Valentine’s Decor

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  I don’t usually do a lot but I have a few things that are a bit romantic and just seem like Valentine’s Decor that I get out.  You really don’t need a bunch of hearts to make it feel like the Valentine’s Holiday.  Here are some ways you can use things you have, craft if you want, or just add some flowers to make your home seem festive.

valentines decor-7570

This is the one piece of frippery I own that is strictly Valentine’s decor.  It has a little box it resides in most of the year and only comes out to play about January – right after the Christmas decor goes back to the basement.

valentines day decor

I have a few cards that have been embellished or are vintage that are Valentine-y.  I think this is the only one that made it out this year.  I’ve been re-organizing and I can’t find the rest of them 😀

valentines day decor

If you are into crafting these salt dough hearts are so fun!  I first saw them at Number Fifty-Three blog and thought they were so cute!  So I decided to make some.

valentines day decor

You really should go see the ones at Number Fifty-Three – she used chalkboard paint on hers.  I decided I wanted all gold for these.  I have a few more to paint and I have another idea I’d like to try on them.  And if you want to make some hears of your own you can find the recipe I used here – complete with photos of the process!

red polka dot umbrella

My sister hung her adorable red and white polka dot umbrella on the door in her guest room!  What a fun way to add a pop of color in a unique and interesting way.  And since red and white are traditional Valentine’s colors I’d say that qualifies as Valentine’s decor!

ruffled scarves

On the other door in the guest room my sister hung a hangerful of fun, colorful, ruffled scarves.

And she has a blog post you should check out that shows some other ways she incorporated Valentine’s into her decor – you really need to see how she used some heart-shaped toy tea bags!

pink and white roses

Fresh flowers are wonderful for any holiday. Pink and white roses just seem to say Valentine’s to me.

petite crown and rose petals

A few rose petals sprinkled here and there add a festive feel.

valentines decor

As the petals begin to drop from the roses, collect them in a vintage bowl and tuck the bowl somewhere fun to make the enjoyment of the roses last longer.deer head pink flwoers

And I’m not above using faux flowers either!  The gold tips on my deer go well with the gold hearts and the crepe paper flowers make him look like he’s ready for Spring instead of stuck in the aftermath of Christmas.

faux flowers for spring

More faux flowers that almost look real, tucked into a silver trophy cup.  Makes it feel like Spring will be appearing any day now!

polka dots and stripes tea cups

Red striped and dotted tea cups add another hint of Valentine’s to my china cupboard.  I love these cups and have several ideas for how I can use them this year.  They came from IKEA and they say Made in France on the bottom.  What’s not to love?!


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  1. says

    So fun! I love Valentine’s and typically decorate my mantle at the very least. I am just not feeling it this year though. Right now my mantle is “decorated” with the game of Life, stray DVD cases, a bunch of papers, two pez dispensers, a prayer covering, diaper rash cream, and three ornament boxes. All things that had to be taken out of the reach of inquisitive 1-year old hands. {Sigh} I just have to remind myself this is a stage and it, too, shall pass.

    • says

      LOL! Loved your list of things on your mantel! Yes, these days will be gone before you know it but you know what? That fact doesn’t really help when you get tired of the messes and just want your house to be neat and tidy and decorated again!

  2. Pam Ballard says

    What a wonderful giveaway. Followed the steps. I love wearing scarves, I am turning 42 this month and am trying to pull off hats and the cute flower headbands. To old?

  3. Joanne Gore says

    Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway. I am definitely a scarf lover. Wear them just about every day in winter.

  4. Gloria McAllister-Roop says

    I have so enjoyed my visit here today on your site. I love the way you use words like “frippery” and “rafflecopter”. Hope it’s my lucky day!

  5. says

    One day, I hope to come visit and walk around your house, taking in all the beautiful things you have and have created. I love your simple decorations. Your house feels so inviting and filled with love…perfect for Valentine’s day.

  6. says

    I totally agree about roses saying Valentine’s Day. They really do! Your house looks lovely…the touches of spring are, I’m sure, very welcome. This weather is getting so old!

  7. anita roth says

    Just fness to found your blog.I’m enjoying it.
    Read your post SAD , I to suffer from it too.
    Thank You for your willingness to share!
    Blessings to your day!

  8. Sue says

    Hi Jill, Would love to have one of those scarves! I love to accessorize with them. Are you anxiously awaiting spring like I am? At least the road crews here in Dayton are doing a great job of cleaning up all the snow and ice. But it’s the bitter cold temperatures that have me bundling up and wishing for spring to come ASAP. Maybe you’ll plan a trip down to the antiques mall here in Washington Township once the weather gets a little warmer. I usually work evenings, but I sometimes manage a day shift. We just opened up our latest phase and now have about 300 shop owners. :-) Sue

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