Thankful, O Lord, to Thee

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Thankful to Thee, our voices raise

In grateful sacrifice of praise,

Myriads of blessings to thank Thee for,

Praise be to Thee forevermore.

Thankful for the glory of Heaven above,

Blue skies and rainbows, tokens of love,

The cold breath of winter, fields silenced in white,

Summer so vibrant with warmth and might.

Thankful for the gift of a newborn spring,

Sweet, small voices with beautiful wings,

For meadows grown rampant with flowers and grass,

For the song of the brook, and the wind in the pass.

Thankful for billows of fluffy, white clouds,

The voice of creation in thunder so loud,

Moisture from Heaven, refreshing and free,

Dewdrops dripping from leaves on the trees.

Thankful for autumn all trimmed in gold

With its brilliance of color and beauty untold,

For the rustling of corn all crisp and brown,

The fragrance of fruit on trees bent down.

Thankful for home, Thy palace for man,

Foretaste of Heaven, God’s wonderful plan,

Singing companions whose love for the Lord

Unites that home with loving accord.

Thankful for the patter of little feet,

Shrill shrieks of laughter and voices so sweet,

Little hands folded and small knees bowed,

Thankful, O God, for the prayer of a child.

Thankful so much for the smile of a friend,

For the courage of brethren from beginning to end,

For kindness of loved ones in time of need,

 Comfort from neighbors in words and deeds.

Thankful, O Lord, for abundance of bread,

Abundance to spare, so bountifully spread,

For freedom to pray, to read, and to sing,

Freedom to do most anything.

Thankful for trials, temptations, and loss,

For maturing our souls, purging out the dross,

Renewing our trust, arousing our hearts,

Deep yearning and love in our inward parts.

Thankful for ministries of Thy Word,

For crowds of saints where Thy Word is heard,

For conviction, instruction, comfort, and love,

Sweet contact we have with Thy throne above.

Thankful, O God, in Christ’s dear name

For redemption and wisdom, a Savior slain,

For love and compassion, great mercy and grace,,

The privilege of seeing the Savior’s face.

Thankful to Thee for this and more,

Our lives abound from Thine exhaustless store,

Thou who art God, forever the same,

We thank Thee, we praise Thee in Jesus’ name.

     - Philip J. King (my Dad)


  1. Your Dad wrote that? It is a beautiful piece. I love the part about being thankful for the trials and tribulations-something that is not always easy to be thankful for. What a smart man!

    I went over to your sister’s blog and got her recipes for dressing. For some reason I could not sign up to follow her- I will try again later. It just went into limbo when I tried- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted..Snippets Of Fall At My HouseMy Profile

  2. Oh my word! Your dad? What a blessed daughter you are. But truly we are blessed from his words.
    Laura Ingalls Gunn recently posted..God Doesn’t Need Our Good Works…..What?My Profile

    • :) He wrote this poem quite a number of years ago. He has written several articles and poems over the years – he is a rather good writer if I do say so myself! And he’s a pastor – a really good one!

  3. I Hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and dinner. The poem was beautiful Jill. Your Dad is very talented. He must be a devout follower to be able to write such beautiful things about our God. I truly enjoyed reading it. Will be forwarding it to a very long standing friend of mine. Happy Days

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