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How is it that I went from wondering what I had to blog about to having so much to blog about I feel I’ll never get caught up?!  Not complaining – a blogger needs stuff to blog about!  We arrived home from our 8 day vacation late Saturday night – like after midnight late.  We all were happy to see home – Emma and Larke were both homesick and we were all ready to see our own beds and relax in familiar surroundings.  I have oodles of fun stuff to show you from our vacation but the pics I edited last night are the ones from the shop in Pickerington, Ohio where I took my wares a couple of weeks ago.  Feather Your Nest shop is so cool and amazing I have to share it with you.  If you like to support small shops instead of just the big chain stores this one needs to be at the top of your list!


The shop is so cheery and delightful!



I wanted to bring that bee hive basket home with me but I didn’t get any shopping done – I’m headed back soon to shop for Christmas!


Caitlin, the shop owners daughter made these cute pumpkins if I recall correctly.



Bamboo rugs like the one I put in my living room after the Springfield flea.  I got mine from Feather Your Nest.








Cool lamp shade reconstruct!














Milk Paint display.  They also carry a chalk paint but a different brand than the Annie Sloan I’ve used – I may be switching up my chalk paint so stay posted and I’ll let you know what I think!  I’m definitely going to be using Milk Paint more now since my trip to Wisconsin – I’ll be sharing more about that soon too!


Denise and Caitlin served some yummy treats for their open house – nice Marcy and I were set up right beside them :D


They also have a room full of fabric!  Woo-Hoo!  Can’t wait to get back over there on a shopping trip and get some new fabrics to play with!




The lamp was for sale – I so wish I had room in my sewing room for a lamp!


And the delightfully worn picture frame – still wishing I’d have bought it!  I also just realized I never showed you our set-up – just some shots of the handmade things I made to take.  I’ll share the set-up soon too :)

That’s it for now – I’m still exhausted from our vacation – how is it that you feel like you need a vacation more after getting home from one than before you leave?!!!!  Haha – I’ll be back at it hard all week – my to-do list is already 10 projects long and counting… (and that’s just the sewing)


Sew a Fine Seam

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  1. Thanks Jill for your kind words about our little shoppe! I need to get some American Paint Company paint and wax into your hands to try too! You will love it =)

  2. Wow, what a great place. I would have to go there once a week!!!! I love the sewing room and those binds filled with goodies …nice, charming and oh so warm. xox
    Corrine recently posted..Mood Monday — When You Think You Got NothingMy Profile

  3. That shop is darling! The outside is so, so cute.

    I reaaly, really love that clock. And those pumpkins are darling. Love all the glass bottles and cute little wire holders. What great planning to be set up beside the snacks! ;)

  4. Glad to hear you had a great time. Isn’t it funny/odd how you have to come home to rest up after a vacation. Glad you got to go. Look forward to your next post.
    I’ve been on several blogs that praised the American chalk paint and waxes.
    Oh boy would I have a good time in that store, so many goodies I’d have hard time deciding what I absolutely couldn’t live without. Loved that little clock. I’d love to collect old clocks to put on my shelf/i.e. mantel and my corner l/r shelves.
    When we lived in KY there was a great little shop with different vendors in Bowling Green I’d go to. Oh did I get into trouble in that place. Still have a few of the pretties I bought there.
    I noticed 3 pieces of decorative pottery in that shop you showed, two of them the aqua color, oh my. I’d love to have them. Some of the things I bought at shop I talked about above I got some pottery pieces.
    Have you ever heard of petal ware? Got some of that in MT, it’s kind of like milk glass but more translucent, with a pretty pattern on it,quite delicate. Since I don’t have anyplace to show it it’s all out in our shed in a box. I miss having my pretties to look at. Have a few pieces of Jadeite which I love also. A few of my favorite pieces of jadeite got broken which didn’t make me real happy. I’m surprised my bigger blue mason jars survived all the moves.
    Our local thrift shop has a china cupboard/hutch for $25. I’d so love to buy that so I could redo it to replace couple of our cupboards. It’s closed in on bottom but open shelves on top. Just think I could paint it and it would really snazzy up our kitchen. Get the blasted bakers rack out of there. I keep my collection of bowls on that.
    Guess I’m gonna shut up, go take a shower before our heater goes down to 62 degrees after 11. It gets
    pretty cold in our room as it’s at back of mfg. home. The heater is way up front so by time any heat gets back there it’s not so warm. We have to use an electric heater in the bathroom during cold temps. Take care ok. Happy week

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