Do you use Google+ ?  I’ll admit I’ve used it for quite some time but it’s only just recently that I’ve started understanding it a bit and enjoying it.  It all started with this post from Ann of On Sutton Place.

sewafineseam DIY home decor sewing painting

I put together this collage recently to use as my header on my Google+ page.

g+ party 150x150


Today I am linking up at this google+ party!  It’s a great place to grow your circles and increase your presence on Google+.  If you would like to grow your circles too head on over and link up.  Make sure you read the rules and go have some fun!

And just in case you are wondering – it is only


days till April.  Spring WILL come – it always does.

Stay warm,


Sew a Fine Seam

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  1. my head is spinning from all the various types of social media available today. I’ve heard of Google +, but don’t really use it. My husband said it’s similar to Facebook? He understands it, so maybe I’ll ask him about it. What do you see is the advantage to having it over Facebook and your blog? I’m just curious because I’d like to know if it’s for me or not. Maybe I’ll go check out Ann’s post too.

    • I didn’t either, Kelly, for a long time. I’d post my blog posts over there using the social media share button on my blog but lately I’ve been spending more time over there. It is sort of like facebook – the biggest thing I didn’t like about it when I first signed up for it was the fact that all my friends were on fb but they weren’t on google+. Now fb has changed so drastically that you don’t see nearly everything that gets posted! So for me using Google+ is a better way to keep up with my blog friends. I still use fb as much as I can business wise but it’s getting less and less helpful with business stuff. Growing your presence on google+ can help you grow your blog and/or business. I’m sure there are bloggers out there who go more indepth with the benefits of being on google+. Ann from On Sutton Place might be a good one to ask – she might at least know where to send you to read an article about it! Hope this helped you a little and if you have any more questions please ask! If I don’t know the answer I’ll try to find it for you!

  2. I’m intrigued, I need to read the post you linked to. So far, I’ve refused jumping on board. I know that’s probably not smart but I haven’t wanted one more thing to keep up with! :)

    • It’s a good way to keep up with other bloggers Jennifer – especially since fb keeps limiting what we see more and more. The problem is when people we want to follow and stay connected with are not on Google+! I think it was Jenny Melrose from Melrose Place blog that had some wonderful tips about how to use Google+ last year. I need to dig it up and read it again.

  3. Nan, Odessa DE says:

    I heard about your blog using shutters as inside window treatments.
    DETAILS, please. What hardware is needed? Clearance from furniture to swing shutters closed? etc.
    I NEED YOUR HELP with this. Love your site!

    • Hi Nan,
      We used hinges from I think is the one we ordered. My hubby flattened the part that was bent to make them work for us. You can buy shutter hinges that are big and pretty but they were $20 for each shutter which would have been $40 per window. As for the clearance you need you can measure your shutter width and that is approximately how much you will need. All shutters are different in size so the clearance will depend on size. When the shutter is perpendicular to the window it will stick out the width of the shutter so that will be your clearance.
      Hope that makes sense!

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