Copper Sink and a Cute Faucet

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We have a copper sink in our bathroom and I love it.  We’ve had it for years now – at least 7, maybe longer, I can’t remember for sure.
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I don’t remember for sure how we stumbled onto these sinks on eBay but that is where we found it and it wasn’t outrageously expensive either.  We paid more for that cute faucet than we did the sink.

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I saw a ‘waterfall’ faucet 15 years ago when we were still young newlyweds and I loved it.  It was for a tub and was over $900 bucks.  I knew I could never have one but I dreamed of how cool it would be.  Fast forward a few years and our local home improvement store was carrying this one – my hubby knew he couldn’t even try to talk me out of it even though it was $150 for the faucet.  He just smiled indulgently and put it in the cart.  I still love my ‘waterfall’ faucet!  And my copper sink.copper sink (2 of 5)Did you know that copper is a healthier material to use for a sink?  Seriously!  Germs can only survive for a couple of  hours on copper compaired to several days and up to a couple WEEKS on some other surfaces!  I don’t remember all the specifics but I did the research when we were considering a copper sink.  After finding on so well priced the only decision we had to make was whether to buy a top mount or an under mount :D

This isn’t a sponsored post though it kind of sounds like it!  I just wanted to share about our copper sink and my cute faucet, I’ve had the photos sitting here for a couple months, and I finally got to it.

Also, did you know it is really really hard to photograph a room that gets no natural light??  Take my word for it – it’s almost impossible.  Thus my less-than-stellar photos.  I need to try again with some professional lights and a tripod.

Hope your week has been a good one and you have a fun weekend planned.  God Bless.


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  1. I enjoy your copper sink and faucet when I come to your house – that whole bathroom makes me smile :)
    Mrs. K recently posted..Poor Grandma, Part 1My Profile

  2. Regena Fickes says:

    I never considered a copper sink…until now. How beautiful. I am getting ready to redo my bath and now I will take a look at these. Thanks.

  3. JaneEllen says:

    Your copper sink looks great with the faucet, counter top, and mirror. It’s all very coordinated for the look it needs. Very nicely done. Love the sink and the faucet, the style is great together. Happy weekend Jill Your hydrangeas look gorgeous in bathroom also.

  4. My six year old son has this type of faucet on his wish list. Mind if I bring him over for a visit (and some excessive hand washing)?

  5. I adore copper sinks and hope to have one someday! Yours is lovely!
    Laura Ingalls Gunn recently posted..Inexpensively Updating Our Old Brass Door HandlesMy Profile

  6. Gorgeous sink! I didn’t know that about copper!
    karen recently posted..Just Add Wheels. Rolling furniture Part UnMy Profile

  7. I’ve lived in a house for 2.5 yrs with a copper sink in the kitchen- and a small copper sink in our kitchen island. So I’m supposed to love the patina right? But I keep wanting to and usually do scrub it with Barkeepers Friend to make it look new -0and shiny not dull and splotchy,,,,,,what do other copper sink owners do?????L

  8. I like your pictures! And I like your sink and faucet. And I like the look of top mount sinks better than undermount.

  9. I had no idea that germs couldn’t survive as long in copper! I love your copper sink…AND your waterfall faucet. (I don’t get to look at new faucets for a few months but I’m pinning yours to remind me!) Hugs.
    Kimberly ~Serendipity Refined recently posted..Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Mantel Witch Silhouette (Free Pattern)My Profile

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