Cornstarch and Water

I’m pulling out an old post again and reposting it.  My almost-8-year-old has been asking me to make this again.  I need to put cornstarch on the grocery list so when ‘Indian Summer’ hits I can mix some up and send her outside to play :D

Originally posted in May of 2012


Have you ever mixed cornstarch and water for your kids to play with?  I posted about this quite some time ago – you can see the old post here if you want.  One weekend recently The Teenager went home with a friend.  Her friend’s sisters came home with Middle Sister and Little Sister.  And they wanted to play with cornstarch and water.  So I mixed some up for them.  They had a lovely time with it!

Squeeze a fistful of the goop and it goes dry and powdery – for just a second…

… let it lay and it spreads out and gets runny.

Spring/Summer is a great time to do this as they can go outside and clean up is as simple as getting out the garden hose!

Having friends is so much fun!

And after a day of play, brownies with icing sure hits the spot.

Add some homemade ice cream and you have the perfect Sunday evening snack.

Recipe for cornstarch and water for kids to play with:

About twice as much cornstarch as water.  Martha featured this in one of the old Martha Stewart Kids.  I have the old magazine stored in my basement.  Somewhere.  I just mix till it’s right.  Add more water or cornstarch till the mixture is right.  It should run through your fingers slowly but be hard like cement when you hit it with your fist.  Truly amazing stuff – your kids will love it.  And it cleans right up with water.


It truly does clean up very easily!  While I prefer to send them outside so I can just hose everything off I have been known to make this for my kids to play with INSIDE.  Just check out this post for proof!  It was years ago and the post migrated over with me from blogger so it’s all a bit wonky but you can see the mess I let my 3 daughters create in my kitchen.  It really did clean up with water :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. Looks like so much fun! We have never done that. And I, of course, love seeing the girlies!

    Those brownies look incredible!

    Sounds like you need to declutter the basement! ;)
    deborah recently posted..Marinated Chicken BreastsMy Profile

  2. :) I DID declutter the basement some before our childrens clothing sale!! I’ve got more I’d get rid of but the girls AND THEIR DAD won’t let me!!!!

  3. We love cornstarch and water here too. Once Mr. Steady decided to store it up on top of the hutch. Well, guess what…cornstarch and water will mold like no tomorrow.

    Me thinks you need to do another post with that brownie recipe!
    Mrs. K recently posted..Compassion in TanzaniaMy Profile

  4. My poor son missed out, I’ve never heard of cornstarch and water and now he’s too old! You’re making me want another pan of brownies! :)
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..brick herb markersMy Profile

  5. Oh now that’s not fair gal, those brownies look too good. I can see I’m gonna have a hard time keeping my weight down this holiday season, groan. I have zero will power and love fattening desserts.
    All the girls are so gorgeous, just think how pretty they’ll be when they get older. Oh boy Mom you better get the girl police ready.
    That looks like fun, playing with the good stuff. If you put that stuff in a mold, will it harden? Would be interesting to see. Don’t know if I’d like to clean up the mess in the kitchen but you’re a better Mom than I was. Happy weekend

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