Laminated Fabric and Handmade Items

Today I want to share just a couple of my handmade items with you.  The first one is one of my most favorite pillows I’ve ever made, created using laminated fabric.  The other 2 items are the most recent camera straps I’ve created.


Isn’t this fabric just adorable?  I’ve had it in my stash for awhile.  I bought it because I loved it and just couldn’t leave it there.  I didn’t know what I would do with it but I knew I had to have it in my stash for when inspiration struck.  This fabric is laminated.  The lamination gives it a waterproof surface like oilcloth but it is soft and easier to work with than oilcloth.  This stuff is designer cottons that have been treated with a lamination. It never cracks like oilcloth can and you can iron it from the wrong side because the wrong side is the cotton – the lamination is only on the right side.


Mid-January I started creating some new things and decided to turn this fabric into a pillow.  I’ve never made the laminated fabric into a pillow but isn’t it great for on a porch?!  I’m thinking if it doesn’t sell soon I may just keep it!


The camera straps are made from a vintage grain sack.  The stripes are a lavender/brown color.  The tags I used to embellish them are new but vintage inspired.  I bought several packs of these cute tags at Sew to Speak a few years ago and have had them in my stash just waiting on the perfect things to use them on. handmade-4



All three of these items are in my etsy shop :)


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    I’ve never heard of laminated fabric before. I knew only of oilcloth. Now I know the difference! That’s such a cute pillow. You’re right. It would be great on a porch! Love the camera straps too. One day, if I ever have a fancy camera worthy of having straps, I’ll buy one from you.

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      Thanks Suzan – and you just made me remember the fact that as a business owner I can wholesale fabrics! That way I could produce several of the same thing and also get the price down too! i’m so looking into the minimums for ordering fabric wholesale!

    • says

      Thanks Debbie – and probably hot glue on the laminated fabric wouldn’t be the best – unless of course you only needed to glue the back side to something cause it’s not laminated – it’s the soft cotton fabric 😉

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