Ruffled Ottoman

In my post about my slip covered furniture you saw a glimpse of a ruffled ottoman I’ve had around for a while.  A friend asked if I could share more of that ottoman, so today I’m doing just that.

ruffled ottoman - 6

It’s just a simple cube of an ottoman, I bought it at a friend’s garage sale, and I made a slip cover for it.  I took it with me to a show – maybe last Spring but I can’t remember for sure.  Wherever it was, it didn’t sell and when it came back home it found a spot in our living room ‘for the time being’.

ruffled square ottoman-3

But it never left!  I have found I use it every day.  And it’s white.  So how could I part with it now?  It is the perfect height for me – almost the same height as the seat of the couch – and I use it to prop my feet up while I’m blogging.  Or watching a movie.  Or reading a book.  Or just hanging out doing nothing.  It’s also a great spot to lay my laptop when I’m not using it.

ruffled square ottoman-1

The ottoman’s original wardrobe is chocolate-brown vinyl and there is nothing wrong with it.  In fact it looked rather nice with my mustard-y couch the other day when I had all the slip covers off for a washing.  But I love the white and the ruffles so for me it has to be covered.

ruffled square ottoman-5

Making a slip cover for a cube ottoman is really easy.  Measure one side, add 1/2 inch to all 4 sides and cut out 4 pieces of fabric.  sew them together to form a ‘cube’.  Measure top of ottoman, add 1/2 inch to all sides and cut out.  Right sides together attach top piece to all four side pieces, one side at a time.  Turn right-side out and put on ottoman.  Make sure it fits properly and figure how much of a hem you want.  Or leave the bottom edge raw.  If you want to add ruffles, add them now in any pattern or design you want.  You can see a photo tutorial on making a ruffled ottoman cover here.

ruffled square ottoman-4

I made the ruffles on top of this one follow the square shape of the top.

ruffled square ottoman-7

The sides I switched up a bit.  2 sides have the ruffles running vertically and the other 2 sides they run horizontally.

ruffled square ottoman-2

The edges are all raw edges on my ruffles.  It washes up beautifully – these photos are just a of couple days after I washed all my slip covers.  There are a few long threads that I pull off after it goes through the dryer but each time it is washed there are less strings.  I also try to pull my slip covers out of the dryer before they are completely dry and put them on a bit damp.  This lessens wrinkles and makes them go on nicer.  A good time to wash my slip covers is in the evening and then put them on right before bedtime – that way no one sits on a damp cover and they have time to dry completely.

Do you have slip covers?  I love mine!


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  1. says

    Ha! Great minds think alike! I adore your slip covered stool and you’ll have to come by and see mine. I however was not as clever as you and took mine to a professional seamstress. There were too many curves for my sewing abilities. :)

  2. says

    I love that adorable ottoman slipcover you made! I love slipcovers too. I don’t know what I would do without them. My oldest son wore some muddy shoes in the house recently and dirtied up my ottoman slipcover. I just noticed it this morning and was not happy! His shoes brushed up against the bottom of the skirt so off went the slipcover and into the washer. Now it is hanging to dry and then will have to be ironed. I just washed it prior to the photo shoot too! Argh!! Oh well. I’m just thankful that the mud came out and it will be good as new tonight.

    • says

      Thanks Kelly! I hung my still damp couch cover over a vintage chair that had wood along the top – when we were ready to go to bed I put the cover on the couch and there was a brown mark all across the couch cover where it had touched the wood of the chair :( It will wash out – I’ve done this before with a blanket – but I’m not really wanting to take it off and wash it again right away! Oh well, the kids will probably mess it up enough that they will all need washing again in a few more weeks! I can live with a light brown streak for awhile!

  3. says

    Love your ruffled ottoman. I was noticing your shutters I have those in my bedroom want to do something different with the color instead of white could you tell me what you did to yours, always love reading your posts.

    • says

      Hi Gloria, thanks so much! I painted my shutters with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – I used Shutter Grey and topped it with a very thin coat of Grain Sack. then I finished them with hemp oil followed by a bit of white wax.

  4. says

    Oh! This ruffled ottoman is just glorious, Jill! Actually, the whole room is lovely. Beautiful post, I am off to see more of your posts and your pretty style. Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) : )

  5. says

    This is so fantastic! I never would have been able to part with it! You really, really make me want to learn how to sew…

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    • says

      If I had created it just to sell I may have had to keep it! But since I created it for a client I had to let it go! But it’s one of my favs so far – might just have to make one for myself!

  6. Allison says

    Where did you get that deer pillow??? My mom loves deer and I would love to get one for her!!

    Thank you,


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