Beauty all Around

Beauty all Around

There is beauty all around us every single day.  Sometimes we have to look harder for it.  Some days the beauty is so shrouded in clouds and darkness we can hardly find it.  But it is there.  Just waiting for us to notice.  There to brighten the darkness.  There to share our Joy on the sunny, bright days.  There to comfort us in our sorrows.  There to celebrate with us in our accomplishments.

True beauty comes from within – from the Creator of everything on this earth filling us to the top and overflowing onto everything in our path.  Splashing golden sunbeams of HIS Love all over the Souls of everyone we meet.

Here’s to a truly Beautiful Day my friends!


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  1. brenda says

    thank you and wishing you a beautiful day also. I hope you will be able to enjoy the snow with some of those little snow people.

    • says

      Thanks Brenda! My girls did go out to play today but they ended up playing at a neighbors and going sledding so I don’t have any little snow people yet – maybe tomorrow!

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