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Ohio weather = bipolar.  I’ve heard this said on facebook a few times in the past several days!  Ohio weather is a fickle, ever-changing thing.  One minute the breezes are soft and gentle and the air warm and lovely, and the next it’s hurricane force winds and temperatures straight from the North Pole.

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The first snow of the season was before Christmas, it came down soft and thick, not much wind and no ice.  This little munchkin of mine spent hours at a time out in the stuff – first at my Mom’s house and then at ours.

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She loves to build these adorable tiny snowmen – and then she carries them around to different spots in the yard as she plays and pretends and weaves all kinds of imaginary tales in her mind.  Last winter she made quite a few of these too.

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etween the first snowfall and Christmas the fickle Ohio Weather decided to warm up and rain.  And rain and rain and rain.  It flooded our area to heights I’ve never seen before.  The street we live on is called ‘High St’ and it was given that name for very obvious reasons – it is the high street.  We slept soundly in our beds as the rains poured down and the floods rose higher.  Nary a drop of water even entered our tiny basement.  Not everyone was blessed to live on a high street.

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On Sunday morning when we headed out to church we had to stop and dig my camera out of the back so I could photograph the water that had us open-mouthed with amazement.  Living on a high street in town where you can’t see out to the country keeps us very isolated to what is going on with Ohio Weather!!  I was happy that my camera had been packed into the car that day.

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 These people couldn’t even leave their homes as their lanes were covered by quite a few inches of water.  I cringe to think what basements looked like.

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 This is the road we usually take to church.  I’ve never seen the water so high here.

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 This is from the bridge overlooking the river and the town’s park is to the left.  That bit of grass you see sticking out is the top of a levee – you can see as it goes towards the right of the photo that the levee is completely under water.  I’ve never seen that levee completely under water before.

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 The river is supposed to be between the row of trees on the left and the leaning trees to the right.  Ohio Weather.  You just never know what it’s going to offer up.  I cannot imagine anyone choosing to live in Ohio because of the weather.  I live here because I was born here, my family is here, and my friends are here, and God hasn’t called me to go anywhere else yet.  But if I were choosing a place to live solely based on weather, Ohio Weather would be one of the last on my list – along with Alaska and Siberia. :D

Since Christmas we had more snow and temps well below freezing.  I don’t remember it being so cold since I was just a kid.  Polar vortex they called it.  I was just thankful that we have a furnace in our house now – we never could have stayed in our home if we were still using the puny heat sources we used 10 years ago!  And I’m so over snow already I didn’t even bother to take any photos of it this time.  I spent as much time sitting on the couch with a warm blanket watching movies with my girls as I could!

Hope your week is off to a great start and your weather is pleasant.  If you are enduring cold weather I hope you have a warm home to cozy up in.  If you are enjoying warm weather – enjoy it even more for me, kay?!


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  1. Anita Ward says:

    Bless you, I cannot even imagine living in that kind of weather. I was born and raised here in SC and I do thank God for that and I also pray that it will be His Will that we live here as long as we are on this earth!!!!!

  2. Oh ur little snowman is so cute. Sorry about the flooding, the weather has been the same here. I am sorry to see the snow go as long as the roads are clear.. our garage is flooding.. :”(
    DeborahW recently posted..Veggie Soup ( -14 degrees and 12 inches of snow)My Profile

  3. Oh you poor thing! I’m so sorry that you’ve been plagued with such bad weather. I have never been to Ohio, so I had no idea it was so bad. I use to work at a company where I spoke to a salesman that worked there and they were always having snow in the winter. That part I knew. I didn’t realize you also had flooding problems. I won’t ruin it for you and tell you what kind of weather we’re having here. However, it is supposed to get cold again with possible snow on Wednesday. We shall see. Your kids little snowman is precious. That’s so cute that she picks it up and moves it around too.

    • Well don’t come to Ohio to enjoy the weather – LOL! The tiny snowmen help just a bit with all the snow we can have! Funny thing is we can have winters with almost no snow too. Bipolar I tell ya!

  4. it sounded on the weather reports as if there was a lot of frozen ice and snow creating blockages that caused your flooding. the fickleness is so absolute, I can speak with my father in the evening and whatever was going on when my daughter spoke with him on her lunch break has already blown away ALLL IN ONE DAT..
    Aside from the weather, I really count it a blessing to have been reared in an area with so many Christians and a different atmosphere.not to be critical but it is my experience only.

  5. Oh my gosh, that sounds like Colorado! Love your sweet one and those mini snowmen!! :)
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..i jumped on the radiant orchid trend…My Profile

  6. Oh my goodness. That is insane. I can’t believe how much water was blocking the road, looks more like a river than a road. Wow.

    Love the mini snowmen. Made me smile.
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted..BirthdaysMy Profile

    • It was crazy Amy! We are high enough I never know it’s flooding till we drive out of town – it’s always a bit of a shock when it floods – especially this time cause its never been this bad!

  7. PA is just as bipolar as Ohio. I’m use to the rain and snow but the wind and frigged cold temps I am not. I absolutely despise the wind. Last week we had both. I thought for sure when I went to bed on Tuesday our house would have blown to a different spot by the time we woke. The wind was relentless and the temperature dropped and kept dropping. It was so cold my youngest had off from school. He was loving life me not so much. I’m thankful mother nature decided to relax. Today was actually pleasant.
    Your sweet one and her mini snowmen are adorable. Love that she moves them.

    • I hear you Michelle and I’m right there with you – hate the cold and wind. It’s been better temps here lately but it’s raining and raining again. I’m so ready for summer!

  8. Hate to tell you but no matter where you live there are always crazy weather days. Sorry it’s been miserable cold and mostly the awful flooding. Snow I like but rain, no thanks, just makes a mess. Your daughter is so cute with her little snowman, so cute. Ah to have that kind of imagination huh?
    We’ve lived in a few places so know how it is. I still love Mt but in the spring it’s mud season, uck. They get their share of snow and cold, or they did when we lived there, in spades. We came home from being on the road one night to so much snow we couldn’t get to our house, had to shovel snow to get off the road. Then we hefted our luggage and dirty clothes to the house, snow was up to my knees. We had a little black cocker and we had to carry her the snow was so deep. Ah well I could tell you weather stories forever but will give you a break, lol.
    I’m glad we live up higher also, we’re only 2 miles from the CO river. After what happened on front range I get nervous when it rains alot. Glad you are on higher street so you could avoid all that water. It’s scarey to see it that way from your photos. Have great week and hope it clears up, no more rain. Happy week Jill

  9. Believe it or not you have made me miss home. I am originally from Toledo and my husband is from Massillon. I truly do not miss that weather, but I know exactly what you mean by saying it is bipolar. If you don’t like it, wait a few minutes, it will change! Sending you some California sunshine to warm up your day! Adrienne

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