French Linen, Soap, and Baskets

I recently splurged and bought a French Linen table runner for myself.  Just for me – not to repurpose into something I can sell, not to use for the blog, just something I fell in love with and bought for myself.  french linen baskets and milk pitcher-5I bought this vintage linen table runner from Tracey at French Larkspur.  She has the most delightful shop, a beautiful blog, is one of my favorite photographers, and is one of the sweetest people I’ve met in blogland.  I’ve followed her blog from clear back before I started my own blog I think.

french linen baskets and milk pitcher-2

If you are in the mood for some authentic French goods French Larkspur is where you need to head to – so much loveliness straight from France.  The prices are very reasonable for French goods too :)  Tracey included this wonderful soap and some vintage papers in with my table runner too.  Love her packaging – it’s like opening a Christmas present and finding even more than you expected inside!

french linen baskets and milk pitcher-1

I love cool papers for crafting.  It’s been awhile since I pulled out the paper stuff and created things.  Maybe I’ll put that on this weeks ‘schedule’.

french linen baskets and milk pitcher-3

These baskets were a goodwill find.  My BFF text me a pic of them and wondered if I wanted them.  Of COURSE I wanted them!  I love them.  For now they are helping me with some organization in my work room.

french linen baskets and milk pitcher-4And last but not least – the ‘Milk’ pitcher.  Found at Home Goods, purchased by my Sister and then given to me 😀  I was so surprised when my Mom said my Sister had left it here for me when she went home after Christmas!  She says she mentioned my birthday when she bought it but I’d totally forgot she said that!  My memory is slipping away now that I’m just months away from the big 4-0!

Do you have a favorite place to shop?  Favorite thing to shop for?


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    We all deserve to treat ourselves sometimes!! I love your runner…I’ve been following Tracey for a long time, too. How neat that she included the other goodies! I’m in love with the MILK pitcher, you have a very sweet sister!


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    I just love that french table runner! I’ve purchased things before from French Larkspur and agree that she has wonderful packaging. She gives your purchase an extra touch with something unexpected. Love the milk pitcher you got from your sister too. Too cute!

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      I’d buy every single thing she lists if I could afford it Kelly! Her photos just make it all look so wonderful and I want to recreate the look in my own home.

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    I LOVE your table runner! The little soap that you received was made by my friend, Ellie, at Frog Goes To Market. She’s got an ETSY shop with fabulous handmade soaps and a blog (not updated recently but look at her past posts) with GORGEOUS photos of her collections of ironstone, wood and pewter. 40’s not bad…at least not from what I remember…it’s been awhile! :)

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    Thank you again Jill for blogging about your purchase from my shop!!! Your kind words mean so very much to me, a huge thank you!!!

    LOVE the milk pitcher and baskets too! 40 is really not bad, just a number, it’s more the anticipation of it that is hard! I was so glad when the day was done and over and I could stop dreading it :))



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      I agree about the looking forward to 40 being the hardest – I’m just ready for the day to come and go and move on! HA! End of May and we can forget about it!
      Thanks again for the lovely table runner and your wonderful packaging.

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    Very fun! I love the idea of opening a package to be surprised by more surprises. 😉
    I will have to check French Larkspur out. Thank you for sharing.

    Hope you are staying warm!

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      Thanks Carla – and yes, we are staying warm as long as we are inside! I haven’t been out of the house for 8 days now and I’m getting a bit stir crazy but if I go out in the cold I get sick so I’m staying in.

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    That is a beautiful piece, Jill. How nice (and wonderful) that you bought something just for you. I know that you have a hard time doing that sometimes-it is so easy to buy for the kids. or to resell, but harder to buy just because we LOVE something.

    I love our HomeGoods/TJMaxx stores here but I try to not shop too much because, trust me, I need NOTHING- xo Diana

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      Thanks Diana! I don’t go to those stores much either because I always find stuff that would be fun to have at reasonable prices and I talk myself into it cause it’s a good deal! But I really don’t need to spend the money! It is fun to go when I do need stuff – like bath towels or clothes for the kids :)

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      Thanks Kelly – I can’t believe the difference the past year has made in how much I forget – my birthday is in May so I have a couple more months to ‘enjoy’ being in my 30’s but I’m kinda ready to just get it over with and move on towards 50! LOL!

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    Wow. Those are some beautiful things…photographed beautifully as well. I love the linen. I actually can’t believe you splurged on something for yourself…just you! You deserve it. The baskets are great and the milk pitcher adorable. I’m off to go window shop some French linens now :)

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