Homemade Latte


Are you a coffee lover?  Do you drink it every day?  I never dreamed the day would come when I would find myself among those who call themselves coffee drinkers.  A couple of years ago I discovered that I did enjoy an occasional latte – especially if it was from Starbucks.  A caramel latte – especially if it wasn’t too strong on the coffee taste but leaned more to the caramel and cream side.  Gradually I came to drink the stuff more often, even tasting my husbands coffee occasionally when he made it from really yummy smelling beans.  And then I discovered that I could blend my own delicious brew with the right ingredients.  And just a few months ago I took it to the next level and began making my own lattes at home.

Homemade Latte

latte without a machine-8

Half and half is my favorite for cream.  I’ll use the heavy whipping cream of course, but I find the flavor is richer with half and half.  I add a heaping teaspoon or so of sugar – depends on what kind of coffee we have and how good it is :D  And the secret for my homemade latte is the immersion blender – the one I bought for mixing my milk paint!

latte without a machine-9

Yep, you read that right!  I bought Miss Mustard Seed’s immersion blender to use for milk paint and it never made it to the paint cupboard!  My husband picked it up and looked at it when I brought it home and said ‘You should use this to froth your coffee’.  So I tried it.  And it worked.  And I loved it!  And who cares if it says ‘milk paint’ on it!  It’s a darling graphic and such a cute color I’m not finding it one bit awkward to use for my coffee every morning :D

latte without a machine-10

Seriously!  How cute is this?!
Latte without a machine-1

I thought I’d share how I make my lattes.  Now I don’t claim to make them better than Starbucks.  If someone showed up at my door with Starbucks I’d be delighted.  If I’m headed to town early in the morning you can bet I’ll find an excuse to swing by Starbucks instead of making my own.  But for the most part I’m at home in the mornings.  I make my own coffee drinks so this is wonderful for me.

I start with a cup of hot black coffee – a cute mug is not necessarily required but I’m convinced it does make any hot beverage taste a lot better.

Latte without a machine-2

I put in my scoop of sugar and then add the cream (half and half) till the coffee is the lovely caramel color I like it to be.  This is learned by practice!  Sometimes I have to add a bit more sugar or cream – depends on what coffee beans my hubby has used.

Latte without a machine-7

Immerse the blender in the coffee, turn on, and blend for about 15 to 20 seconds.  If the mug is too full it can quickly overflow on you as the cream whips.  You can heat the cream first if you want, and even whip it before adding it to the coffee.  But all those steps take more time and if the coffee is very hot to start with I don’t need my cream heated first.  The cooler cream makes my coffee the perfect temperature when I’ve started with hot-hot coffee.  Latte without a machine-6

Latte without a machine-3

Quick and easy!  Just the way I like it.  Hot coffee.  Add sugar.  Add half and half (or cream).  Whip with immersion blender.  I’m sure the cute milk paint blender makes it taste better too.  Sit on sofa and sip latte with a happy smile on your face!

Latte without a machine-4

How about you?  Ever made your own Latte?  Someday I want a big kitchen with a special spot for a coffee station – a big one!  I want a nice Keurig, one that will make Lattes :)


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  1. What a great idea! I never even knew how to make lattes until now. I thought it was much more complicated. I love coffee in the mornings too. But, I have switched to decaf. It may not wake me up but it’s a nice way to start my day. Thanks for the tutorial. Now I need one of those blender thingys! LOL!
    Kelly recently posted..Shopping TripMy Profile

  2. Jill, this pretty much how I drink my coffee as well. Although, I use those coffee syrups you can find in the coffee isle at the grocery store. I love em! They make your coffee taste more gourmet. And, you can’t beat the price for $1 a bottle. (I got mine at Walmart) They come in all different flavors, even caramel! Plus, they are sugar free! Woo hoo!
    ~Stephanie Hill

    • Thanks Stephanie! We have the syrups sometimes too. Travis just brought home some caramel ice cream topping for a dessert my daughter is wanting to make for the Super Bowl and I’m thinking I might have to ‘steal’ some to put on top of my ‘latte’ !!

  3. I love coffee. I pretty much drink it all day. Well until 4:00pm if I have any after that I’m up all night. My husband teases that all I have running through my veins is coffee. I use to buy drinks from Starbucks but with the amount I drink it became a little pricey. I drink my coffee black but when I get a craving to have a latte I’ll have to try your recipe. It looks yummy. Pretty nifty idea using the paint blender. Just an FYI Ikea use to sell them for .99. Not sure if they still have them. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    • Thanks Michelle! I’ve never noticed the whippers at IKEA but I bet I just overlooked them! I’ll have to get one next time I’m there in case I do want to use this one for paint!

  4. I love coffee too!
    This is such a fun post.
    I love your idea and I plan to try it.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Carla TePaske recently posted..Mush!My Profile

  5. LOVE your frother, Jill! Wonder if Marion is a coffee drinker? :) I’m a BIG coffee drinker, and think those kitchen coffee stations are so fun! I’m always so excited to come home around 4:00 and find my cup in the microwave with leftover coffee in it! :)

    Btw, I’ve been having trouble with my blogroll updating some blogs in a timely manner, I think yours is one of them, sorry if I’ve missed your posts here and there!
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..ikea storsele…rattan chairMy Profile

  6. I am not a coffee drinker, I’d like to be and I’ve tried but blech. Maybe when I get a bit older and “grow up” :) I do agree though, that a special cup makes any drink taste better. I like hot drinks, hot cocoa, hot tea, and my favorite is a chai latte. Your whipper looks like a fun gadget to have!
    Mrs. K recently posted..Welcome 2014My Profile

  7. I love my morning latte too.. thanks for the great idea.. think I’ll buy two one for paint and one for kitchen. BTW I love the hazelnut creamers that I buy in the store but I am really trying to cut down on buying so much plastic.. I had almond flavoring in my cabinet and put some in a recycled glass jar w 2% milk and a package of splenda and I am a happy girl!!
    DeborahW recently posted..Veggie Soup ( -14 degrees and 12 inches of snow)My Profile

    • Oooo Deborah that sound yummy! I agree I don’t like the plastics either. I was quite put out when I found out the CoffeeMate was oil! I like the Natural Bliss by Coffee Mate. I’ll have to try some almond flavoring sometime – sound great! Thanks for sharing your technique!

  8. Love the immersion blender for hot drinks! It is so cute! Must add to my want list!


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