Cloche Filled with Ornaments – a Tutorial

christmas decor 2013-19Last week I showed you some of my Christmas decor which included this cloche full of ornaments.  I’ve had couple questions about how I got the ornaments in the cloche.  So when I helped my Mom decorate over the weekend I snapped some pics of how we filled her cloche so I could show you!

ornament filled cloche tutorial-1Step 1: Turn cloche upside down.  Make sure the inside is nice and clean :D

ornament filled cloche tutorial-2

Step 2:  Fill cloche with ornaments.  Pack them in as snugly as possible without cracking them.  The last few ornaments must be flush with or a bit below the edges of the cloche.

ornament filled cloche tutorial-3

Step 3: Place a flat cookie sheet over the bottom of cloche.

ornament filled cloche tutorial-4

Step 4:  Turn cloche right-side-up while keeping cookie sheet pressed against the bottom.

ornament filled cloche tutorial-5

ornament filled cloche tutorial-6

ornament filled cloche tutorial-7

Step 5:  Place edge of cookie sheet on surface you want your cloche to reside on.

ornament filled cloche tutorial-8

Step 6:  Gently slide ornament filled cloche off the cookie sheet to the shelf/table/etc.

ornament filled cloche tutorial-9

ornament filled cloche tutorial-10

Step 7:  Remove cookie sheet completely and return it to the cupboard it came from.

ornament filled cloche tutorial-11

You can now slide the cloche (gently!) to the position you want.

ornament filled cloche tutorial-12

Step 8:  Add a few other bits of decor and stand back and admire your efforts.  Take a picture.  And enjoy for the Christmas season!

Is your decorating done?  Do you have something fun and festive displayed under a cloche?  :D


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  1. Yep- That is how I fill a cloche, too. What fun that you could help your Mom do that. I hope you are enjoying every moment of the Season. I am so far behind after out little guy was so sick that several things are NOT going to get done this year- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted..Romantic Homes December Issue 2013My Profile

  2. You are an engineering genius as well as a seamstress…make sure to add that to your header :)

    It’s beautiful!
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted..Meerry Christmas BannerMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the instructions. I kind of thought that was how to do it. I was reminded while looking at the pics of how much I like your mom and dad’s brick you painted. I do want to paint mine someday!

  4. Beautiful! You did a great job taking the photos for this. Makes it easy! :-)
    I also like your parents brick. :-)
    Carla TePaske recently posted..12% off ~ Let’s Celebrate the 12 Days of ChristmasMy Profile

  5. Becky King says:

    Notice in the next to last picture how the white ornaments show a reflection of Emma and me!

  6. Beautiful! Love it.

    I don’t have a cloche. {Poor me.} My small one got broken, shattered, destroyed. Sad, but it was just “stuff”.

    Love the Colts t-shirt and the blue dress! And the close up picture of the upside down cloche and Emma’s hand and them filling it. The boxwood touches are beautiful. Lovely, lovely, lovely. So lovely.

    {Yes, I’m feeling wordy today. I have these moments.}

  7. Love how Emma’s tshirt and nails compliment your mom’s blue dress :)
    Mrs. K recently posted..eShakti – It’s Like Having your Own Personal Tailor {$30 off Coupon Code!!!}My Profile

  8. So fun!! Love the touch of greenery you added. We all should be so lucky to have such great assistants! :)
    Pam @ Simple Details recently sequin pillow…simple bling!My Profile

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