Antique Shopping with Kids

In October we took a trip to Wisconsin – a part work/part fun trip.  We got home the first or second of November and from then till New Year’s it was a blur of projects, business, family, and life-in-general.  I never managed to blog about all the things from our trip I had planned.  So now that the bustle of the holidays is past and January is swiftly winding down, I’m dusting off those pics, editing them a bit, and finally sharing with you!
antique shopping in wisconsin-1

If you remember we went to meet a blog friend of mine, Laura from The Ironstone Nest.  I did some sewing for her and took a paint class from her.  On Sunday before my paint class my husband and I took the kids to an antique mall.  Have you ever gone antique shopping with kids?  It is really quite fun if you go with the attitude that you are going to cater to the kids and make it fun for them.  It’s not a great time to do serious shopping for yourself or for your business 😀  But if you like antique shopping then I’d recommend you try it with your kids sometime.  Do it for them – start that love for old things and re-purposing early 😀

antique shopping in wisconsin-2

I could have spent hours browsing and a ton of money if I’d had an abundance of both.

antique shopping in wisconsin-7

There was everything there – from fine antiques to junk.  The old clothes always draw me in – I’m always trying to see the textiles repurposed into something ‘new’.antique shopping in wisconsin-6

antique shopping in wisconsin-8

antique shopping in wisconsin-9

I could happily spend hours digging through baskets of old linens.antique shopping in wisconsin-10

antique shopping in wisconsin-4

My 8 and 10-year-old girls thought we HAD to bring this ship home with us.  They begged and begged.  Besides the fact that we didn’t really have room to haul something so intricate home, we also didn’t have a place at home I could imagine putting it.  And although it is a glorious piece of craftmanship I wasn’t into paying money for it either.

antique shopping in wisconsin-11

Miss Emma Kate spent a long time exclaiming over the dolls.  I think she has inherited a love for dolls from her Grandma Becky :)

antique shopping in wisconsin-14

And the hats.  They all had quite the time trying on old hats!

antique shopping in wisconsin-15

antique shopping in wisconsin-12

Although Larke liked the old dagger better than the hats.  And more than the ship too.  This dagger was priced quite high and I would never buy something so dangerous for a kid anyway!  Her Dad is just outside the frame of this pic making sure she is very careful!

antique shopping in wisconsin-13

And Becca Pearl.  Her love of stuffed animals is rivaled by none I am quite convinced!  This one came home with her.

antique shopping in wisconsin-3

These two munchkins thought this would be a nice addition to our home – I was not impressed and would not be swayed!

antique shopping in wisconsin-5I would have happily brought this fisherman’s creel basket home with me.  But the price was high and the size was large, and we didn’t have the room.  Now had it been $5 or $10 I would have found room – somewhere – even if I had to hold it for the rest of the trip 😀

You can see the few things I did purchase here and at a couple other shops here.

Do you like to antique shop?  Have you ever gone antique shopping with kids ?


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  1. Michelle says

    Last year for Mothers Day my husband and boys(ages 20 and 14) took me to some of my favorite antique store. As we were walking through the aisles they were taking pictures of themselves doing funny things with antiques. I was walking ahead of them so I had no idea. When we were done they texted me the pictures. They were quit funny especially one of my youngest with a top hat on and him carring a suitcase like he was going on a trip. They were able to entertain themselves while I looked around. I didn’t purchase anything that day but the pictures were priceless.

  2. says

    yes, I love to antique shop. My kids are not interested in it though. Your girls look like they had a lot of fun rummaging through all the old stuff. It probably teaches them a bit of history just by walking around there. I like the fishing creel you found too. I wouldn’t have paid much for it either though.

    • says

      Yes, Kelly, they are learning a bit of appreciation for old things. I hated antique shopping as a kid – it was all glass ware I thought! That was the kind of stuff my Grandma liked to look at and I only remember couple of times that I was even along when my Mom, Grandma, and my aunts went antiqueing. I learned many years later that it can be the most fun ever when you go looking for the stuff you love!

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