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Since I am madly sewing for an event that is happening this week I am bringing you a post from last year in October.  Originally a ‘Sunday’ post I thought I’d share it again today.  I still love my morning quiet time although this fall has been a bit hectic and I haven’t really got the habit of getting up early ingrained yet :D  I still read my Bible in the mornings, though now I read it on my iPhone.  I’m now finishing up Micah.  Still reading cover to cover – taking however long it takes me to get through it :)


Most mornings through the week I take myself and a cup of coffee to the couch and spend awhile with my Bible and God.  I love this time and I look forward to it.  But it wasn’t always this way.  I knew I should have time with God daily.  I heard preached that it was a joy and I heard lots of people give their own testimonies about loving their quiet time with God.  And I smiled and acted like I was right there with them, on the same page, having my own wonderful hours with God every day.


Coming to the point of looking forward to quiet time with God, and really missing it when circumstances keep you from it, takes time.  It takes a diligent effort to keep making time for it each and every day.  I spent the first 20 years of my walk with Jesus Christ doing daily Bible reading and study in fits and starts.  I’d get all pumped about it and do great for a couple of weeks, sometimes just a couple of days.  Then life would take over and before I knew it weeks or months had gone by without much personal Bible time.

If you are in the stage of life that includes babies and toddlers, trust me, your day will come!  My baby and toddler days are long gone and I definitely have more time for Bible study than I did then.  My girls take care of themselves for the most part.  No bathing, diapering, dressing, combing, etc. from Mom anymore.  It makes a difference!  So if that’s where you are don’t despair, don’t send yourself on guilt trips about it, grab what you can, when you can, and cuddle those babies while they are babies!

I see young girls today who read and study and discuss Bible stuff with their friends and I want to give them a high-five!  How wonderful to get the Word of God hidden in your hearts now!  The more you commit it to memory at a young age the better.  It will be there for the days and years ahead when you are raising that family and ‘quiet time’ is essentially non-existent!

There is one thing that has really opened doors for me when it comes to true understanding and enjoyment of the Bible.  My parents gave me a comparison Bible several years ago for Christmas.  Since then I have purchased an NIV so I could carry that version to church without taking the huge comparison Bible, which has 4 versions in it.

nlt bible - birthday gift

My sister gave me a NLT for my birthday this year and I cannot read through it fast enough!  I’m currently in 1Samuel.  I am reading from cover to cover, something I’ve never done before.  And I’m enjoying it!  It took time.  More time than I would have prefered.  But I am choosing to look forward and go on from here instead of lamenting the years I spent reading God’s word in fits and starts.


I hope you enjoyed a re-run from the archives.  I would still recommend the NLT version of the Bible if you are in search of something that reads in the language we speak today!


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  1. Sounds familiar…for years and years I was so consistent with time in the Word each day. All it takes though is letting a little something else (like say, a blog or two) come in to steal my attention and it’s easy for that time to be co-opted. I miss out when don’t take that time. There is so much there in the Word that makes a world of difference when I just take even a little time with it. I love reading those Old Testament chapters too, Jill.
    Liz recently posted..Sucker for a Friday SaleMy Profile

    • It does make such a difference in the days I have early appointments or something keeps me from my morning reading/prayer. And I’m so glad to get back to it the next day! And I know how easily other things can take over too – I CANNOT check my email or do anything online first or it won’t happen that day!

  2. Renee A Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing, you really are an inspiration for me…!!

    Thanks for sharing Jill, God Bless, Renee A

  3. I really like the NLT. I have that version for almost 10 years.
    Daniela @frugal ain’t cheap recently posted..Chicken wire projectMy Profile

  4. Anita Ward says:

    Your blog is certainly an inspiration to me . I am a 66 year old Nena to a 17 year old grandson who lives with us. I admire you for talking about your quiet time with Our Lord and I can remember how I was at your age with a young daughter running around the house! As you grow older, you will understand how important this time with Our Lord really is!!!!!!

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