Happy New Year’s Eve

happy new years eve

 Happy New Year’s Eve!

Have fun and be safe!

Will you stay up to ring in the New Year?  Will you host a party for family and friends or will you attend one?  Will you spend a quiet evening at home and go to bed early?  Do you have traditions you stick to every New Year’s Eve?  Whatever you do I pray God blesses each of you in ways you haven’t even thought of :)


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  1. Thank you!
    Sadly, my grandma is not well and is in the hospital. I am waiting for a call from my sister on our next step.
    God is Good, she is in a lot of pain, may His will be done.

    Carla TePaske recently posted..Grandma’s Best Hot ChocolateMy Profile

  2. Happy New Year Jill. We stay home and have a quiet evening. We are suppose to get 6 inches of snow so it will be good to not have to go anywhere. Have a great start into the new year.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. My husband, boys and I will be staying home this New Years Eve. We typically do. I make food that we don’t normally have. Everyone picks their favorite and I whip it up. This year is a of mix of all different stuff. Artichoke dip requested by my youngest. Brownie truffle by my oldest. Ribs for my husband and I was craving shrimp We snack on it while watching movies. We try really hard to stay up and watch the ball drop. For most it isn’t a very exciting way to ring in the New Year but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. JaneEllen says:

    What do you and your family do on New Years Eve Jill? Do you have people over?
    We’re not much for doing any thing wild on New Years Eve any more. We used to go to a movie later, have a snack some where then home when we lived in CA but since we moved to MT our hilarity ceased. We’d go to a bar/restaurant/get together place for people out where we lived once in awhile. Depended on the weather. If it was snowing heavily no, too dangerous to drive in it. One night we came home from said place we almost got run over by a herd of elk, really. We went down into a low spot and bam there they were, didn’t see them til almost too late with the snow blowing. Quite an experience. We were glad to get home.
    If there was a full moon and lake frozen over it was breath taking as we came out of the woods onto higher ground could see for miles and lake was so gorgeous with snow/ice in the moon light. Out there late at night there wasn’t any human traffic so had to be careful, nobody around for miles to help if anything were to happen. I’d still go back in a heart beat. Loved it there.

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