Red Wool Coat and Muff

red coat in the snow-1

Once there was a little girl who had a red wool coat and muff.  She wore it till she outgrew it, and then it was handed down to some of her cousins.

red coat in the snow-2

When it had been worn by everyone who needed a red wool coat and muff, it was put into storage in a closet at Grandma’s house.

red coat in the snow-3

Years later, when the girl’s Mom and aunts were going through things at Grandma’s the red wool coat and muff were discovered in the back of the closet.

red coat in the snow-4

And that’s when MY Mom told me about the red wool coat and muff.  red coat in the snow-5

You see the girl the coat belonged to is my cousin.  And the Grandma who ended up with this darling set was my Grandma coat in the snow-6

Sight unseen, I declared that if my cousin didn’t want the coat and muff I did.

red coat in the snow-7

And the next time my Mom came over she brought the red wool coat and muff with coat in the snow-8

My girls were not impressed with the absolute adorableness of the set, nor did they appreciate the fact that they are coat in the snow-9

The red wool coat and muff hung in the back of my girls closet this year, sadly neglected, as my girls prefered their down coats from Land’s End.  (can’t say I really blame them – wool is itchy)red coat in the snow-10

With all the snow we’ve had this winter I kept thinking I really should do a photo shoot with my 8-year-old wearing the red wool coat and coat in the snow-11

Finally one day I suggested it, and after some persuasive talking, we bundled up and headed out into the cold and snow.
red coat in the snow-12

red coat in the snow-13

‘Mom it’s too bright to keep looking up!  And the snow is getting in my eyes!’
red coat in the snow-14

red coat in the snow-15

red coat in the snow-16

red coat in the snow-17

She got a little nervous when I told her we were going to go out in the road.  I assured her that I would be out there with her, there wasn’t much traffic, and the traffic that was out was moving slowly and I would keep an eye on it!red coat in the snow-18

red coat in the snow-19

red coat in the snow-20

After we finished the ‘road’ pics we took a few behind the garage where I have some doors that I got right before it snowed.  They are old interior doors and really should be inside somewhere instead of outside in the weather.  But there they sit and they made a rather nice coat in the snow-21

red coat in the snow-22

red coat in the snow-23We weren’t out long, it was cold and the wind was blowing.  And Becca kept saying the coat was itchy.  But the red wool coat and muff got a moment to shine again and I got to practice a bit of photography and take some fun snow shots of my ‘baby’.

There is another wool coat that came along with this red one.  It is a pretty, vintage plaid.  It is a bit larger and would fit my Middle Girl.  So far I have not convinced her to wear it and let me photograph her in the snow.

Do you like vintage clothes and using them for photographs?


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  1. says

    That is so cute! Muffs have sort of gone by the wayside, I guess us ladies don’t sit demurely with our hands in our laps anymore. My mom’s bridesmaids carried navy blue velour muffs instead of floral bouquets at her December wedding. So glad B let you take her pics! She looks adorable.

    • says

      I’ve thought of Laura Ingalls Wilder so many times this winter! ‘The Long Winter’ they endured was certainly worse than this one we have had but not by much! LOL!

    • says

      Thanks Bethany! I know she will love having these. My oldest and my youngest do pretty well with posing for pics for me! The middle girl however is a bit more of a challenge to get good pics of – she likes to goof off and act silly. Just when you have eveything right about the shot she makes a face!

  2. says

    Every now and then, I wish that I had a little girl…one that would wear a red coat and muff (and look adorable doing it)and let me take photos of her in the snow. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hug your daughter for me…and tell her “thanks”, from a “boy mom” in Illinois who thinks that she’s pretty darned FANTASTIC! :)

    • says

      :) Thanks Kimberly! She is great about letting me put pics of her on the blog! I still need to have her read all the great comments – I know they are going to make her smile!

  3. Donna says

    Wow! Just my style!! I have a 9 year old daughter and sadly she is getting her own style and doesn’t like smocked dresses any longer or fancy velvet coats! Sigh…. So glad you were able to coax her into this photo-shoot. She is going to be so proud of these pictures when she has her own children and shows them how her Momma used to dress her! :-)

    • says

      Thanks Carla! It’s fun to have vintage things that have a bit of a history and story we know! I’m hoping my Aunt will see my post sometime and see that the coat is still loved! She lives out-of-state so I can’t just run over and show her my blog!

  4. Ronda Zalenski says

    I love the photographs you took of your daughter in the red wool coat. I had a similar coat on the 60’s. It had a cape. It was grey wool with black fur. I felt very special in it. My grandmother had bought it for me. It’s a wonderful memory. Your’e creating memories…..itchy or not! hahaha

  5. says

    My girls would love it. I have two “vintage lovers” in the group of grands. They have a baby blue wool coat with the white “fur” trim on it that has passed through three girls and headed for the fourth. What a fun photo shoot. I hope your other daughter will model the plaid one for us. Great photos, Jill!

    • says

      I really need to coax my 10 year old to wear the plaid and let me photograph her. the snow is melting rapidly but I think we are supposed to get more. I’ll put it on my ‘near-future-bucket-list’!!!

  6. says

    The photos and my niece are so beautiful! Tell Miss Becca I’m realy glad she did the photo shoot. I love the pics with her eyes closed.

    These are just so fun!

    • says

      I love the ones with her eyes closed too! She didn’t – when I showed her the blog post and we got to the ones with her eyes closed she said ‘DELETE, DELETE!!!’ haha! She will get it someday. I’m sure she was remembering how it felt and I know that makes a difference in how you like pics of yourself 😀

  7. Debbie Thacker says

    The coat is beautiful on your pretty daughter! You took some amazing photos! Always enjoy reading and learning from your blog! God bless you and your precious family!

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