Heart Tea Bags and More in the Etsy Shop

Last night I added some things to my etsy shop.
heart shaped toy tea bags

Some handmade fabric ‘tea bags‘ for little people to play tea party with.  Vintage grain sacks with red stripes.  Perfect for a Valentine’s Day tea party for the little girl in your life.
heart shaped toy tea bags

Vintage feed sacks in red and white checks make lovely tea bags.etsy-3

A vintage metal sign.etsy-4

Vintage platter and bowl.  I listed these together because I think they go together so well.  They are different brands but look like they were made for each other!

A larger platter that I just love.  I had a hard time listing this one but I can’t keep them all!etsy-5

Little shiny metal pitcher.  This could stand in for a mini trophy cup in a trophy display.etsy-9

Set of pewter cups.  etsy-6

Old Ironstone plate.  Has been well loved but still a fun piece to use for display or a photo shoot.etsy-8Set of 3 glass measuring bottles.  The middle one has a lavender tint to it and the one on the right has a pink tint.  So fun and I love them but once again I can’t keep everything and these got added to the pile to sell.

I have more vintage items to get listed – hoping I can continue to make as much progress as I did yesterday.  I have stacks of stuff cut out and ready to sew together too.  Today my middle girl is going to learn to use the serger.  The teenager is going to learn to sew up pillows.  That is the plan anyway – we shall see if I can find the strength to FOLLOW THROUGH!


Sew a Fine Seam

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  1. I am a relatively new follower and just read that you have a teenager and am in disbelief.

    • Oh yes, Brenda, I have a teenager! She will be 15 in just a few weeks. A little over 6 months and we will be adding another driver to this household -eeeeek! I turn the big 4-0 this year too – double eeeeeek!! LOL!

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Lots of hallmarks in your life this year. You will be surprised what 40 does for you. You pass a new point of perspective in your life.
    How would you love to have 3 teenagers at once? Eeeekkk. Sure glad I was young then. At 37 I had 3 teenagers. By the time I was in 40’s my kids were almost ready to flee the nest. When oldest was 17 I had a 7 yr. old so was starting again. You’re doing great girl.
    Love new things for your etsy store. The little bottles are my favorites, I have some from Mt, had a lavender tinted one, pretty dark actually, but it got broken, I was not happy. I’ll have to take a few peeks at your etsy store. Happy weekend

    • :) JaneEllen I will have 3 teenagers at once for about 3 months someday! haha! When my youngest turns 13 my oldest will be 19 for 3 more months then she will turn 20. It seems so funny to think of that but I know if I blink it will be here!

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