Disappointed, Worn Out, and Etsy Items

I’ll tell ya, I’m so disappointed at the game the Broncos played last night that I’m totally worn out.

I just couldn’t bring myself to finish writing the post I was planning for today.  

I’m working on a post about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so make sure you come back later this week to read it when I do find the energy to finish it.

 I’ve got to hand it to the SeaHawks – they played a good game.  And I love that Wilson thanks God for getting him where he is.  But I really wanted to see our beloved Peyton Manning get that trophy.  Maybe next year.  Tears my heart out…

Anyway – it’s just a game, it’s just a game, it’s just a game…  How about I show you a few more things I listed in my etsy shop this weekend.  Since I’m too worn out to write about anything that takes much brain power :D
vintage spice tins

Vintage Spice Tins

vintage milk glass cake plateMilk Glass Pedestal Cake Plate

heart pillow made from vintage fabrics

Pillow Cover made with Vintage Fabrics and Trims

heart pillow

Isn’t that heart cute?  It was in a box of vintage laces and trims that I found at a garage sale.  I think it was cut from an old quilt.

vintage green bottle

Vintage Green Bottle

(no idea why I edited the photo that was so off-center) (also no idea why I didn’t take the time to go edit a different one – cause this was before the Broncos lost)

toy tea bags

Tea bags are still available.

(yes I know I’ve shown these before – I like the pics so I can’t help myself – I have to keep showing them to you ;) )

linen pillow with vintage tassel trim

Linen Pillow with Vintage Tassel Trimlinen pillow with vintage tassel trim

The tassel trim was new-in-the-package but was vintage stock.

grain sack toy tea bagsMore tea bags (already said it – I love the photos)

Dr Seuss pillow - pink linen with appliqued trees

And another pillow cover.

This one is pink linen and the fun trees are appliqued on.  I just had the thought that they look a bit Dr. Seuss-ish.  Wouldn’t this be cute in a Seuss themed room?!

And that’s it for now.  I’d love it if you would go browse my shop!  If you find something you like I’d love it if you purchased it :D

And if you want to share my shop with your friends I’d love that too!

And just for you, and just because I need to do something fun to offset the disappointment of that game tonight, how about a coupon code for the shop?!  Use the coupon code LETSHAVESOMEFUN on any order and save 15%.  Just for today – ends Feb. 4th.


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  1. Jill, you’re so sweet for including the hawks in this post even though u r a broncos fan! Xoxo

    • Thanks Melaine – they played a good game! Was so sad to see the Broncos not even play half as well as they are capable though. Not sure what happened but they just couldn’t get it together!

  2. Sorry that your team didn’t win. I watched the game too, but wasn’t favoring one team over another. I know a lot of people were diaappointed by the Bronco’s not winning and their low score.

  3. I am sorry, did the Broncos play in a game last night? Cause the game I watched..they didn’t even show up! grrr…
    I was so disappointed. And I truly know about disappointment. I am a Cleveland Browns fan. :(
    I live in the south now but I will always love my Browns. BUT I really love Peyton Manning and so wanted the Bronco’s to win!!!! At least show up and be the great team they are. You don’t get to the Super Bowl unless you are a great team. I was so saddened for them. Our whole houseful of guests were! I was stunned. The Seahawks defense just beat them. But the Broncos play better than they did last night. :(
    Ginger recently posted..LETS MAKE A KITCHEN CHALKBOARD ON A SNOWY DAY!My Profile

    • LOL! You are SO right Ginger! I think someone kidnapped the team and sent in guys dressed up like the team. It was so disappointing. After that first play they just couldn’t get it together. Still wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD THAT CENTER THOUGHT HE WAS DOING!

  4. I was on the road so missed the Super Bowl yesterday. I kind of quit watching when the Packers are done for the season.
    Cute items for sale, Jill. Hope you have a great week! xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted..Shower Me Pink And Pretty- A Baby ShowerMy Profile

  5. I did not watch the game.We were away for the day with friends from church. We had a lovely day. When we got home we looked at the score and could not believe it. :-(

    Love your items. Good Luck and Happy Sales.
    Carla TePaske recently posted..Chocolate Cupcakes with Peppermint FrostingMy Profile

  6. So sorry Jill! My team just barely missed the Superbowl. It was a stinker of a game. Everything in your shop is so cute though would cheer anybody up!
    Karen recently posted..Bookshelf Dumpster Diva, A Major MakeoverMy Profile

    • It’s just a game, it’s just a game… but oh it’s hard to take! I wonder how the PLAYERS feel! And I’m assuming your team was the Niners – we watched that game too and were rooting for them – they played a great game!

  7. You have an awesome sportsmanship.. looking forward to read your up coming blog :)

  8. Boo hoo! All of us in Denver are SO bummed, still stunned and wondering what happened! Thanks for rooting for us!! :)
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..kate spade inspired valentine table…My Profile

    • It was AWFUL Pam! I wanted to cry! We are really Colts fan around here but we LOVE Peyton so now we are Broncos fans too. I would like to know too what in the world happened – they did not play like the great team they are.

  9. We get like that up here with our Hockey playoffs – your heart just sinks – what an awful feeling !
    I have to come back to hear more about SAD – I think I may have that lol

    • I still feel so bad for Peyton Manning! That team is way better than they played in Sunday’s game. What a let down. And the post about SAD is up – you can go over and self diagnose yourself :)

  10. your items
    are just adorable!

    and i’m dealing with
    the same thing

    blah blah blah

    i can’t take much more

    i need Spring!

    Nancherrow recently posted..Welcome to Fridays Unfolded #95My Profile

  11. I had the same thoughts~in the scheme of my life, it is just a game. Quite sure it feels a little differently to Peyton. Still wanted him to win so much. One certain thing in life is there will always be uncertainties and surprises.

    On to other things~love the etsy items! Love the heart pillow. Thinking it might look cute in my guest room! Guest room on the brain right now!! But, not sure I’m adding that color of red. Thinking more the raspberry color like the umbrella and contemplating orange curtains. Thinking they would go good with the saying on the pillow I “ordered”.

  12. Oh my what fantastic finds and creations. I love that applique pink pillow. You are an artist when it comes to making beautifully, well executed, interesting things. The tea bags are one of my favorites as well. Keep taking pictures and showing them off :)
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted..Goodwill Hunting RoundupMy Profile

  13. I saved a pic from a magazine for a loooong time that had vintage spice tins, they cut the back off, bent the sides out just a bit and screwed them to a piece of weathered wood then planted tiny flowers in them. It was VERY cute.
    Mrs. K recently posted..Welcome 2014My Profile

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