of the ingredients to suit our taste, and to make this recipe uniquely ours.

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Three pounds of boneless chicken breasts, cut into 2×1 inche cubes.

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One secret for exceptional Boneless Wings is to double dip the chicken pieces.  Into the milk and egg mixture – into the dry mix – back into the milk and egg mix – roll again in the dry mix.

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Tip:   – use your left hand to put the chicken in the milk/egg mixture and to place into the bowl of dry mix.  Then use your right hand in the dry mix only.  It cuts down on the gooey, messy build-up on your hands.  

Your Welcome. 😀

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I don’t have a deep fryer.  But you don’t have to have a deep fryer to deep fry Boneless Wings!

All you need is a skillet. I use my electric skillet because it’s what I use all the time and I’m used to it.  You could do the same thing on the stove top – I think my stove top is harder to keep control of the heat.

Fill your skillet with 3/4 to 1 inch of oil.   The oil needs to come up at least halfway on the chicken pieces when you put them in the hot oil.

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You can see here that the oil almost covers my Boneless Wing pieces.  Sometimes the oil doesn’t come up quite this high – there isn’t a perfect level for the oil – you will be turning the chicken.

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Cook on one side for about 5 minutes and then turn and cook another 4 to 5 minutes.  A pair of kitchen tongs works well for turning.

boneless wings-4

Here is a shot of the small amount of dry mix I had left. 

Every single recipe I’ve ever used for frying chicken doesn’t make enough dry mix to coat the amount of chicken the recipe calls for.  This one does because I worked with it till it was right.  And I’m passing on my updated recipe to you 😀boneless wings-8

One of the things I changed up about this recipe was adding the Chipotle seasoning.  It adds just the right amount of sweet spice to the spicy-ness.  My hubby loves it.

boneless wings-16

Ready to see the recipe?  Here ya go!

Boneless Wings


  • oil for deep frying
  • 2 cups flour
  • 4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 tsp chipotle chili pepper
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 3/4 tsp paprika
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • 4 large, boneless chicken breast (about 3 pounds) cut up into 3/4 to 1 inch strips
  • dipping sauces of your choice


  1. Heat oil in a deep fryer, or an electric skillet or saucepan on the stove - 375°.
  2. Mix your dry ingredients together in a large bowl - the flour, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chipotle chili pepper, garlic powder, and paprika.
  3. Mix egg and milk in a bowl and whisk together well.
  4. Dip chicken in egg/milk mixture and then roll in dry mix till well covered. When all pieces have been coated, dip each piece in egg/milk mixture again and back into the dry mix. The double dipping creates a wonderful batter that stays on when fried.
  5. Fry in hot oil in a single layer. Fry till golden brown - 5 to 6 minutes in a deep fryer - 5 minutes on first side and 3 to 4 on the second.
  6. Serve with your favorite sauces for Boneless Wings.


We like to eat these with ranch dressing and Hot Wings Buffalo sauce as dipping sauces.

boneless wings-12

Fresh, hot, Boneless Wings.  Tender, crispy, yummy, hot, and delicious.
boneless wings-13


The sauces my husband likes the best for dipping these Boneless Wings are Ranch Dressing and Hot Wings Buffalo sauce.  My middle girl loves these sauces too.  I think the Buffalo sauce is too hot but I love the ranch on these wings.boneless wings-14

boneless wings-15

boneless wings-9

boneless wings-11

 Do you have a favorite recipe for Boneless Wings or Fried Chicken?  Leave me a comment and share your favs with me!


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  1. says

    Those sound delicious, Jill. I would leave out the chipotle because my stomach won’t tolerate it. I am saving this recipe to try. I always run out of dry ingredients, too. Good job!!! xo Diana

    • says

      I cut back on the cayenne pepper when I added the chipotle, Diana, so you might want to double the cayenne if you don’t use the chipotle. It’s yummy either way!

  2. Janice says

    YUM, Jill! These look amazing! Definitely going to try them. What temp do you set your electric skillet on? (awesome food photography by the way) :)

    • says

      :) I have some leftovers in the freezer we could pop in the oven! I forgot to mention in my post that it’s great to make a large batch, freeze the leftovers and then heat them up in the oven when you are ready to have them again – better than the frozen boxed wings from the grocery!

  3. says

    Jill – That is making me SOOOOO hungry!! I have a weakness for chicken nuggets, tenders, wings, etc. Sometimes I will just order these appetizers as my main course at restaurants. BTW, I love the ribbed ironstone bowl. Very pretty :)

    • says

      Thanks so much Loi! I’ve been known to order an appetizer dish for my main dish before 😉 I love the ironstone bowl too – I found it at an antique shop and had to have it.

  4. says

    I made these for dinner last night and my husband was thrilled. We had to actually put the leftovers away or we would have eaten the entire batch. Thanks for the recipe and I will definitely be making these again.

    • says

      Oh you would love them Jane! And I bet you would put some seriously great looking and tasting sides with them to make a delightful display of food and for the palate!!

  5. says

    These look AMAZING! I have a 3 year old that is obsessed with boneless wings so I am definitely making these. And how did I not figure out the whole gooey hand tip before? DUH! Can’t wait to try these! :)

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