Holiday Home Tour

It’s Holiday Home Tour Time!

Do you love touring beautiful homes during the holidays?  If so you stopped by my blog on just the right day!  Beth from Unskinny Boppy is hosting her Holiday Home Tour this week and today she’s featuring mine :)  You can see my photos here but make sure to go over to Beth’s and see the home she featured yesterday.  And go back tomorrow and Thursday and Friday to see the rest of the great homes she is featuring!

house tour christmas 2013-59

house tour christmas 2013-60

I didn’t get a wreath for the front door this year – instead I put this together and hung it on the porch to the right of the front door.

house tour christmas 2013-24

Come right on in and shut the door behind you – the cold and snow can stay outside!  Our front door opens into our dining room – old houses have interesting layouts and lots of quirks and character.

house tour christmas 2013-28

house tour christmas 2013-20

house tour christmas 2013-18

house tour christmas 2013-16

house tour christmas 2013-13

house tour christmas 2013-10

house tour christmas 2013-51

house tour christmas 2013-54

Our living room – and one of the projects I was talking about.  Those slipcovers on the couch and chair are hot off the presses – er, sewing machine!

house tour christmas 2013-55

My deer from last year still presides over this room and considers it his own.  Beyond him you can see the first glimpse of another project that is still cooling off from its very recent finish.

house tour christmas 2013-53Antique shutters are finally hanging at my living room windows – I’ve only been waiting for them to be hung for 6 years.  Six very long years!  I’m so happy to finally have them up!  I’ll be sharing the story of the shutters very soon!

house tour christmas 2013-43

My chalkboard art from last year never got redone but it did find a new place to hang this year.  We don’t use the corn stove anymore so the cupboard I had hanging here that stored all the stove stuff, was removed earlier this fall.  The chalkboard was the perfect thing to hang in its place.  Hopefully by next Christmas the stove will be gone too.

house tour christmas 2013-45

Christmas tree with packages tucked neatly underneath.

house tour christmas 2013-40

house tour christmas 2013-34

house tour christmas 2013-31

house tour christmas 2013-47

house tour christmas 2013-35

The deer on this shelf I found at Goodwill a few weeks ago and painted them white with gold accents.  They found a resting spot on the shelf in our bathroom.  It’s always fun to add some touches of festivity to the room we use for getting ready to go places!

house tour christmas 2013-38

Can you spot the camera that is an ornament?  I found it at Target.

house tour christmas 2013-36

house tour christmas 2013-23

I had impressive goals for some makeovers in my kitchen this year but somehow the months slipped away and those goals are going to have to get passed on to the New Year.  So I added some Christmas touches and called it good for yet another year!house tour christmas 2013-1

house tour christmas 2013-2

house tour christmas 2013-6

house tour christmas 2013-61

house tour christmas 2013-63

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy, and blessed Christmas this year, and thanks so much to Beth for including me in her Holiday Home Tour!

Don’t forget to go back and stroll through the rest of the homes in Beth’s Tour!  Merry Christmas!


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  1. Your house looks so amazing! The shutters look incredible. If you find another pair let me know, ok?

    The slipcovers and lighted cabinet are lovely.

    I do love the wood on your piano. It really brings some warmth into the space.

  2. Oh Jill…your house is gorgeous! I love all of the vintage touches in your holiday decor. And those slip covers!! Wow! The shutters are amazing too. I really love your Christmas display near your front door….so clever!

    Happy Holidays,


  3. I just found your blog on Pinterest and I love your home. Your Christmas tour is gorgeous. Newest follower. Can’t wait to snoop around the rest of your blog.

  4. Beautiful Jill!! Your new slipcovers are so beautiful!! You are such a talented lady!
    Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage recently posted..Our Woodland Christmas TreeMy Profile

  5. beautiful my friend… so cozy and I just love something in every room. Hard to imagine since I’m not a white person.. but somehow you pull it off with a bang in my opinion. Good job!

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