Decorating a Home Besides My Own

The week of Thanksgiving I not only began decorating my home, I decorated a friend’s home too.  It’s so fun to stretch myself and decorate in a space that is not all white, use stuff that belongs to someone else, and create a look they will want to look at for a few weeks during the Christmas season!  I did do some shopping with my friend in mind and I took along some things I wasn’t using in my house.  There IS a good reason to hoard stuff I guess ;)
Angies Christmas Decor-20

I took one of my cast iron urns from outside over thinking I might fill it with sticks and create a tree of sorts.  We ended up with this instead and I think it turned out great – perfect spot for an indoor urn.
Angies Christmas Decor-19

The rug I’ve had for years.  I bought it to put under my nativity and used it for a few years.  It’s been packed away for the past several years but it’s one thing I just couldn’t get rid of even though I hadn’t used it for a long time.  I’m glad I still had it.

Angies Christmas Decor-21

Turn around from the front door and the stairway rises beside the dining room and the hallway leading to the kitchen and living room.  We didn’t want to scratch the woodwork by hanging garlands so we hung the stockings her instead.  I love the look!

Angies Christmas Decor-15

To the right of the front door you enter the dining room.   Angie’s 5 children were delighted to help out wherever they could so they set up these trees for me.  Angie strung the lights and her girls added some decor.  The black top hat was from the dollar section at Target.

Angies Christmas Decor-18

Baker’s twine adds a festive touch as laces for the skates and a ‘ribbon’ on the top hat.

Angies Christmas Decor-17

Angies Christmas Decor-14

Angies Christmas Decor-9

Angies Christmas Decor-10

Adding some festive touches to what is already in a cupboard is a quick easy way to add holiday cheer.
Angies Christmas Decor-12

Angies Christmas Decor-11

Angies Christmas Decor-13

Angie had one extra stocking so we used it on the dining room side of the stairway.

Angies Christmas Decor-22

Turn around from the tree display and you see Angie’s beautiful china cupboard.  I love this cupboard!

Angies Christmas Decor-24

Angies Christmas Decor-23

Angies Christmas Decor-4

I just added Christmas-y stuff to this cupboard too.  No need to empty and replace unless you really want to.

Angies Christmas Decor-5

Angies Christmas Decor-6

Angies Christmas Decor-7

Angies Christmas Decor-2

Angies Christmas Decor-1

Angies Christmas Decor-8

The faux fruit I’ve had for years and years now too.  I don’t always find a spot for it in my house but it’s another thing I just can’t get rid of.

Angies Christmas Decor-3

The little wreaths were a new purchase this year – I wasn’t sure when I bought them if I would use them or if I would use them at Angie’s.  Since I didn’t find a perfect spot for them in my house I took them along and they worked great on her cupboards.

Angies Christmas Decor-40

This plaque hangs on a wall in Angie’s kitchen.  A bit of boxwood tied on with red and white baker’s twine and you have instant Christmas decor.

Angies Christmas Decor-28

This glass urn was already on Angie’s kitchen island with the crown in it.  I added the boxwood and a paper ornament that is among the stash of decor I can’t part with.

Angies Christmas Decor-26

Glass vases with boxwood and ornaments and a miniature nutcracker tucked into the corner of the kitchen counter adds a bit of seasonal decor to the kitchen.

Angies Christmas Decor-27

At the other end of the counter we placed a metal star and a book with a winter scene.

Angies Christmas Decor-29

Angie made this nativity when she was a teenager I think she said – I just LOVE it!

Angies Christmas Decor-30

Love the gold detailing

Angies Christmas Decor-34

This darling wooden church is just perfect on Angie’s mantel in the living room.  I found it recently at an antique shop and got it to use here.

Angies Christmas Decor-33

Angies Christmas Decor-32

Angies Christmas Decor-31

The burlap trees are from Hobby Lobby and were so cheap I couldn’t make them myself that cheap.  There are some tutorials out there if you have the stuff on hand and want to make your own!  My friend Ann, from On Sutton Place, has a tutorial if you want one.

Angies Christmas Decor-38

On a side table in the living room I put a faux log with a small drawer.  Angie’s son was enthralled with it and filled the drawer with ornaments for me.  He kept wanting to push the drawer clear in though – true male – he doesn’t get the whole ‘decor’ thing :D

Angies Christmas Decor-35

The wreath Angie has had for years.  I convinced her to get it out and hang it up!  Tucked some fresh boxwood in and added the bell to the center.

Angies Christmas Decor-36

Somehow this large nativity just looks great on a piano.

Angies Christmas Decor-37

Angies Christmas Decor-39

Angie’s girls helped me fill this basket with holiday goodies.  They were such fun and were delighted to help.  We put a few things in their bedrooms too and they were thrilled.  I didn’t get pics of any of that though – I’ll have to go back!

Angies Christmas Decor-25

And finally, I tucked some fresh boxwood in the dining room curtains.  A great way to add some festivity and it’s so simple.

Next week I’ll share how I decorated another friend’s home!

Hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly and you are finding time to slow down a bit and enjoy it.


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  1. Jill, You did a great job and that wreath looks great no matter how old it is- Adding the boxwood really makes it Christmas-y! That is one thing I like about staging- I get to play with other people’s “stuff” and use it in unexpected ways-which is exactly what you did here- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted..DEAR Me! Look What We Found In The WoodsMy Profile

  2. Wendy Lavy says:

    Jill, great job-loved all your creativity. What a creative way to make that wreath look beautiful! Did you end up getting some boxwood?

  3. Jill, your friend’s home looks pretty and festive. I love the little skates and top hat :)

  4. everything looks beautiful. You did a great job in decorating your friend’s house
    Daniela @frugal ain’t cheap recently posted..Decorate for Christmas in 1 hourMy Profile

  5. What a nice idea to decorate a friends house.
    I am sure it was very much appreciated
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Love that you used boxwood..I often use it, mixed with other evergreens. Maybe by itself this year. Also love the touches inside the china cabinet…nice look! I am not sure I would have the confidence to decorate someone else’s house…you did a beautiful job!

  7. angela rogers says:

    Well.. as you all can see.. Jill did a wonderful job in my home.. such a treat… it’s so fun to see how someone else works with your stuff.. such a blessings.. we are truly enjoying the fruits of her labor.. beautiful decorating.. thanks so much my friend!!

  8. Great job Jill, love your friends old wreath, the additions are great, nice to be able to supplement the wreath with fillers. What a compliment to be asked to decorate for the holidays in your friends home. Sounds like you’re a very busy lady, styling other people’s homes and your own holiday decorating to do. Seems like there’s never enuf time to do it all.
    We just got our tree put together, did some other decorating and think it’s done. Our l/r isn’t that big so don’t want it to look cluttered. Was fun using what I had been able to get to this year. Not too much “stuff”. Happy holidays


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