Girl’s Room Reveal

Girl’s Room Reveal – finally!  Can you believe I’m finally calling it finished and sharing it with you?!
painted roman shade-43

 Remember the Roman Shade I made for my girls room?  And then I painted their wall using a stencil from Royal Design Studio.

The stencil was given to me to do the wall project in return for a blog post from me about it.painted roman shade-42

Once I had the wall done, the Roman shade didn’t go with the wall.  So to bring you a full room reveal I needed to come up with a new window treatment.  painted roman shade-41

Since I loved the Roman Shade I decided to make a new one using white fabric and painting it with the same stencil to match the wall.  I’m thrilled with how it turned out 😀

painted roman shade-44

 I used the same paint I used on the wall, same stencil, same foam rollers for my brushes.

painted roman shade-45

And now I can finally show you the whole room!painted roman shade-47

I added a vintage ruffle to the bottom of the shade – it is a girls room – but my girls don’t like a lot of girly stuff.  So I have to work in a few frills where I can.  This ruffle was with a bag of vintage lace I got at a garage sale last year and all I had to do was sew it on.  I am loving the look of the ruffle on the rather mod looking stenciled shade.  And even better, my girls both loved it too! Score!painted roman shade-46

painted roman shade-19

painted roman shade-21

painted roman shade-20

 We also changed out the 10 year old carpet for hardwood.  I ordered 3 of the Spot Rugs from JcPenny’s but only 2 of them showed up.  It took several weeks to get it straightened out and then they refunded me instead of sending me the rug.  And I’ve never got around to reordering the third rug again.

painted roman shade-23

painted roman shade-26

painted roman shade-22

 Middle Sister’s nightstand is from Hobby Lobby.  She was with me when we found it marked down to a clearance price so low we couldn’t leave it there.  Not the most girly, but she loves it and that’s what matters!  The top is decorated like she wanted – I shoved all the extra paraphernalia into the drawer 😉

painted roman shade-25

painted roman shade-27

 Little Sis loves shells so I decorated her nightstand with the 2 big shells she owns.  One she bought herself at my Grandma’s auction.  The other I found at a garage sale and bought for her because I knew she would love it.  The wood duck I bought one year when we were visiting my sister in Kansas.  I still love him and think he looks great with their wall.  (you should have seen this nightstand before I styled it.  I’ll show you a ‘keeping it real’ post next week!)

painted roman shade-24I changed out the standard brass closet door pulls for vintage glass knobs.  Another subtle girly bit I could sneak in 😀

painted roman shade-31

 This little nook was created right inside the door when we added the closet to the room.  Old houses do not come with closets or any place to store things or keep clothes out-of-sight.  When we renovated the girls bedrooms we added closets to both of them.

I bought the basket at Home Goods to keep my youngest daughters stuffed animals in.  Believe it or not there are too many to fit in this basket.  Someday I will share with you just how many stuffed animals my girls own!  The large penguin in the back fits nicely in that sharp, tight corner.  The picture of the sailboat is one I found while thrifting last year.  I painted the frame and was planning to resell it but my Middle Girl loved it so much I saved it and gave it to her for Christmas.

painted roman shade-32

Without even trying we somehow have a bit of a nautical theme going on.  The sailboat pic, this anchor that Larke, my Middle Girl, begged me to buy for her at a garage sale, and Becca’s shells.  The anchor I painted with a couple of the paints I used on the wall.painted roman shade-28

The other side of the room now holds the locker along with the storage system we bought at IKEA a couple years ago.  And a little desk we bought at a school auction.  The artwork above the desk is from IKEA.  We have a bulletin board that is supposed to hang there eventually but we want to cover it with fabric first.  And I just didn’t get that project done so we tacked this fun artwork up for now.painted roman shade-30

Dotted duvet cover is from IKEA.  Lace pillow cover was designed and created by my Teenager, Emma.painted roman shade-39

The Roman shade is made of pure white duck cloth.  I will have another post coming with a few details about how I made it and how this fabric does compared to other fabrics.  I did go back to my own tutorial and used it to make this new shade!
painted roman shade-40

 It doesn’t really show up quite this mottled looking from the light shining through.  It’s hard to get a good photo of it with all that light coming through.  I love it and my girls love it and I took the old one down, took the staples out of the board, stapled the new one on, and rehung it in the window all by myself :)  Yes, I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it all without having to have my hubby help me.  Maybe this summer I’ll try my hand at using his saws and drills and other big tools to make some stuff I want made!  But shhhhh!  Don’t tell him – somehow I have to make it seem like HIS idea 😀

If you like the look stencils can bring to a room or project go check out all the great options at Royal Design Studio Stencils.  I love their quality and the list of things you could do is just endless!

Have you used stencils in projects?  Do you have a project you would like to use a stencil on?


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    • says

      Isn’t it fun Jennifer? I love how it did on the fabric too – thinking I need to use part of it to make some handbags maybe?? Drop cloth canvas painted with the stencil and then turned into a bag!

  1. says

    What a fun room Jill!! I love the mix of patterns and colors and all your fun personal touches. GREAT job with the stenciling. The Herringbone Shuffle stencil is one of our most popular patterns and you ROCKED it!!

    • says

      Yes, the color lovers can go sit in my girls room when the white of the rest of my house gets to them – LOL! I love it too – it’s just perfect for my girls!

  2. says

    I just love this room, Jill! It is filled with your creativeness and originality! I bet your girls are so proud and spend a lot of time in it! :)


    • says

      Thanks Jane – yes they do spend a lot of time in their room. And it almost never looks this cleaned up! Just wait – I”m going to show you next week what the spaces you don’t see look like! Just wait till you see my shot of inside the closet! 😀

  3. says

    You did such a nice job with your girls bedroom! I love how you made that back wall a focal point with colorful geometric shapes. I have stenciled walls before, but not in my current house. I also like the spot rugs you used. They are so fun!

    • says

      Thanks Kelly! The girls love it and I love that it’s all finished. I have a shelving project I want to create for their closet but for now I just close the doors and pretend 😉

    • says

      Thanks Amy! come back next week – I’ll be showing inside the closet and a couple other spots where I stashed everything! And within minutes of me saying I was done with the photo shoot the room wasn’t photo worthy anymore!

  4. says

    The room looks so lovely! The hardwoods make it so clean and spacious and the paint treatment and matching blind add color and life. And I do adore that little ruffle-a mama has to sneak in her own touch sometimes! The locker and storage unit look like they were tailor made for that sloping ceiling too. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  5. says

    Oh. My. Goodness. I love this room! I think that nightstand is perfect; I am a major Hobby Lobby shopper too! Your blog is so beautiful; I found you through Nancherrow, and I am definitely your newest follower! :) Pinning this room as well. 😉 Thanks so much!


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